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When Laurent found Bella in the meadow, he wasn't stopped by the wolves and he didn't kill her either. He kidnapped her so she could serve as his slave. When Alice has a vision of it, what lengths do the Cullens go to, to save Bella?

I do not own anything, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer. Note, this will be a very dark story. There will be dark themes in here such as rape, violence, you get the point. So you are warned, and I hope you like it. So, I did rate it adult, because there will be graphic violent scenes in future chapters. Also, every chapter will be in 2 different POV's, so you have a good feel of everything and everyone.

1. Chapter 1: The Vision

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Chapter 1: The vision

Bella POV

"Laurent!" I cried out in surprise - I knew I shouldn't be happy to see this vampire, but I couldn't help it; he was proof that my vampire world hadn't completely abandoned me. He seemed a little shocked to see me, but swiftly conjured a smile on his face - a smile that send shivers up my spine.

"Bella? How-" he paused, searching for the right word, I guessed. I was surprised he even knew my name after all this time. "-convenient to meet you here," he continued, I didn't understand the meaning of it. Why would my being here be convenient?

He started to approach me and for the first time since I recognized his face coming from the bushes, I felt fear. Unconsciously, I took a step backward, as if I planned on running. 'Don't move.' The sweet, guarded, velvet voice in my head cautioned me. Of course he would be here now when I was in the most danger I had been in a long time. I couldn't help but smile at the sound of his voice, though I knew I might die at any given moment.

I did do as the voice told, I froze; I didn't move another muscle. I didn't want to set Laurent off. He eyed me with curiosity, probably still trying to figure out what kind of attraction I would have toward vampires - just like James had wondered the same before he tried to kill me.

I recognized the look in Laurent's eyes - one of hunger, desire - again, it reminded me of the way James had looked at me in the ballet studio last spring. I was getting anxious by the everlasting silence, so finally, I spoke, "What brings you here? I thought you were with the Denali's?" I asked, I knew he had gone to live with Tanya's family for a while after James decided to hunt me. He chuckled silently; I shivered and the voice inside my head growled.

"Oh, yes, I was. But I couldn't keep to their strict diet, so they sent me away. It's too bad, that Irina really was something. I met up with Victoria a few weeks ago. Oh, she'll be so very angry when she finds out what I've done," he said, when he mentioned the diet, I realized his eyes were still the crimson red they had been in the baseball clearing all that time ago. He still fed of humans.

It was only a few minutes later that I remember what he said about Victoria - the voice in my head growled more fiercely at the mention of her name. He said she would be mad. Mad about what? "W-why?" I choked out, the fear inside me was growing.Though I found it rediculous I was so scared - without Edward, there was nothing left to fear anymore, not even death. Sure, I had Jacob now, but he too was avoiding me lately, so I wasn't even sure if I had him anymore. "For killing you," Laurent answered in a calm voice, his french accent clearly sounding through.

I shuddered when he said that and the growling in my head grew so intense I could hardly hear the rest Laurent said. "You see, she's very miffed with you, Bella."

"Why?" I asked, sure, my once future family killed her mate, but he had tried to kill me. Surely she didn't hold that against me, did she? "Your love killed her love. Now she wants to kill you. A love for a love. Oh, you should hear some of the things she planned on doing to you. They're very gruesome," Laurent clarified, I nodded. So she thought killing me would hurt him, but she was wrong. He left me, he didn't love me or care about me.

"Where is your vampire? I went by his house and found it empty. It seemed as if no one had been there for a long time," he said, again, I nodded. 'Lie!' the velvet voice in my head said, he sounded desperate. I wanted to do as he said, but I couldn't. I couldn't stand there saying he still cared about me when he didn't.

"He left. He and his family have been gone for months," I said, trying to hold back the sobs in my chest or the tears in my eyes when I thought about how they left me. "Really?" Laurent said, and for the first time, I was terrified of him. I had never seen such a look in anyone's eyes. A look of pure evil - even James hadn't looked so evil as Laurent did now. 'Scream!' The voice in my head commanded; I wanted to oblige, but my throat was so dry, I couldn't even make a peep.

