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This is Bane through Ryans eyes "Sure you weren’t just looking for trouble?" Bane raised a golden brow. "Maybe." He said quietly. Now that time Seth was sure he saw a smile."Or I might have just been looking for you..." He said even more quietly but he knew Bane could hear. "Then you were looking for trouble."Seth/Bane SLASH Boy love boyxboy m/m not sure how much more clear I can make it

Its a story of love and immense loss.

3. Chapter 3

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Seth lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. It had been two days since the vampire encounter and he was still not aloud to leave the house. He wasn’t even allowed visitors. Kider and Sam had nearly yelled his ears off, and some of the pack was still not talking to him. Carlise had of course been very understanding, saying that he was young and just thirsting to prove himself. It made Seth admire him even more. Jacob had of course been pissed to high heaven for ‘endangering Renesme’. So add it all together and you would walk into the Clearwater home to find a bitching Leah and an even more pissed off Seth.

"Dinner," Leah snapped from the stairwell.

"Not hungry." Seth grumbled. It was a lie of course. Werewolves were always hungry.

"What ever Seth, you aren’t doing me any harm by starving yourself." She shrugged going back down the steps loudly. He could hear Kider going on about his immaturity and he reached out punching the wall beside his bed.

"Fuck this." Seth cursed under his breath getting to his feet. He didn’t b other putting n a shirt knowing that he was just going to phase once he got outside. He left on his sweat pants and lifted himself onto the window sill. He looked once over his shoulder before dropping down and landing on top of his mothers flowers. He grimaced before pulling himself out of the dirt. He did the best he could in dusting off the back of his dirty sweat pants. Then he began running as fast as he could before Leah would notice him missing. Once hidden in the forest he phased he was attacked by the voices of his pack.

Seth? Ryan asked confused.

Seth? What the hell are you doing? You’re not supposed to be out! Embry cried.

SETH! Sam cried.

Seth phased out as fast as possible, avoiding Sam giving him and order. How could he have forgotten about the patrol tonight? He could have slapped himself. He pulled his sweat pants back on and continued through the forest in human form. As he reached the same clearing that he’d been attacked in, he couldn’t help but look from side to side for the blonde haired vampire singularly known as Bane. He could only smell the slightest trace of them seeing as it rained none stop. He sighed and wished he could wash away the thoughts in his head.

He desperately wanted to forget the encounter and the creature that had captured his utmost attention. He wished he could phase in order to catch a larger scent but he knew there was no way if he didn’t want to give away his position and have the wrath of not only Sam now but Kider and Leah too and not to mention Ryan. He wanted to see him so badly and he couldn’t even understand why! Did he desire his friendship? His company? Or did he… actually desire… him?

"No, no, no way!" Seth exploded aloud gripping his hair. He thought of his slight English accent and hit felt as if the air had been knocked from his lungs. Ruby red eyes looked at him from under golden lashes behind his closed eyes. "No fucking way." He groaned sitting down atop a large mossy stone and that’s when it happened. He had the trail. The scent was strong as they had meant to make the werewolves remember them. Make Seth remember them. One distinctive scent stood out among them, it was the most intense…Bane

They had moved to the east but they were still in Washington, he could feel it. He wondered if that’s what his pack was tracking so intensely. He was extremely out of the loop since the happening. He fallowed their trail and found something interesting. The trails split and not in just on direction but in three. The teams were Via and Sebastian, the strange red haired twins, and a one man team. His scent was by far the strongest. He couldn’t help the lurch his heart gave when he noticed that Bane’s trail was headed towards the reservation. He couldn’t tell if it was fear or joy. It should have been the first but it most defiantly felt like the latter.

He fallowed the well made trails a best he could. He decided to phase just in order to be able to track it better. He ignored the voices in his head and simply stated,

I’m going to help you track the leeches; I have ones trail.

We have the little silver haired ones. How were you able to fallow the scent when we couldn’t? Sam asked baffled.

I’m not sure. Seth replied.

Fine Seth, if you can find out where their hiding and where their heading I’ll let your idiocy slip. Don’t get yourself into any more trouble. I wouldn’t normally ask you to do such a thing but this is turning dangerous fast. We cant find them they could be any where and their not on Alice’s radar. One of them has a power a lot like Bella’s. Their blocking Alice out. Sam prompted.

You’re right, this is bad. Seth nodded his huge head. I have the scent. He said as he began to sprint into the trees.

Be careful Seth. Ryan whispered in his head.

