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When Laurent found Bella in the meadow, he wasn't stopped by the wolves and he didn't kill her either. He kidnapped her so she could serve as his slave. When Alice has a vision of it, what lengths do the Cullens go to, to save Bella?

I do not own anything, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer. Note, this will be a very dark story. There will be dark themes in here such as rape, violence, you get the point. So you are warned, and I hope you like it. So, I did rate it adult, because there will be graphic violent scenes in future chapters. Also, every chapter will be in 2 different POV's, so you have a good feel of everything and everyone.

4. Chapter 4: Life Proved Me Wrong

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Chapter 4: Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, life proved me wrong.

Jacob POV

I never knew life could get even worse than it already was; apparently, I was wrong. First, I found out I was some freak - a wolf. It turned out all those vampire and wolf legends my tribe always told me were true - vampires did in fact exist, and so did the wolves that were their natural enemies - me!

I hated myself now - I was nothing more than a monster - and it was all their fault; those filthy bloodsuckers Bella loved so much, the Cullens! They had turned me into a freak show, as my best friend Embry and several others - and more would follow, we were sure.

To top it all off, I was forced to avoid Bella - it had been weeks since I'd seen her. But that wasn't the worst of it all - today, when I came home, Billy told me Bella was missing and Charlie was organizing a search party for her. Billy told me Charlie was very worried that something bad was happening - he thought that maybe she went in the woods and the bears attacked her.

Everyone was so scared of all the bear sightings that had been reported lately - they thought the bears were responsible for all the missing hikers and campers. They had no idea that what they thought were bears was actually my wolf pack and that we were trying to protect the people from the real danger - vampires.

There was a vampire on the loose in the woods, two, actually - we had come across two different scents, but one seemed to have left again, while the other stayed. We had been hunting him without success; he was still killing people and getting away from us.

So, when Billy told me the news about Bella, I quickly ran into the forest - changed into my wolf form - and howled, alerting the others of my pack. Almost instantly, I was joined by the rest of the pack, they weren't with me yet, but I could hear their thoughts. Yeah, another weird thing, when we were in our wolf form, our minds were connected - really creepy.

'What's up Jake, why the meeting?'

Embry asked, I didn't answer him yet as I was bombarded by other questions of the others of the pack - all except Sam - our pack leader - he seemed to be searching for the answer in my mind, but I blocked it out and thought of nothing but my disgust for being a wolf - I wanted to tell them myself.

'Did you smell another vampire in the area? I don't smell one now,'

Jared's voice sounded in my head - of course he would automatically think of vampires - and of course he didn't smell one now, we weren't very deep in the forest yet, not vampires came so clear to this line.

'This better be good - Bruce Lee was kicking ass on TV,'

Paul complained, he never was one for patience.

'Quiet everyone. Let Jacob speak,'

Sam interceded, immediately, everyone was quiet and waited for me to speak.

'Charlie called the house - Bella's missing. No one knows where she went or where she is. She told her dad she was meeting up with a friend, but the friend knew nothing about it,'

I spoke, it took less than a second before the other voices sounded in my head again - variegating from surprise, to irritation. Again, Sam stayed silent, at the time being.

'Bella's missing again? Jeez, wonder what state she'll be in this time,'

Jared's voice sounded in my head - he was remembering the night Sam had found her in the woods, she had looked horrible - I cringed as I listened to the others.

'She probably just ran away - no one cares,'

Paul thought, by which I snarled at him - Sam calmed us both by letting out a small growl of his own. Paul wasn't offended by my behavior - he just continued to think about how weird it was that I was in love with someone who loved a leech.

'We'll find her, Jake, don't worry,'

Embry said, I thanked him, I could always count on him to have my back - besides, he liked Bella too, he wished he knew her as well as me.

'Do you think she ran away, Jacob?'

Sam asked me, I shook my big, russet, brown-tinted, wolf head. I didn't think she ran away, I knew she would never do that to Charlie - she cared for him too much.

'Do you have any idea where she might be?'

Sam continued to question me; I thought about it and came up with a few answers.

'Maybe, she was talking about going cliff-diving, or she could be at the little patch of land we rode our motorcycles on...'

I thought for another second and came up with one last answer, 'Before my change, we were searching for this little meadow she said she stumbled upon once, I think it meant more to her than she led on. She could have gotten tired of waiting for me and maybe went to search for it on her own and got lost. I don't know exactly where it is, but I know where to start. If I'm lucky, I can still follow her scent,' I said, glad I at least had some idea of where she might be. Maybe I was just overreacting and she was just lost - but something in my gut told me it was much worse than that.

Then, Sam started giving out orders; he made sure we all went in a different direction in search for Bella. 'Embry, go to the motorcycle ground, see if you can track her from there. Paul, go to the cliffs, maybe she went there. Jared, you take the outer perimeter of the forest, keep watch, just in case. Jacob, I will go with you to the meadow,' Sam said, we all agreed and went on our way. I knew the reason Sam stayed with me was because I was fairly new to all this and emotionally involved in our search now.

