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This is Bane through Ryans eyes "Sure you weren’t just looking for trouble?" Bane raised a golden brow. "Maybe." He said quietly. Now that time Seth was sure he saw a smile."Or I might have just been looking for you..." He said even more quietly but he knew Bane could hear. "Then you were looking for trouble."Seth/Bane SLASH Boy love boyxboy m/m not sure how much more clear I can make it

Its a story of love and immense loss.

6. Chapter 6

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Bane’s eyes flew open in shock and he propelled himself backwards off Seth. The force of the push knocked the breath far out of Seth’s reach. Seth chocked on the air that was failing to enter his lungs and instead got caught in his throat like a rock. Seth closed his eyes and continued to choke. When his spasms subsided slightly he forced his eyes open so he could locate the vampire.

Bane stood a few feet away staring at him incredulously. No trace of his former pretense still stood, the only thing on his face was shock. Seth pushed himself up on his for arms and curled in on himself pressing tucking his knees under his chin. He watched the tiny vampire with caution and fear. Bane broke their intense staring contest to pace quickly around the room. If Bane wanted to kill him, Seth wouldn’t stop him. Finally Bane ceased his movements and looked down out the window.

“What-the-hell was that?” Bane snapped not turning his head toward him.

“In America we call that a kiss, I don’t what they call it in England.” Seth murmured under his breath. Bane snarled and Seth dropped his head onto his knees again.

“I know what it was!” Bane growled out from between clenched razor teeth.

“Then why’d you ask.” Seth’s voice broke.

“Why’d you kiss me?” Bane asked his velvet voice rasping at the end.

“I-I think-.”

“Enough with that! Do you think or do you know!?” Bane growled kicking one of the bed’s legs causing it to crack and splinter in almost every available space.

“I like you.” Seth all but whispered. Bane’s eyes turned into fiery slits.

“Let’s get one thing straight here, Clearwater.” He said in a deathly whisper. “You mean nothing to me. You are my prey, my means of survival, that is all.”

“Then why are you here?” Seth’s voice grew an octave louder.

“I-.” Seth managed to cut him off.

“If I mean nothing to you why haven’t you killed me yet? Why’d you feel the need to thank me? Why would the hunter thank his prey? You’ve contradicted yourself every step of the way Bane.” He got to his feet and held his ground. He pointed out his finger at the vampire.

“I felt you lean into the kiss, I felt it! I know what I felt. And I know you

feel it too!” By the end of his speech he hadn’t realized it but he was yelling, trying to drill his message into the hard skull of his counterpart.

“You know nothing,” Bane snapped his body tight and fists clenched tight.

“Look me in the eyes, look me in the eyes right now and tell me you feel absolutely nothing for me.” Seth looked into his eyes, pleading. Bane lifted crimson eyes to Seth’s.

“I feel nothing.” He said his eyes hard as his skin with no sparkle or gleam of kindness.

“You’re a liar.” Seth whimpered. “You have to be.” Bane’s eyes slid shut and he took in one long unnecessary breath. He then began to speak eyes still closed.

“Listen to me, and listen well. You are a werewolf I am a vampire, a bloody male vampire at that. And by morning I will be nothing but a horrible memory. You’ll found some pretty little girl, imprint and live happily ever after. That is your destiny.” His eyes opened and he judged Seth’s reaction with care.

“I don’t want a pretty little girl.” Seth exploded. “I want you.” He whimpered pleading with his eyes.

“You can’t have me.” Bane muttered.

“Please, please don’t say that.” Seth murmured edging closer the potentially hostile vampire.

“What are you doing?” Bane stepped back wards with unmeant grace.

“Showing you.” Seth said his voice low and husky.

“Showing me what?” Bane glared at the approaching shifter.

“Showing you it’s okay to let your wall down.” Seth pressed both of his palms flat against the wall boxing Bane in. He knew Bane could easily break away so he didn’t feel bad when the vampire looked up at him with surprised eyes.

“I don’t have a wall.” Bane snapped dropping his gaze.

“Yes you do. I wanna be the one to make it fall.” Seth said before taking Bane’s delicate looking face in his palms.

“If you-.” Before Bane could protest Seth pushed their lips together in a bruising kiss. Hot met cold in a chemical reaction causing cold fire to roar behind Seth’s passion close eyes. His whole body shuddered on impact. His thread his fingers through the wet golden silk. Cold lips tentatively fell parted and Seth felt as if his whole being would combust into a pile of dust. Icy hands suddenly grabbed his wrists and his was pushed back and slammed into his closet door. Frigid lips devoured Seth’s in a violent dance. Bane’s teeth clamped down on Seth’s plump bottom lip and his mouth fell open with a small canine growl of lust. Seth’s nails dug into the hard skin of Bane’s shoulder making no indents. Seth’s head fell back and Bane continued his violent attack raining vicious bites down Seth’s russet colored neck. He came to the juncture in Seth’s shoulder and bit down hard causing him to cry out in pleasure lined pain. He couldn’t hold back the little gasping moans as Bane laved the wound with semi affectionate strokes of his tongue.

“Please.” Seth whimpered desperately. He was like a man possessed.

“What do you need?” Bane’s voice was husky and the accent sent shivers racing down Seth’s body right to his groin.

“You, anything, everything, please!” He groaned trying to push himself closer but the white hands on his tanned wrist prevented him from doing so.

“This?” Bane thrusted his hips forward into Seth’s and his head jolted forward and fell back in a silent cry. Then Seth heard something that made his heart wither in his chest. It was the cry of the wolf...