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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

7. seeing things

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Bella’s POV

I led there in bed not bothering to fight back with Edward if he didn’t believe me there was nothing I could do, but it was all too confusing. I didn’t understand why I saw that, Edward was wrong it was real it had to be I saw it clearly, I played what I’d saw in my head over and over again, the screeching, the fly, the blood on Edwards-

I had to stop my thoughts they were upsetting me. I clung on to Edward and kissed his chest, he wrapped his arm round me hugging me tight. We led there for the next few hours, Edward seemed to be resting but there was no way in hell I could rest. Suddenly a light was coming from the bathroom, I wondered if Edward forgot to turn it off. I heard the screeching noise in my ear and I froze, no please not again. The screeching got louder and I snapped my head round to look at the wall. There it was, the fly that had been crawling up the wall in the dining room was here again. I was about to scream when I heard a soft voice calm me,

“Bella?” the voice almost sang, suddenly a beautiful little girl around the age of 6 stepped out of the shadow and into the light, she had locks of curly ginger hair.

I stared at her for a moment then shuddered, it was Renesmee but she was younger like she was when she was only 6.

“who are you?” I asked

“don’t be scared Bella” Renesmee smiled, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing was this real? No it cant be I told myself.

“Bella come towards me” Renesmee whispered in that soft singing voice. I slid out of bed and walked slowly over to Renesmee as I got closer the screeching noise stopped and I was in the light coming from the bathroom, I walked into the bathroom following Renesmee into the light. The bathroom was bright but not its usual colour it was a blinding white, Renesmee handed me a knife.

I looked at her confused, then I wasn’t in control, I clutched the knife and cut a line down my ankle where I had been bitten. Something was controlling me, suddenly I realized whatever was controlling me was cutting the bite on my ankle so it wouldn’t look like I had been bit. I had to stop it. I started sobbing as I cut more lines across my ankle.

Edward’s POV

I was enjoying the closeness between Bella and I as I rested, I felt relaxed but couldn’t help worrying slightly about what Bella had seen, I assumed maybe it was because she was tired and had been through a lot lately. Suddenly I felt her shudder, I opened my eyes to see what was wrong, she sat up and looked confused like she was focusing on the bathroom, the bathroom light was off I don’t know what she was looking at.

“who are you?” I heard a whimper escape her lips as she said it

“baby its Edward your tired you-” I tried to sooth but stopped as I realized she wasn’t talking to me and didn’t even noticed I’d said anything. She looked as though she was deciding something then she slid out of bed and slowly walked towards the bathroom. I saw her head snap towards the wall again, uh oh…could she be seeing that fly, no of coarse not there as no fly. She slowly walked into the dark bathroom, I got out of bed and quietly followed her wondering what she was going to do. It was very dark in the bathroom and impossible for a human to see in. I saw Bella slump to the floor and lean against the bath, suddenly I realized. She had a knife in her hand! Bella started to cut thin lines along her ankle with the blade, I was dumbstruck I couldn’t believe what she was seeing then she started sobbing as though she didn’t want to be doing this but couldn’t help it. Suddenly I switched the light on and rushed to her

“Bella stop!” I shouted and I grabbed the knife from her hand and threw it into the bathroom wall, she started crying again tears.

Bella screamed then reached for the knife, I quickly stopped her and pinned her against the bath

“Bella listen to me you have to stop!” I shouted restraining her from the knife as she tried to grab it. Suddenly she stopped and went silent

“Edward help me please” Bella whimpered, then she fell unconscious.

“Bella stay with me” I tried to bring her around but it didn’t work, I felt something warm and wet under my feet. It was her blood, it was streaming out her ankle. I plunged for the bathroom cupboard containing the first aid box and pulled out a bandage. I quickly wrapped it round Bella’s ankle securely and propped her up

“what have you done Bella” I whispered, I could feel myself nearly sobbing, inside I was screaming at the pain Bella had just caused herself. I kissed her forehead then swooped her up into my arms and ran downstairs with her. Everyone was

Downstairs still at the dinner table talking, everything went silent when I brought Bella in. I saw Rosalie’s eyes dart to Bella bandage, blood was dripping from it. Rosalie immediately rushed over followed by, Esme, Alice, Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper.

“oh my god what happened” Alice squealed trying to wrap her arms round Bella

“she….did it herself” I managed to choke out trying to hold Bella as close as I could.