I will. He then proceeded to block them out making the whole pack nervous as hell for the young wolf. The scent was so strong in his nose, as if he’d known it his whole life. His eyes darted back and forth keeping every sense ready and waiting for a fight to the final finish. Suddenly something came down hard on his back. The tackle knocked him flat on his underbelly.

Seth! Ryan’s voice called out in his head.

A growl of warning came from the body above him.

"Move and I’ll bloody fucking massacre you," he snarled. He placed his hand on the back of his throat and lifted him upwards with only one hand. Seth could only think of one thing to do. He began to phase.

SETH WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Sam screamed inside his head. Before Seth could reply he’d phased. He felt cold bare skin against his burning human neck..The vampire behind him seemed shocked he showed it by unexpectedly dropping him. Seth fell forward onto all fours breathing heavily. Strangely enough he was more nervous about the vampire seeing his naked for then actually being hurt by him.

"Are you an idiot?" Bane hissed in a very cat like tone.

"What gave you that idea?" Seth said looking over one shoulder to judge his facial expression. He could tell the vampire was trying very hard to look at his face rather then else where.

"You don’t fucking phase! You become weak!" He glared at him with carmine eyes.

"You’re full fed... Why are you still here?" Seth asked softly gesturing down to his pants asking for permission to pull them up. Bane nodded curtly. Seth slid the pants up with his back turned to the vampire.

"Now back to my previous question. Why are you here?" Seth asked seating himself atop a boulder.

"Hunting." Bane’s eyes tightened.

"You’re full fed." Seth pointed out looking into his eyes.

"My covens not. I’d like to avoid a mutiny." He snapped, his teeth coming together with a thwack.

"So it’s your job to feed them?" Seth’s lips pursed.

"I don’t see how this is any of your bloody business!" Bane growled, his teeth bearing. Seth knew he was probably pushing his luck but he didn’t care.

"Your in my town, that makes it my business," he defended.

"Hah!" He laughed darkly. "And what are you going to do about it pup." Bane said before taking his cold palm and pushing Seth off the rock.

"What did you do that for?" Seth growled from the ground the dirty back of his sweat pants becoming more soiled.

"Because I can." Bane snorted. Then something seemed to come to his mind. "What are you doing out here... all alone." Bane looked around as if to assure himself they were really alone. Seth flushed every so slightly.

"Escaping house arrest..." He smiled a bit.

"All the way out here?" Seth saw the corner of Bane’s lip twitched up but he thought it could have been an involuntary muscle spasm.

"Good thinking spot." Seth muttered blushing.

"Sure you weren’t just looking for trouble?" Bane raised a golden brow.

"Maybe." He said quietly. Now that time Seth was sure he saw a smile."Or I might have just been looking for you..." He said even more quietly but he knew Bane could hear.

"Then you were looking for trouble." Banes eyes hardened.

"No, no, no, that’s not what I meant."Seth said rushing the words out. Begging for the vampire not to close himself up again.

"Then what did you mean?" Bane asked leaning back against the tree. His black button up was torn on the side from an obvious were wolf scuffle.

"Who got you?" Set gestured to the rip.

"Some big ass white wolf," he snorted.

"Probably Cyngus, that one doesn’t know his tail from his tongue." Seth laughed.

"Are you implying I couldn’t have fought him off had he not been?" Bane growled getting defensive once again.

"Why do you always have to think I’m verbally abusing you?" Seth sighed loudly.

"Because you’re my fucking dinner and I should be having a bloody conversation with you!" Bane yelled and Seth could here far off growls in the distance. Bane looked started.

"How had I not heard them coming?" He looked around the floor for an escape. Seth in turn looked down on the tiny little fireball.

"I won’t stop you..." Seth whispered.

"What?" Banes eyes jumped to his.

"I said I won’t stop your escape." Their eyes stayed locked.

"Why?" Bane asked skeptically.

"I-I don’t know..." They were getting closer. "Are you gonna run or not?" Seth retorted quickly. Bane pursed his lips not liking his tone. "Its that or be ripped to peices." Seth said pretending to deliberate.

"My coven would never allow that." Bane snapped.

"They are hungry..." Seth replied. Bane growled.

"Why are you doing this?" Bane barked.

"...Cuz I want to..." He trailed off.

"W-." Seth cut him off.

"You don’t have a lot of time! Run! I’ll have to phase and look like I’m chasing you!" Seth snapped. Bane stood dumb founded. "Go!" Bane snapped to attention and took off in the opposite direction.

Seth watched him go with exculpatory eyes. His heart felt heavy and his stomach felt queezy. He wondered what that meant but he knew he’d have plenty time to think of that once night fell and he lay alone in his bed.