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Isle Esme

This is just a story i'm writting which takes place after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward are both vampires and married, Renesmee is grown up and traveling the world with Jacob and everything is going fine until Edward, Bella, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett go on vacation to Isle Esme and things take a turn for the worst. Why did the excact same Zebra Bella killed last night come back and attack her...but with a scary new appearence.......... remember i defantly rate this adult for a reason so if your into kinky hot romance scenes between Bella and Edward you will love this.

Remember this is only chapter one so its only the start of the major lemons to come =D will be posting chapter two very soon.

8. Child's sobs

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The little girl was wearing a long brown skirt, a purple jacket and tiny purple dolly shoes. The girl had lots of long curly brown hair, she looked about 10 years old and she was small and skinny. The girl whimpered when she saw me and pressed her face into her teddy bear, I reached my hand towards her

“its ok, its ok I wont hurt you” I said as I stroked her arm gently

“your freezing please don’t eat me” she whimpered silently

“its ok sweetheart I’m not one of them I wont eat you, I want to help you” I soothed and I knelt down next to her, she looked up from her teddy bear.

“what your Name honey?” I asked taking her hand

“H-Holly” she stuttered giving me a timid smile, smiled back and put my arm around her.

“Well holly, my family and husband are here to help you they are fighting…er…those creatures right now” I whispered

“how can they fight them they will die like…like my family did” Her voice cracked on the last bit, I hugged her and she put her arms round me.

“my family and I are different” I whispered before sweeping her up into my arms,

“will you let us help you?” I asked sweeping the hair from her face

“yes please don’t let them eat me” she whimpered,

“I wont darling, we will protect you” I comforted, kissing her cheek. I walked with her in my arms out of the plane

“close your eyes” I whispered, knowing the sight around her wouldn’t do her any good, she obliged and squeezed her eyes shut clutching her teddy bear tighter.

I watched as my family and husband killed the last zombie and suddenly all their heads snapped up at me, their eyes moved from me to Holly.

“Bella are you ok? Who’s that?” Rosalie asked, I put Holly down and kept my hands on her shoulders

“this is Holly, she is the last survivor” I informed

Rosalie bent down in front of Holly

“hello holly” Rosalie greeted smiling warmly, Holly timidly turned back towards me trying to hide

“its ok darling they wont hurt you they’re my family” I reassured turning her back round.

“These are my sisters Rosalie and Alice”, Alice knelt down next to Rose cooing

“hi sweetheart, we’ll look after you” Alice said gently then they both got up.

“these are my brother Emmett and Jasper”

“ please to meet you” Emmett said, Jasper just smiled but kept his distance slightly from the girl just to be safe.

“These are my parents Carlisle and Esme”, Esme stroked the girls cheek

“your safe now my love, nothing will hurt you your safe” Esme comforted and Carlisle grinned.

“And this is my husband Edward” I smiled at Edward and then at Holly, Edward looked slightly astonished then looked down at Holly

“it’s a pleasure to meet you Holly” Edward sighed, then he crushed me in a hug

“I’m so glad your safe” Edward whispered, kissing my ear. He pulled away, looked at Holly quickly and sighed. Holly smiled at my family timidly

“how did you fight those things?” she asked silently, looking around at us all.

I sucked in a breath

“Holly don’t be scared when I tell you this but we are….we’re not-” I started to say

“we are vampires” Alice interrupted, I rolled my eyes at her and looked back at Holly who was suddenly shocked and somewhat afraid, she started to back away from us.

“but Holly your safe with us we don’t drink…human blood” I said quickly

“but…you cant be…but…my mom said vampires don’t exist” Holly whimpered

“Holly they do I’ll show you-” Emmett said about to pull a tree out the ground when I stopped him “no Emmett” I whispered.

“How are you out in the daytime?” Holly asked, still wearing a shocked wide eyes expression

“there’s a lot you need to learn about vampires kiddo” Jasper smiled

“we can go out into the sunlight but…when we go out in direct sunlight” I stepped into a patch of sun that shone brightly “we look like this”. Holly stared at my sparkling legs and arms taking it all in, my eyes shone a glittery gold in the sunlight

“you really are vampires..” Holly whispered staring. Edward grabbed my arm gently and turned me to face him

“I don’t think we should be-” Edward started gently

“its ok Edward she needs to know.