“what do you mean? is she gonna be ok?” Emmett asked concerned,

“Edward follow me to the surgery room” Carlisle said, I obeyed and followed him to the room. Carlisle always had a small surgery room just in case anyone ever got hurt, no one really did but if someone did get hurt you can rely on Bella to be that person. I laid her down on the table, Carlisle fumbled In his cupboard for stitching equipment. I pulled a chair to the table to I could sit close to my angel. I kissed her soft lips then brushed her strawberry scented hair off her face. I buried my head in her neck while I waiting for Carlisle

“my angel why did you do this” I whispered too silent for anyone to hear. Carlisle told everyone to wait outside but they came in anyway.

“Edward what did you mean by she did this herself?” Emmett asked again demanding I tell him, everyone looked at me for an answer even Carlisle.

“remember earlier at the dinner table, Bella screamed well when I took her upstairs she told me she saw something a fly and she said my hand was bleeding then a few hours later we were resting and she got out of bed and went into the bathroom into the dark. Then she sat on the floor and cut her ankle with this knife, I don’t have a clue where it came from, when she cut herself it was…it was different, she was sobbing like she wasn’t in control of what she was doing….oh wait there was something else” I paused for a moment to think “oh yes when we were still in the bedroom she was staring at the bathroom door and she asked ‘who are you’ then I realized she wasn’t talking to me”. Everyone was staring at me shocked by what they had just heard,

“oh god…” Esme whispered

“hate to be Mr. state the obvious but Bella is seeing things” Emmett stated still shocked. Carlisle began unwrapping the bandage round Bella’s leg, across her ankle there was loads of deep cuts, it made me feel sick to think Bella had done this herself, but maybe it wasn’t her. I took her hand when Carlisle started stitching the cuts up

“Carlisle what’s wrong with her?” I asked

“I’m not sure, how long has she been having these illusions?”

“I don’t know I only saw her have them tonight”

“I think she might be ill…mentally but it isn’t clear yet”

“WHAT!” I shouted “Bella isn’t mentally ill!” I tried to defend her

“Edward your going to have too come to terms with the fact that if she is seeing things and hurting herself then she might be” Carlisle replied softly, the thought made me want to scream. Rosalie took her other hand and I rested my head on her stomach.

“but I don’t understand she was fine before” Jasper puzzled

“I should have seen this…” Alice muttered stroking Bella’s forehead

“she-she kept talking about a fly” I stuttered terrified for my angel Bella now

“a fly hmmm..” Carlisle mumbled as he finished the last stitch

“what?” I asked

“nothing its just I’m sure I’ve heard of a type of dim ensure involving flies but I cant seem to remember…it might be nothing” Carlisle answered quickly.

“she’s coming round!” Esme informed, I snapped my head up to look at her as she started to stir in my arms.

“Bella?” I asked softly, Bella’s eyes shot open and she stared at me for a moment then swing both arms round my neck pulling me into her, she buried her head in my chest

“Edward” she whimpered

“oh Bella ” I soothed rubbing her back, I took in the scent of her glossy dark hair mmmmm it still smelt like strawberries. Bella pulled away to look me strait in the eye

“it wasn’t me I couldn’t…I didn’t….it wasn’t me” Bella sobbed, I cupped her face in my hands calming her

“I know my love and your ok now” I whispered leaning forward to kiss a trail up the soft skin on her neck.

“Bella what did you see?” Alice asked

“what happened?” Rosalie asked

“why did you-” Emmett started to ask but Esme cut him off

“she doesn’t need everyone asking questions” Esme spat at them.

Alice gave Bella an apologetic smile and Bella did her best to spread a forgiving smile on her face. I knew all those questions I really wanted to know the answer to but Esme was right we cant all keep on at her.

“Bella what do you want to do?” I asked still holding the reason for my entire existence close

“I…I have to get out of her…get outside” Bella muttered climbing off the table, she winced as she put her ankle on the floor, it must have been still sore. She looked down at the stitches In her ankle and shuddered

“thanks dad” she smiled and Carlisle ruffled her hair smiling too.

“can you walk?” I asked, wrapping my arm round Bella’s waist just in case she fell

“yes it just stings a little but I can run and walk” Bella replied unwrapping my arm but taking my hand so we would still be attached. I looked out the window, it was still dark but the heat was scorching.