"That... changes... things," he said each word separately as he eyed me from head to toe, scanning my body with his eyes - which were now filled with lust among the evil. When I saw him look at me like that, I knew something bad was coming; maybe even something worse than death. And all I hoped for now was death to come. I knew this was my end, my downfall. So I closed my eyes and pulled the last perfect image of him I had stored away for this moment and said goodbye. 'Goodbye, Edward. I love you, always.' The voice in my head moaned at this, as if he were sad, which I wanted to believe he was. I closed my eyes, and waited for death to come.

The last things I remember was a brief blow of wind along my body, then I felt something against the back of my head and I fell down. I was dizzy, disoriented - something warm was running along the back of my head, I couldn't tell what. Eventually, the dark overcame me and I drifted away into nothingness - all the while thinking of my Edward and how I missed him so much.

Alice POV

God, life was so boring these days! All anyone ever did anymore was mope around. Esme was sad because Edward wasn't with us - Carlisle was constantly worrying about Edward - Emmet was down because his best friend wasn't here - Rosalie was mad because Edward broke this family - and Jasper, my Jasper, well, he shied away from everyone as much as possible. The feelings overwhelmed him, it was too much for him to be around anyone. He couldn't even stand to be around me most of the time, my emotions were so out of balance.

No one was ever happy anymore, it sucked! I was depressed - I missed my brother - I missed Bella - I was angry at Edward for making us leave - and I was sneaking around, looking for Bella's future, though Edward had forbid me to do so. But I couldn't help it, I needed to know if she was okay.

So far, physically, she was fine. As fine as a klutz like Bella could be. But emotionally, she was far from okay. For four months, the only visions I saw were of her going through the daily motions, but she had looked like a zombie, dead. Then these past months she seemed to have snapped out of her zombie state, but she still looked terrible, broken.

The next vision I had hit me out of nowhere - a terrible, horrific vision. I saw Laurent - the vampire with the french accent that had belonged to James' coven - standing over Bella, who was lying on a bed blindfolded and tied up. I saw him groping her - I saw Bella waking up, scared to death - I saw Laurent kissing her and Bella shaking, then the vision cut off.

"No!" I cried out so loudly that all the vampires in the house came rushing to my side, afraid something bad had happened to me. Something bad had happened, but not to me. Jasper was the first by my side, followed by Carlisle and Esme, followed by Emmet and Rosalie. They all looked at me with worry written on their faces. For once, I was glad Edward wasn't here, because he would have flipped if he saw what I saw.

"Alice, what's wrong?" Jasper asked; he could feel my emotions - fear, pain, anger, loss. "Bella," I silently whispered and everyone grew more worried, except one person - Rosalie. She rolled her eyes and said, "Ugh, her again. What is it this time? Did she fell over a rock and scraped her delicate little knee?" Sarcasm was dripping from her voice. I glared at Rosalie, how dare she turn this into a joke? This was anything but a joke!

"No, her knees are perfectly fine! But she won't be fine, not by a long shot," I said, venom in my voice, Rosalie shied away from my tone, as did the rest. Carlisle was the only one who remained perfectly calm. "Is Bella hurt? What did you see, Alice?" he asked, in his fatherly, calm voice - it soothed me a little.

"I saw Bella, she was blindfolded and tied up to a bed. Then I saw Laurent; he was groping her and kissing her. She was so scared, Carlisle," I said, everyone gasped, including Rosalie. She always made it perfectly clear she didn't like Bella because she thought she was a threat to our family, but she would never wish such a fate on anyone. She knew exactly what that could do to one's soul. I saw the anger in her eyes, heard the growl in her chest as she thought about what was happening. Esme had begun to sob, silently. Carlisle was silent, just as Jasper. Emmet seemed shocked and angry, he already viewed Bella as a little sister, just as I did, I knew this was hurting him. This was hurting all of us.

"What do we do, Carlisle?" Rosalie asked this time, Carlisle took a deep breath and spoke, "We call Edward, he needs to know. Then we search for her." I nodded, it was the best we could do for now. Calling Edward would be hard though, I knew from experience he wouldn't pick up his phone for a long time, until he got too annoyed to ignore the ringing. He would go wild when he heard about what happened; he would blame himself, the martyr he is.