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When Laurent found Bella in the meadow, he wasn't stopped by the wolves and he didn't kill her either. He kidnapped her so she could serve as his slave. When Alice has a vision of it, what lengths do the Cullens go to, to save Bella?

I do not own anything, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer. Note, this will be a very dark story. There will be dark themes in here such as rape, violence, you get the point. So you are warned, and I hope you like it. So, I did rate it adult, because there will be graphic violent scenes in future chapters. Also, every chapter will be in 2 different POV's, so you have a good feel of everything and everyone.

2. Chapter 2: Soulless Monster

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Chapter 2: Soulless Monster

Laurent POV

"He left. He and his family have been gone for months," Bella said, I could hear the emptiness and pain in her voice as she said this. The mind reader had left her - that was unexpected.

"Really?" Was my reply, and suddenly I got this brilliant idea in my head - one of pure evil, which I knew she saw by the way her eyes widened in fear. For the first time, I was wondering why I was doing Victoria's bidding; I didn't care about her or her vendetta against this girl's coven for killing James. I only stayed with them because they were powerful, good allies. But there was no reason to stay with her now, no, I could do whatever I wanted. And what I wanted now, was this human girl who smelled delicious. She didn't smell the same to me as she did to the mind-reader, or she would have been dead already, but she did smell really good.

"That... changes... things...," I said as I looked over her tiny frame - she did look very eatable, in more ways than one. Oh, the things I could do to her. The ways I could make her scream. The possibilities were endless. I could already imagine he warm skin beneath me - her small posture trembling in fear - the ways I would claim her as my own. Just thinking about it turned me on more than I could have thought possible.

Without warning, I used my vampire speed to appear behind her and hit her on the head, causing her to fall down. I immediately smelled the blood flowing from the crack in her skull I caused. 'Oops!' I could feel the venom in my mouth, the hunger for her blood. The monster inside my chest rumbled as it wanted nothing more than to devour her right there and then. But I was in control; I had recently fed so I was able to withstand the temptation to drain her. However, I couldn't resist a taste; I licked my tongue along the line of the blood, clearing her wound and tasting the sweet, hot blood.

Her blood tasted even better than it smelled. It smelled like a flower - freesia, maybe - and strawberries. I easily recognized the smell in the sweet, sugary taste of her blood. I almost lost my control and drained her, but again, I was strong enough to resist. I had to much in store for this fragile, little human. I wanted to have fun with her for a while before I did kill her. By the time I would finish, she would be nothing more than an animal begging for death, I would make sure of that. Suddenly, the things Victoria had planned for her seemed pretty merciful compared to what I was planning. I laughed out loud as I thought how those ideas had once disgusted even me! 'Ha!'

I picked her up in my arms - she was mumbling the mind-reader's name over and over; it was funny how she talked in her sleep, she was a curious creature - and raced through the forest at full speed. I didn't want to get caught by the wolves - I had thought it impossible at first, but I could smell their stinking scent from miles away, the wolves were back.

I knew exactly where I was headed - a small cabin up in the deep forests near a small town California city called Greenville. I had bought that a long time ago, when I was first changed, to have somewhere to go when I wanted to clean myself up. I had never imagined it would be so handy one day.

Edward POV

My phone vibrated yet again in the pocket of my pants - someone in my family had called me 56 times already during the last two hours. I didn't know who it was, nor cared. I didn't move to answer it, I was completely still.

I had no idea how long it was since I last moved from this place I was in - a dark attic, completed with cobwebs, spiders, rats and cockroaches - or when I last fed. It could have been day, weeks, or even months - I hardly ever fed anymore, I deserved the fierce burning in my throat that accompanied the thirst I was in.

I deserved any pain I could get - I deserved the pain I felt without my sweet Bella's presence - I deserved the hatred I felt toward myself for lying to my love the way I did - I deserved it all. I was nothing more than an evil, soulless monster - Bella deserved more. Bella deserved to be happy, to smile; she deserved to be with someone normal, someone who couldn't accidentally snap her neck if he weren't to careful. She was the purest soul I had ever met and she was going to stay that way, I made sure of that by leaving.