“wait can I wash first?” Bella asked quietly

“if you feel you need to but to me you look fine…more than fine you look beautiful” I sighed

“I want to wash” Bella said simply. I led her back upstairs walked her to the bathroom

“NO!…I mean…not that bathroom please” Bella shouted embarrassed, I felt suddenly sad at what had just happened in there and wanted to sob, but I think it was defiantly better we find another bathroom.

“sure there’s the main bathroom” I pointed out walking us towards it, Bella smiled at me thankfully and walked inside slightly wincing at the cold floor on her foot that she had cut.

Bella picked up her flannel and ran it under the hot tap, she hand to do it with one hand, there was sure as hell no way I could let go of her. After what happened I wanted to hold every inch of her and never let go for the rest of eternity. She silently began dabbing the flannel on her face, I walked up behind her so by body was pressed against hers, I let go of her hand but quickly wrapped my arm round her and took the flannel. I began dabbing it on her smooth neck and reached down to kiss her cheek softly

“what happened Bella, what did you see?” I whispered pressing my lips to her ear, she turned her head to give me a sideways glance leaning her head back against my chest

“child Renesmee” she murmured then she turned her head back round. I thought about it for a second, it cant be real what she’s seeing especially if she saw Renesmee as a child, something is wrong….

Suddenly we both jumped as we heard something smash downstairs, Bella and I looked at each other before we dashed downstairs to see what was going on. When we got down there we saw Alice, she was having a vision and had dropped her plate. Jasper was at her side,

“Alice what do you see?” Jasper asked rubbing her back, I read Alice’s thoughts the minute before she spoke them

“there is a plane with people it has crashed in the middle of the jungle, some people are still alive but…..NO!” Alice shouted the word no like a scream

“what Alice, what’s wrong?” I heard Bella ask and she took my hand, I was glad there was contact between us again. Alice stared up at Bella

“the…creatures…the zombie things….they’re attacking the survivors” Alice stopped and looked quite choked “there’s children…”.

I pulled Bella into me wrapping my arm round her

“we have to go save them!” Rosalie shouted “ everyone lets go!”

“No, Bella cant” I shouted squeezing Bella tighter to me, she kissed my arm then looked up at me

“its ok Edward my ankles fine I have to go we need to save those survivors” Bella insisted

“I’m not risking you, your staying I’ll stay with you” I demanded

“Edward please” Bella pleaded “please?”

Oh no she gave me puppy dog eyes, how could I say no to someone so damn adorable.

I sighed in defeat and Bella grinned, reaching up to kiss me hard with her cool strawberry lips. She was about to pull away but I grabbed her arms and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth fiercely, I moved my hand down to her butt and squeezed her gently. S he moaned but then pulled away as we both realized there were 6 people staring at us impatiently except for Emmett who evidently had a huge grin stretched across his mocking face.

“are you two finished or are you completely unaware that whilst you are smooching lives and being taken? Rosalie asked impatiently, truth was, no life was as Important as Bella’s lips but if I said that Emmett would defiantly find some ridiculous mock.

“yes” Bella said quietly moving away slightly, I grabbed her hand again and we all walked outside.

Bella’s POV

We all walked outside into the scorching heat, I was still in my dark pink strap top and white boy-shorts, but there was no way I was going to change in this heat. I had put on some dark pink flip flops to run in even though the ground had more chance of getting hurt that my feet. I was trying to smile and shoe everyone I was ok but inside I was crying. What was wrong with me why had I seen Renesmee and cut myself where I had been bitten. I felt I should tell someone about being bit but I didn’t want to worry them and after all Carlisle had said I was immune what would be the worry anyway. I clung to Edward as we went outside, I wanted to cling to him for the rest of forever and burry my face in his strong chest and have him tell me it was all ok. I knew I better get my head back in the game, people were going to die we had to save them.

“Right so we have to find the humans” Esme said looking around at us all

“should be easy right… I mean just look for a crashed plane” Emmett laughed
“maybe harder than you think Emmett, ok Emmett and Rose that way, Jasper and Alice that way, Edward and Bella that was and Esme and I will go this way” Carlisle ordered, he pointed us strait ahead. Everyone scattered, Edward turned round to face me looking into my eyes for a second then pushing me against the wall.

“Bella..” he mumbled, pulling my legs tight around his waist, pushing his self into me

“Edward we…” I tried to say but stopped as Edward kissed my neck hard

“don’t speak I’ve wanted to do this all night” Edward whispered pulling my boy-shorts down, I moaned as he rubbed against me.