“we are incredibly fast….and strong, Emmett show her” everyone looked over to Emmett, he immediately darted into the forest and came back behind us, pulling a tree and its roots clean from the ground.

“wow” Holly whispered

“we are going to need to get you back to our place Holly and check you over” Carlisle added, Holly nodded

“she can ride on my back” Carlisle informed, Holly shuddered and he took her hand.

“ its ok your safe with us we will take care of you, will you let me carry you home?” Carlisle asked, taking both Holly’s hands, she looked over at me and I nodded encouragingly.

“ok Mr. Carlisle” she smiled turning back to Carlisle

“just call me Carlisle dear, now Holly listen to me we are going to be going above 300 miles per hour everything is going to seem a blur to you so hold on to me very tightly and no matter what keep your eyes closed” instructed Carlisle, Holly nodded.
“what about my teddy?” Holly asked slightly embarrassed

“honey I’ll take it” Rosalie said holding her hand out to Holly, she hesitated a little

“its ok Holly I’ll take the greatest care with him” Rosalie smiled and Holly handed her the teddy beat.

“good girl” Carlisle whispered then Alice lifted her onto his back and Holly clutched Carlisle’s jumper. We were suddenly off running through the jungle at top speed, I kept looking over at Carlisle and Holly making sure she was ok, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me

“keep your eyes closer Holly” I instructed in a gentle voice and she snapped them closed again. I ran closer to Edward and he grabbed my hand.

“Bella what were you thinking?” He asked too quiet for anyone else to hear

“she’s only a child she’ll die without us”

“but introducing her to our world can be just as bad”
“what was I supposed to do let her ride on Carlisle back over 300 miles per hour and expect her to believe we’re human!”

“no of coarse not love but…I don’t know maybe it just wasn’t the right idea”

“it was..” I squeezed Edward’s hand and he swept me into his arms bridal style and kissed me.

“I’m sorry you saw that I shouldn’t have let you see the blood” Edward whispered blaming his self as usual, I shuddered at the scene I had seen earlier and it thoroughly disturbed me

“it wasn’t your fault, I was never very good with watching horror films let alone real blood and guts” I replied, remembering the time I was 14 and watched the grudge. I remembered seeing the Kayako (the grudge girl) crawl down the stairs in the end covered in blood coming out of a bag and remembered passing out. I opened my thoughts for Edward to see, I watched as he read that story and he chuckled.

“the grudge? You fainted at the grudge!” Edward chuckled trying to stop himself from bursting out laughing

“yes…I’ll have you know it is very creepy…to some people” I defended

“were you scared of the little boy too?” he mocked

“no….watched it have you?”

“yes its hardly scary I watched the third one recently”

“third one? I never knew there was a third one I mean I watched the second one and was scared out my head did they really make a third one I mean why its so scary” “oh yes of coarse they made the third one I watched it its very good” “did that little boy, not the grudge boy but that boy from the second one, did he die?” “well he went into a mental home and then Kayako was in his room and killed him, she sort of threw him against the walls breaking every bone in his body and-” Edward said but stopped “and why are we talking about the grudge”.

“I have no idea” I chuckled and we both laughed, my laugh stopped and I remembered the scene in the second one where Kayako came out of the white jumper in the end of the film and it made me shudder. I wondered if something like that could ever be real, who was I to doubt it I was a vampire for god sake. Obviously I hadn’t shielded my thoughts and Edward saw, he read me for a second then pressed me tighter to him as he ran

“you don’t need to worry about anything like that sweetheart, never” Edward reassured, reaching down to lock his lips with mine, my arms threw themselves around his neck pulling his tongue into my mouth and immediately I lost focus and shielded my thoughts again. Edward sighed into my mouth and kissed harder.

