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When Laurent found Bella in the meadow, he wasn't stopped by the wolves and he didn't kill her either. He kidnapped her so she could serve as his slave. When Alice has a vision of it, what lengths do the Cullens go to, to save Bella?

I do not own anything, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer. Note, this will be a very dark story. There will be dark themes in here such as rape, violence, you get the point. So you are warned, and I hope you like it. So, I did rate it adult, because there will be graphic violent scenes in future chapters. Also, every chapter will be in 2 different POV's, so you have a good feel of everything and everyone.

3. Chapter 3: Search Party

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Chapter 3: Search Party

Charlie POV

I was beginning to worry, it was past 7 already and Bella still wasn't home. I worried about my baby girl, she meant more to me than I showed, but I knew she knew how I felt about her. Usually, she would be home by now or she would call if she was running late.

I was getting anxious, afraid I would go out and find her in a zombie state again, as she had been the first four months after he had left. I couldn't even think about him without getting angry; I really thought he cared about her and then he up and left her without a word.

I decided to give the Stanley residence a call - Bella said she would be heading over there to work on her Math homework - and ask if she was still there and when she would be home. I dialed the number by heart - I knew Jessica's parent's well, as I did most of the townsfolk.

"Hello, Jessica Stanley speaking," the voice on the other side of the phone said - I was glad, she was exactly the person I needed to speak to.

"Good evening Jessica. This is Chief Swan, may I speak to Bella please?" I asked and Jessica answered, surprise in her voice, "Bella? She isn't here, sir." Did this mean she just left, then? But why was Jessica so surprised when I asked about her? "Oh, did she leave already?" I asked.

"I haven't seen Bella all day, sir. Was she supposed to be here?"

I sighed in frustration, Bella had lied to me - well, at least it was a step up from doing hardly anything normal anymore; she was acting like a teenager and lying to me. It should please me that she was acting like a normal 18 year-old, but Bella wasn't one to lie, something wasn't right.

"She said she made plans to come over and study with you - you know nothing of this?" I asked, as I was getting in full police investigation mode. My senses told me something was off.

"No, I'm sorry, I don't know anything," Jessica said, I thanked her and hung up. I called my best friend Billy Black after that, he also knew nothing. I called everyone I could think of - which was practically everyone in town - but no one knew anything.

By the time it was 8 o'clock I phoned over to my police station and told them to organize a search, Bella was missing. I wondered if she ran away, but I didn't believe that, if she wanted to leave she could have told me - she was a legal adult now, after all. Besides, my gut feeling said something was wrong, and I always trusted my feelings. I would find my daughter, even if it killed me!

Rosalie POV

"The nomad Laurent kidnapped her," I told Edward and the line went dead instantly - he must have broken the phone in his hand, I half expected that to happen. I knew he would be on his way now - Bella was his love, he would do anything to save her.

I felt angry for what was happening to Bella now - I knew well enough what it could do to ones spirit when someone raped you. And by the vision Alice had, I knew that was what Laurent was going to do - that scum! I felt guilty for treating Bella so bad now I knew what she was going through - I had never liked her because she was human and invading our world as if she were one of us, also, I felt a little jealous because of that and because Edward seemed to find her attractive and not me.

I wanted to kick myself in the head now for thinking like that; it seemed so trivial now. All I could feel for Bella now was empathy, all the bad feelings were gone.

"Rose?" I snapped out of my train of thoughts when Emmett called me back to the present, I sighed. "I think he's coming, I'm not sure, though. I think he snapped his phone in two when I told him about the nomad and Bella," I said, usually, my Emmett would chuckle when he heard something like that, but he was nothing but serious now. I used to find it annoying that Emmett cared so much for her too - it was only now that I realized he was upset for his little sister, because that's what she meant for the family.

I didn't want to admit it - to no one, let alone to myself - but Bella was the glue that held this family together. When we left her, we fell apart - I knew it was because of that, these past months I wanted to believe it was only because Edward was gone - that they only missed him, but they missed Bella as well. They missed the clumsy little human that would blush every minute when she was put on the spot.

"He's on his way, I see it. He's very angry with himself," Alice said - she was looking into the future for signs of Bella and Edward, it seemed she was looking for everything.

"Charlie organized a search party for her, they're out looking as we speak," Alice added, everyone nodded. We were all busy trying to figure out a way to save Bella - Carlisle was in his study, researching - Esme was on the phone with the airport, booking us a flight to Phoenix, we would drive to Forks from there - Jasper was trying to control everyone's emotions as well as his own, while watching over Alice who was still looking for signs in the future - and Emmet was holding my hand as I contemplated everything.

"We'll find her," I whispered to myself more than anyone else, but I knew they heard, we all had super hearing. Emmett responded by giving my hand a gentle squeeze. I smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek, he stroked my hair as a thank you.

I was positive we would find her - with Alice and Edward's abilities, it shouldn't be so hard. But when we did find her, what state would she be in? Not only physically, but mentally?

I could still remember how I felt after my rape; I was so angry, I was still angry. It had gotten better over the years, but I was bitter about what happened and how it changed my life. I never really got over it - no one knew how much I still thought about it, no one but Edward, but he didn't say anything about it to anyone.

Bella would be broken, that much I was sure. The only thing I didn't know is how broken she would be. Would she ever be able to be herself again? Or would she just be an empty shell? Humans are fragile, especially when getting over something like that. It was easier for me because I had turned into a vampire, but it wouldn't be so easy for her. For Bella, it would be hell. That much I knew.