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This is Bane through Ryans eyes "Sure you weren’t just looking for trouble?" Bane raised a golden brow. "Maybe." He said quietly. Now that time Seth was sure he saw a smile."Or I might have just been looking for you..." He said even more quietly but he knew Bane could hear. "Then you were looking for trouble."Seth/Bane SLASH Boy love boyxboy m/m not sure how much more clear I can make it

Its a story of love and immense loss.

7. Chapter 7

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Seth’s eyes opened wide and his breath came out in short panting gasps. Bane looked at him with oddly frightened lust blackened eyes. Bane stepped back two steps letting Seth’s wrists fall from his grasp. Seth maneuvered his way from the closet, around Bane and to the window behind his bed. He could see Kider’s white pelt in the distance. He dropped his head and tangled his hands in his hair. Tears collected in the corners of his eyes.

“Run.” His voice broke.

“I won’t be fast enough.” Bane’s voice was void of any emotion.

“Yes, yes you will. You can make it.” Seth turned around pleading with his eyes. The little pearl like beads dripped down his tanned cheeks.

“I can’t Seth, its over.” He murmured almost resigned.

“You can’t just give up!” Seth snarled under his breath taking long strides over till he stood right in front of the other boy.

“What would you like me to do?” Bane snarled, old fire returning to his eyes.

“Run! Fight! Negotiate! Something…” His voice died at the end. “I can’t watch you die,” Seth whispered more tears falling at a quicker pace. He softly pulled Bane’s tiny form to his chest. He heard the front door slam open and against the side door. He only heard light padding steps come up the stairs. Seth tried to hold Bane closer but bane shoved him away and dropped into his attack crouch. Bane was right. He alone couldn’t take on his entire pack, especially not the ruthless Kider or his worshipers. The door flew of its hinges and shock coursed up his spine fallowed to quickly by seeping relief, it all happened in such a rash fashion he got a head rush. Then he actually felt lightheaded as another emotion surged forward. Fear. Bane had launched himself at the person in the door way.

“Bane no!” Seth yelled running to his door way. He heard the two bodies tumbled loudly down the stair well.

“Seth!” A female voice shrieked. Seth ran down the flight of stairs two steps at a time, leaping over the second banister. Bane held his hand tightly around the neck of his hostage.

“Bane get off her!” Seth leapt forward grabbing Bane’s tense angular shoulders. Bane just snarled in reply and kept his body firmly planted. “Bane!” Seth growled yanked on his shoulders once more. Bane finally lifted his head to look at him with furious red eyes.

“Stop.” Seth whispered.

“I told you Seth, I’ll do anything to stay alive. If that means killing your friend that’s just a price I’ll have to pay.” Bane snapped.

“She’s my best friend!” Seth growled shaking his shoulders again.

“She’s my hostage.”

“Let go!” The girl beneath Bane suddenly phased, her clothes shedding into millions of pieces. She swapped their positions pinning a surprised Bane to the floor with one huge paw. Her white coat seemed to glitter in the starlight. Seth gasped and went to defend bane, he looked so tiny under the massive white wolf. Then suddenly Bane brought the toe of his boot up making it collide perfectly with the wolves white chest launching her backwards. Seth had to make it stop before one of them, or both got hurt. He phased watching his clothes ribbon through the air in streams. Ryan continued to fight with beastly strength. Suddenly her silver eyes went wide. She staggered back until she stood beside the dark blue couch. Seth hung his head. The white wolf looked wounded. Seth dropped into a submissive crouch and whimpered low in his throat, almost making it into a keening noise.

Please understand. Seth pleaded. Ryan seemed to shake herself before turning and bolting out the door her smaller more feminine body fitting through. Seth whimpered and put his head back letting out a low, depressed howl.

I just need time Seth. Ryan’s voice chimed in his head.

Seth nodded even though the only one around to see it was bane and he had no idea what was going on in their internal conversation. He padded softly over to the couch lifting a blanket up over him. He phased back covering himself with the soft red knitted blanket. Seth sat down on the couch putting his head in his hands.

“What am I gonna do?” Seth asked not lifting his head.

“About what exactly?” Bane asked, leaning against the far wall.

“Ryan knows, every one in our pack will know.” Seth muttered. The tears from before seemed to return.

“Are you…crying?” Bane said incredulously.

“No!” Seth snapped defensively, holding in a second sniffle just waiting to break loose.

“You’re a bloody horrible liar.” Bane snorted walking around the couch to become seated on the coffee table in front of Seth. Seth pressed his palms into his eyes as if it would keep the tears at bay.

“I have to go.” Bane said, his voice oddly soft.

“hm?” Seth’s head shot up and his teary face came into Bane’s view.

“You can’t leave.” Seth’s voice broke.

“I have to.” Bane said, red twining with sandy brown. Another tear was squeezed from the bone dry sand that was Seth’s eyes.

“What-what if I never see you again.” Seth sniffled and choked.

“If we’re meant to meet again, we will. If our fates belong in separate pools then that’s the way it will be. You can not toy with fate just as I cannot change what I am, or what I’m meant to do.” Bane stared down at his frigid porcelain hands.

“We defy the laws of nature, who’s fate to get in our way.” Seth whispered digging his short nails into his palms. Bane’s mouth did the one sided twitch but it did not make the sadness hiding in the shadows of the Marxist eyes before him ebb or weave away. In an oddly gentle way bane leaned forward his eyes staying locked with Seth’s teary tan ones he allowed his cold breath to fan across his lips. He moved on pressing his icy tongue to the corner of Seth’s mouth. He trailed his tongue up ever so slowly making Seth shiver with pleasure. He licked up every tear making it as if they had never fallen. He kissed each closed eye lid before leaning back and picking himself off the table. Skirting around Seth and the couch toward the front door. Seth sat eyes closed his body racking with intense emotion. He heard the door close softly behind the vampire. His eyes shot open and he launched himself from the seat.

“Bane!” he yelled running to the door almost tripping over the long draping blanket in the process. He flung the door open running down the porch with long stretching steps. “wait!” Bane stood close to the edge of the forest. His eyes calculating, glimmering like gemstone in the night light. Seth ran forward throwing himself on top of this much smaller boy. He slammed his lips to his. It was messy and teeth knocked, tongues clashes, venom stung, but it was perfect all of their scattered emotions put themselves together in that kiss and yet tore themselves apart at the seams. Bane’s tiny fingers wrapped around Seth’s shoulder cooling him. Tongues tangled in one last moment before they pressed their cheeks together each panting softly in the others ear.

“I’ll wait for fate.” Seth whispered before stumbling back and releasing the golden haired vampire, his enemy, his opposite, his beautiful enemy.

“Don’t wait, fate is unkind.” Bane said before turning and rushing into the forest like a phantom. A fantasy. A myth. A dream. A beautiful beautiful dream…