“Edward this is so bad we should be….oh what the hell” I said and pulled the belt off his shorts and pulled them down along with his boxer briefs. His manhood sprung free touching my centre slightly. Edward shuddered then pushed his self into me moaning

mmm god” I moaned and I threw my arms up above my head, Edward gripped both my thighs pushing me against him, Edward kept thrusting into me moaning my name.

“damn it Bella mmm” Edward shouted then immediately forced his lips at me sucking on my collar bone. I bounced at the same time he thrust and it felt immensely pleasurable, I know this is wrong and we should be off helping the others but it felt like months since we had done this when really it had only been a few days. Mmm damn what had I been missing.

“mmm Edward!” I screamed as he bit my collar bone, he moaned into my chest and thrust faster. I grabbed his hair and pulled his face up to look me strait in the eyes, if there was one thing that would set me off was staring into Edwards eyes as he pounded me, I started to shake and my mouth hung open moaning.

“Bella oh god my Bella” he groaned so loud I was sure the windows would smash

“EDWARD UGHHH!!” I screamed as I came digging my nails into his back, my scream seemed to set him off and he came too shaking.

“ughhhh god” he shouted, he began slowing his rhythm a bit so we were going at human speed again then we both slid to the floor. I was led on my back with Edward led on top of me and my legs on either side of his hips. He rested his head on my chest and breathed hard, I reached my hand up to stroke through his beautiful bronze hair.

“I love you Bella” he mumbled kissing my neck

“I love you too my Edward” I sighed, then I suddenly remembered what we were supposed to be doing and gasped slamming my hand over my mouth.

“were supposed to be helping the other find the crashed plane!” I shouted hugging Edward tightly, he leaned up to kiss me then whisper in my ear

“we’ll continue this later” then he jumped up pulling out of me so fast I didn’t even noticed and then all of a sudden he was stood in front of me completely dressed

“Edward your fast” I mumbled as I slid my shorts back on, when I was dressed Edward rushed up behind me pressing his body to mine and wrapping his arms round my stomach, he leaned down into my ear

“fast?…am I that bad?” he asked raising one eye brow

“*rolls eyes* you know you’re the best person at that in the whole world I meant you got dressed quickly” I sighed. Edward open mouthed kissed my ear and I raised my arm back above my head to cup the side of his face, moaning.

“we should probably get going” I sighed even though I wanted to so badly jump Edward again I knew we had to save some lives.

“shall I carry you on my back, don’t want your stitches getting cut?” Edward offered caringly, but I wanted to run, I felt like I hadn’t been running in ages and felt a sudden urge to run through an empty field all alone, where was I goin got find a field and how was I going to get Edward to let me run alone with the…zombies out there, I cringed at the word zombie it was so ridiculous but true.

“no thanks I think I want to run”

“are you-”

“I’m sure Edward”

“ok but if your ankle hurts or anything tell me and I’ll carry you”

“I’ll be fine Edward, now lets go!”.

We dashed through the forest trying to find anyone and ask them if they had any luck, I loved running, feeling the cool air breeze my face and the earth that was as weak as jelly under my stone-like feet. Edward stuck to running in a strait line jumping whenever there was an obstacle in his way. I decided to leap some times on the ground and sometimes into the trees, I’d pounce through the jungle from tree to tree at an impossible pace. Suddenly I got caught of a smell that started to brush into my face I realized it immediately it was like a mint sort of smell, cool and fresh, it was Esme.

“I can smell Esme, this way” I informed quickly turning and dashing to the left

“I can too” Edward replied following after me eventually catching up. Suddenly I was pulled to the side and stopped immediately, I turned round to see Edward standing next to me, still gripping my arms. Edward looked into my eyes for a second then pounced in front of me crouching down and baring his teeth. He was staring strait ahead at something, then I saw it stumble towards us. It was a man…but he was a zombie, I whimpered when I saw that his neck was torn open and his head was hanging to the side. Edward was still in his crouching position like a lion hunting, when he heard me whimper his hand reached back and rubbed my leg before he swung round again growling at the zombie. It vomited buckets of blood, groaning and hissing. It stared at me and Edward then charged at us growling. I hissed about to attack with Edward in front of me to protect me when there was a loud bang and the zombie exploded in front of us, blood splattered all over me and Edward turning my white boy-shorts a scarlet colour. Suddenly I realized Carlisle was stood behind where the zombie had been pointing a rifle, he lowered it and walked a few steps towards us. Esme came out the trees and grabbed Carlisle hand. Edward relaxed and got up from his crouching position, I froze and stared in horror at the gory sight before my eyes. I looked at the remaining pieces of the zombie, I stared down to see the zombie blown off bottom jaw, still baring lots of sharp teeth at my feet. I realized I must have been staring horrified like a statue and Edward put his arm round me

“Bella?” Edward asked

I continued staring at the teeth, the zombie’s jaw had been blown of and it was dead but still I could smell fresh blood running from the gums and the jaw appeared to be straining, I felt a little nauseous at the sight.