Oh, but how easy it would be to go back - to crawl on my hands and knees and beg her to take me back. The thought played in my head many times; the joy I would feel by having her in my arms again. How all of this pain, this torture, wouldn't matter if I were only with her.

But I couldn't go back - even if I did succumb to my desires, she would never take me back. I saw the look in her eyes when I told her I didn't want her - she believed it! I had thought it would take hours to convince her, but she had believed me right away. After all the times I said I loved her, one sentence, and she believed all that was a lie. I knew I was a great liar, but even so, she should have known better.

But then, what if she did take me back? What if she forgave me? Could I really do it, then? Condemn her to a soulless fate for the rest of her life? 'No!' I could never do that. All of this excruciating misery was worth it if she remained human. I told myself that over and over again; it was worth it!

My phone vibrated again; I sighed, annoyed. I briefly contemplated throwing it against the wall so they couldn't bother me again, but decided against it. It had to be very important if they called me all the time. Without a second thought I answered the phone and snapped at the person on the other side, "What?!"

"Finally! Does it always take you hours to answer your phone?!" the voice on the other side, which I recognized as Rosalie's, asked. She sounded very stressed out and angry - the angry part fitted with her, but she never sounded so stressed out unless something was very wrong. I was instantly on my feet - the ceiling of the attic was high enough that I didn't hit my head, not that it would've hurt me - and pacing around, worrying something might've happened to my family.

"What's wrong?" I asked and heard Rosalie sigh; she clearly didn't want to be the one to give me whatever bad news she was about to give me. If something happened to anyone of my family, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I would always wonder if something could have been changed if I were there to help.

"It's Bella," Rosalie said, I froze on the spot. Something was wrong with my Bella? And why did Rosalie sound so sad when she said her name? Rosalie hated Bella, she wouldn't care if anything happened to her. I was afraid to ask, I was afraid to hear the answer, but I needed to know. If my love was dead - it killed me to even think that - then I would soon follow. I knew from Carlisle's experience that death didn't came easily for a vampire, but he hadn't known the Volturi back then. If Bella were gone, I would go to the Volturi and beg for death or do something that would insure my undoing.

"Spit it out, Rose," I said through clenched teeth - my whole body was rigid, my hands were shaking as I was trying my best not to crush the phone as I held it, that would do no good.

"She's not dead, it's not that," Rosalie assured me, guessing where my thoughts were at. I relaxed a little at this news, but not entirely; I knew something bad had happened, it was clear in my sister's tone. "Then what?" I asked, my teeth were still clenched, my body was a little more relaxed, but I was still shaking, still afraid to death to hear what I was about to hear. It would be even more monstrous to live with myself knowing that something happened to Bella rather than one of my family. The guilt would be unbearable if something happened that I could have prevented by staying. Now more than ever, I wished I had gone back to my love to keep her safe. She was a danger magnet, I had said it many times, yet, I still left her.

"The nomad Laurent kidnapped her," Rose said - this time, I did crush the phone in my hand. I wanted to die right there and then, my Bella was taken by that monster because of me! If I hadn't have left her, she wouldn't be in this situation now! But if I had gone back, she would be stuck in a life she didn't belong in. Either way, I was the villain. Her life would have been safe if I had stayed away from her from the very beginning. I was nothing but a danger to her existence, even now when I wasn't in her life anymore. I was the worst of the worst monsters. There were no words for the evil, soulless, creature I was.

I left the safety of the attic and went in search for a fast car to steal. I needed to get to my family as soon as possible, and driving would go faster than running, especially when daybreak came. I would do anything in my power to save Bella, I owed her that much! And I would hunt down that bastard and kill him as slowly as I could, I would make him suffer!