“Edward” I whispered into his mouth remembering her should focus on not crashing into trees whilst running, he pulled away to look at me

“yes love?” he asked with the most heartbreaking glimmering eyes, I lost myself at once and pulled his lips back to mine

“never mind” I mumbled, he gave me the most sexiest smirk and held me tighter against him, squeezing me in a bone crushing hug whilst kissing me. Suddenly I realized we were back at the house and everyone was staring at us, Holly was staring with the cheekiest little laugh on her lips. She was so cute she reminded me of…of Rensemee when she was that age. I quickly jumped out of Edwards arms and sighed

“lets get Holly inside” I mumbled walking past everyone to the living room. Rosalie sat Holly down on the sofa and sat next to her, I sat on Holly’s other side. Edward sat down on the sofa next to my one and tried to be as close as possible, it was so hard for us to be apart. Jasper and Emmett sat next to Edward, Esme and Alice sat on another sofa and Carlisle sat in his big arm chair.

“is that how you killed those creatures, because your vampires, are you stronger than them?” Holly asked silently

“we are not quite sure if we are ‘stronger than them’ just that they are easier to kill that we are” Carlisle replied

“but don’t you just have to stake a vampire or burn it with a cross?” Holly asked confused, everyone chuckled

“no that’s just Hollywood’s idea of vampires” Alice grinned “a vampire is extremely hard to kill, if you want to die you go to the-”

“should we really be telling her all of this?” Emmett whispered too quietly for Holly to hear

“she needs to know” Alice hissed also very quietly.

“as I was saying if you are a vampire and want to die you go to the Voltri and provoke them” Alice continued.

“the Voltri?” asked Holly confused

“the Voltri are a group of vampires, the first vampires and the most powerful, well they were the most powerful until our Bella here was turned now their little tricks like Jane cannot harm us any longer” Jasper snickered punching my shoulder impossibly lightly I hardly felt it, I liked it when he said ‘our’ Bella it really made the atmosphere for me comfy.

“so have any of you…provoked the voltri” Holly asked

“young Edward here” Emmett mocked

“what happened?” Holly asked very interested.

“Bella went…cliff diving, I thought she had died and it broke me, tore me up inside and out, I could never ever live without her not in a millions years. I wanted to die, to be with my perfect angel once again, I irritated the Voltri and they were going to kill me when Bella turned up to save me I was so happy when I saw Bella, every hole in my body was stitched back up with unbreakable stitches” Edward spoke, telling the story in such a romantic way, I felt it was possible tears would be running down my cheeks. I reached for Edwards hand squeezing it and letting him pull me off my sofa and onto his lap. “you see me and Edward are like one person, if one dies the other dies, we cannot live without each other” I finished, Edward arms twisted round my waist pulling me against him, I clutched his arms and he leaned down to my ear. “I love you my beautiful wife” Edward whispered, kissing my ear

“I love you too” I whispered back, we were so quiet only the vampires could hear us.

“wow” Holly whispered, I looked back over to her, she had an amazed look on her face and she blushed

“sorry its just you two, your so in love everywhere you go the love you hold for each other is so obvious and clear, I’ve never met two people so much in love” Holly said quietly slightly embarrassed. Edward held me tighter

“ok enough about the love birds!” Emmett laughed, nudging Edward playfully.

“what were those creatures?” Holly asked slightly scared, joy now we would have to tell a little girl not only vampires are real but so are zombies,

“err….zombies” Rosalie answered, the whole room went quiet but then Emmett started snickering, Rosalie gave him a sharp look

“and what’s so funny?” she holding the most deadliest glare

“sorry Rose its just you haven’t said zombie once this week and-” Emmett tried to say but burst out laughing. We all ignored him

“zombies…but they cant be my mom… she told me nothing like that will ever be real” Holly whispered she got a little choked when she mentioned her mom

“your mom?” Alice asked

“yes she….she” Holly stopped.

“Holly….. what happened to your family?” I asked slightly worried

“I…I’m not sure we were on the plane, my mum, dad and brother. There was a loud noise and the plane started to shake it must have crashed and I passed out. When I woke up we were on the ground, half of the plane was missing and my brother was killed. Then those things came, they attacked everyone and I ran when I heard my mom screaming and they were hurting her then I went to hide in the cupboard” Holly answered sounding sad and frightened, Rosalie put her arm round Holly.