“Bella!” Edward shouted shaking me gently, my eyes raised up to meet his and he pulled me close

“your safe now I’m sorry you had to see this” Edward spoke into my hair taking in my scent. I relaxed a little but fear was still bubbling inside me, Esme and Carlisle were at our side.

“your ok now” Carlisle said trying to comfort me as Esme put her hand on my cheek, pulling me from Edward into a hug.

“thank you” Edward said smiling sincerely at Carlisle

“it was nothing” he replied gracefully

“where did you get your rifle?” I asked quietly.

“ I always have a rifle in every home we have, just to be safe” Carlisle smiled

“he has a passion for guns” Esme said rolling her eyes

“like we would need guns” Edward mumbled chuckling.

I was a little disturbed by the scene and put me arms round Edward and hugged him, pressing my face hard into his chest, he wrapped his arms round my waist and sighed.

“any luck finding the people?” Edward asked, pressing me tighter to his chest

“nope none yet but we had better keep looking” Carlisle answered frowning.

We started to walk through the forest this time instead of running, Edward didn’t take his arm from round my waist, suddenly we heard a deafening scream come from the centre of the forest.

“Alice!” I cried and we began dashing through the forest, as we got closer I could her Alice clearly

“Jasper!!!” she screamed. Suddenly we burst into where Alice and Jasper were and about 12 zombies, all people not animals. I looked around at the sight around me, there was half of a plain and torn apart bodies everywhere, there wasn’t an inch of land that wasn’t covered in blood. The strong smell of blood made me thirsty but the sight made me sick to my stomach. Jasper fought off the zombie and turned to help Alice who was being attacked but thankfully not bitten. I stood there frozen in horror

“so much blood…” I whispered terrified

“I know, keep strong Bella” Edward whispered squeezing my hand, suddenly Rose and Emmett jumped through the trees lunging at the zombies. Suddenly one had a hold of Emmett but thankfully not with its teeth

“help us!” Emmett bellowed.

Carlisle and Esme threw there selves at the zombies too and suddenly blood and body parts were flying everywhere.

Edward squeezed my hand

“Bella I don’t want you getting hurt, go look in the plane see if you can see any survivors but please be carefully” Edward kissed my forehead then pounced at one of the zombies attacking Carlisle. I ran through the fighting scene hoping the zombies wouldn’t notice and got the crashed plane, it was huge even though there was only half of it.

I walked a bit further towards it but tripped over something below my feet, I landed with a thud on the floor and smashed my head on the back of an airplane seat, I stared in horror at what I had tripped over. It was a boy, he looked about 8, his stomach was torn out and eyes gouged from their sockets. He had a terrified expression on his face, I started to sob and pushed myself further back into the chair. Suddenly I heard a loud bang and I looked to the side in wonder and saw a big blood handprint on the chair next to my face. I screamed and Edward ran over grabbing me in his arms

“Bella Bella its ok” Edward tried to comfort pushing my head into his chest and rocking me. Suddenly there was a loud bellow come from behind him, it was Jasper

“you need to go back I’ll be fine I’ll look for more survivors” I whimpered trying to get up, but only getting onto my knees.

“Bella I cant leave you” Edward whispered trying to pull me into a hug again

“go!” I demanded holding back my sobs, Edward looked me in the eye then kissed my forehead, then ran to help Jasper.

I stood up with a little help from the chair and climbed into the airplane, there were dead bodies and blood everywhere in there, I tried not to look or breathe. I walked further

“hello? Anyone still here” I called as I made my way to the back of the airplane. Suddenly I heard a strange noise, it was someone crying, it was only a small cry but it sounded like a child. I rushed about the airplane trying to find the noise, I realized it was coming from the cupboard and I opened the door. There was a little girl sitting up against the wall clutching a teddy bear and sobbing.