“Holly dear, were your parents bitten?” Rosalie asked calmly but the worry started to boil up

“yes” Holly answered looking at Rosalie for a reason for why Rosalie asked that. I held my breath as she said yes Rosalie and I both looked at each other having the same thoughts. If her parents had been bitten they would be zombies too, that means Holly’s own parents would try to kill her now.

“Holly there’s something you need to know, when zombies bite people…the people they have bit…become zombies” Alice said looking Holly in the eye

“my mom…..” Holly whispered
“Holly the next time you your mom it wont be her it will be a demon in her body its not really her you have to stay away if she calls you” I instructed, Holly started overflowing with tears and I immediately got up and put my arm round her same as Esme did.

“My mom….she’s gone” Holly sobbed

“its ok Holly we’ll look after you you’ll be ok” I soothed, she sobbed into my top which was covered in blood…wait COVERED IN BLOOD. Uh oh then I realized all of us were covered in blood sat on Esme’s WHITE sofa!

“um guys look at the sofa” I said quietly and everyone shot up out their seats and looked down at the now red sofa

“shit!” Emmett shouted

“Emmett!” Esme shouted covering Holly’s ears, “look don’t worry about the sofa I’ll clean it I can get it off its not hard”.

“Holly since your staying with us tonight there is a spare bed in Emmett and mines room why don’t you sleep there I will keep you safe I promise” Rosalie asked taking Holly’s hand, Holly looked back at me and I nodded, I knew she probably would rather sleep in the same room with me but you know how Rosalie is with children.

Rosalie took Holly’s hand and led her upstairs, Emmett followed after looking a bit disappointed. Edward chuckled

“what?” I asked putting my arms round his neck, Edward immediately put his hands on my waist pulling me closer then he leaned down to whisper in my ear

“Emmett was just thinking that he wasn’t keen on Holly sleeping in the same room, him and Rose were going to be…doing stuff tonight”. I leaned up and whispered in Edwards ear this time

“I guess someone should get that stuff done for them….we have a lot of free time” I whispered sliding my tongue into his ear then standing down again. Edwards eyes burned black with desire and a growl field with pure lust tore from his chest. He suddenly clenched his fists and jaw,

“what are you doing?” I asked

“trying to stop myself from tearing those shorts of you and bending you over the sofa, which will happen very soon if-” Edward started to say but I cut him off by running my hand down the bulge in his trousers, he shuddered then grabbed my hips almost to the point of pain (which I thoroughly liked) and threw me on the couch pulling my legs apart. Suddenly we realized that Alice, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle were watching with surprisingly none shocked faces. Edward helped me up off the couch and stood me up.

“what? We were expecting that sort of thing with you two now it isn’t shocking” Alice grinned reaching for Jasper’s hand.

Suddenly I felt a little dizzy and sort of stumbled into Edward, he steadied me

“are you ok there love?” Edward asked

“I’m fine” I mumbled gripping Edwards top

“are you sure?” Edward pushed

“I’m sure” I replied.

Esme came in with a towel and some cleaning stuff that had no label she began working on the sofa. It was funny how cleaning products never work like vanish oxi action, Esme got up from the blood stained sofa and smiled at it like she was pleased

“there all done, told you that new cleaning brand would work” she grinned, I laughed a little. Was she joking all the blood was still on the sofa.

“What’s so funny?” Alice asked, everyone turned to look at me

“oh nothing its just the blood on the sofa is still there exactly I didn’t get the joke…at first” I mumbled slightly embarrassed, Everyone looked confused

“what do you mean Bella the blood’s gone?” Esme asked confused

“no, its there see look” I replied pointing to the bloody sofa. Suddenly Edward’s expression turned very worried

“Bella the blood has gone Esme cleaned it off” Carlisle said wearing a worried expression himself. What was he talking about the blood is there, I could see it with my own two eyes I couldn’t smell it but it had to be there. I started to panic

“NO its there I can see it Esme never cleaned it off its there!” I shouted, what was going on, couldn’t they see the blood.

“are you blind! Its there god I can see it didn’t go its there its-” before I could finish my shouting, Edward grabbed my shoulders and turned me round to face him.

“the blood is gone love, Esme cleaned the sofa there isn’t blood there anymore”

“no its there” I whispered, then suddenly I heard the same screeching noise in my ear and fell to my knees, I made a sort of screaming groaning noise and everything stopped, the screeching, the terror an the blood on the sofa was gone.

“its gone” I whispered silently, Edward pulled me up into his arms

“Bella its been gone since Esme cleaned it” Edward whispered gently as he could without setting me off, I decided I couldn’t tell Edward he would think I’m crazy even though I certainly am not I know what I saw.

“oh god sorry I know I think I’m going crazy” I laughed joking the last part, I had to say I was wrong if I didn’t everyone would make a fuss and there are much more bigger things at the moment, what I saw was there…right?.

“Edward lets go upstairs” I mumbled, immediately Edward walked upstairs with me and put me down when. we were at our room I threw my arms round Edward and thrust my lips at him. He kissed back then pulled away

“Bella are you sure you want to be doing this now maybe we should get you checked over with Car-” Edward started to say, no, I was not letting him

“no Edward I’m fine, I want you now” I objected cutting him off, I needed to focus on something else rather than all the things I had seen today. Edward gave in and swung his arms round my waist pulling me closer, I practically threw myself at Edward and we both toppled backwards onto the bed kissing, we shuffled to get our clothes off, material was torn and threw until we were both completely naked. Edward pounced on top of me positioning his self in between my legs. For some reason my mind wandered back to the scenes I had saw today, even when Edward was doing all those wonderful things to me I couldn’t help but see the blood, smell it and hear the people scream as they were torn apart. My thoughts were drawn back to Edward who was shaking inside me, he collapsed on top of me breathing hard then he looked up at me

“did you cu-”he started to ask

“yes” I quickly lied, its not that I didn’t enjoy it but my mind was too focused for me to think of anything but blood and it wasn’t a turn on.

“good, oh my wife my love my all” Edward whispered whilst kissing my neck, I looked deep into his eyes for a second then kissed him

“I love you my Edward” I forced a smile at my dark angel

“I love you too” he smiled kissing me, I loved him so much I wanted to tie myself to him forever until the day we die, we would die together then. Die, death…I’m certainly going crazy.

“Do you want to go downstairs and watch TV?” Edward asked smiling, I didn’t really want to but I did need something else to think about

“yes, yes sure” I answered, Edward slid out of bed.

“Well first I’m going to have a shower love, do you want to join me” Edward grinned, using his posh boy voice, I had to admit it really was a turn on but I wasn’t in the mood for a shower

“no thanks, I’ll get dressed and wait for you I’m not in the mood for a shower” I frowned, Edwards smile faded a little

“ok love, you get dressed”.

Edward slipped off into the bathroom and I could hear him start running the water,

I stood up and stared down at myself, I glared at the stitches in my leg that covered the of coarse un affecting bight marks. I sighed and reached for some clothes I didn’t care which ones I just reached my hand in the draw to dig around for something presentable. I pulled out some underwear, a black wavy Minnie skirt and a dark pink tank top, I sighed then slipped them on.

Suddenly the horrible screeching noise started

No please not again!

I looked up at the wall to make sure it wasn’t what I thought it was but I was wrong the fly was crawling up the wall and the screeching noise got worse.

I slapped my hand over my ears and fell to my knees, suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the corner, I couldn’t see anything as the corner was pitch black, I crawled towards it and as I saw it I gasped. It was Edward, he was curled up against the wall bleeding, I reached my hand towards him but he inched away whimpering

“Edward” I whispered. Just as my hand touched him he was gone I sat back on my knees and the screeching noise got worse, I looked up to see the word ‘Edward’ in blood on the wall.

“no!” I screamed

This cant be happened, this cant be happening!!!!!

I have to get rid of it, get it off

I began scratching the walls with my nails, covering up the blood with scratches

What was going on!