'She looks better in your memories than in mine,'

Sam suddenly said, I knew what he was talking about - he was referring to the last time he saw her, when he found her in the forest, and to the times I saw her.

'She looks better, but still pretty broken. Those fucking leeches really did a number on her,'

I almost growled my response. We were both silent after that, running toward the beginning path Bella and I always started at to find her meadow - if she had gone that way today, he scent would still be fresh, even if it was hours ago.

When we reached the path, her scent immediately hit me and I knew she had gone this way - I broke into a faster run, following my smell, her scent - Sam was a few paces behind me, I was faster than him.

It took only a few minutes to reach the meadow - Bella was right, it was beautiful - but I had no time to revel in the beauty of it as another scent hit me with much more power than Bella's. It was the scent of a vampire - a fucking leech!

There was no sign of them or any option to follow the leech's scent - it was all over the place, if we followed it, we would go on a wild goose chase. My knees - paws, technically, all four of them - buckled in and I fell to the ground, howling. I was crying, I knew Sam knew why and I knew the others could see the reason behind my distress in my mind.

Bella was dead, just as so many others lately, the vampire had gotten to her. We would most likely never even find her body, those fuckers were good at covering their tracks.

'I'm sorry, Jacob.'

Sam's condolences meant nothing to me - nothing could ever mean anything to me ever again now that she was gone; she was my everything, my new moon. I had been faced by a clouded moon for so long, I didn't even realize it, until she came along and all the clouds disappeared, revealing a new moon to me.

But it didn't matter now, she was gone. She was never coming back and there was nothing I could do about it. Despite all my new strength, I had never felt more weak and helpless in my life. I wanted to die...

Bella POV

'Am I dead? Is that why I'm in the dark? What happened? Oh, right, Laurent. He killed me?! But wait, if I'm dead, then why is my head throbbing? Shouldn't death be peaceful and pain-free? Then why am I hurting and scared? Am I even dead? Should I open my eyes? Should I keep them closed, hoping I'm dead? What do I do?'

As I was in the dark, all these thoughts raced through my aching head, and I realized I was not dead. Dead people aren't scared nor do they feel pain. My eyes were closed, I was afraid to open them, afraid to face the music, as the saying goes.

I knew I was in danger, I could feel it in my bones. I remembered the way Laurent looked at me in the meadow - I had never been so terrified in my life, not even when James was torturing last spring. I had hoped he would kill me and throw whatever thoughts he had out the window - I guess my wish didn't come true.

Eventually, I decided to open my eyes - I would have to sooner or later. As I opened them, I was met by a new sort of darkness - not the darkness I was in first, a lighter one, but still dark. It seemed as if something was covering my eyes, preventing me from seeing anything. That's when I noticed the position I was lying in - I couldn't see it, but I could feel it.

My arms were spread out - like the wings of an eagle - and my wrists were tied to something, it hurt. It was the same for my legs, they were spread out and my ankles were tied to something. My heart was beating rapidly as my body began shaking fiercely.

I saw nothing, but felt everything - I could feel some-one's presence near me, watching, observing. I knew who it was; it could only be him, Laurent. I didn't want him near me - I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be in the safe arms of my love, Edward - the hole in my chest starting aching as I thought of him. I wished he were here to tell me what to do, even if it was only my delusion of him, but his voice was nowhere with me; it had gone, left me, abandoned me, just as Edward - cringe - left me so many months ago.

Laurent's icy presence was getting closer to me - I could feel the cold emanating from him as he approached me, at a slow pace it seemed, making me shiver in response. I had a faint idea of what he was planning with me, but it was so horrible I couldn't dare believe it - I wished he had brought me here just to torture and kill me, nothing more.

Suddenly, I felt his cold hands on me, touching me. I shook even harder now as he let his hands move over every inch of my body - I desperately wanted to die now; I didn't want this to happen to me, not this. My body was meant for Edward and him alone, even if he didn't want me, I wanted to be with no one else, especially not this way.

I was so frightened, repulsed and embarrassed at the same time. I could feel his icy hands on my legs, moving up to my thighs - my stomach - I wanted to throw up when he touched my breasts under my bra, squeezed them, played with them even - but the worst part was when his lips touched mine. I refused to co-operate in this kiss, I kept my lips tightly shut, but it was of no use; he forced them open and showed his tongue inside my mouth. He twirled it around my tongue, trying to make me dance with him, I refused. His kiss was violent and revolting, nothing like my love's had been - sweet, tender and loving.

My lips were bruising by his touch - I could feel the pain from it already. My heart was beating out of control and I felt so much shame that I let this monster anywhere near me. I wanted to scream - kick - fight back - anything, but I couldn't do a single damn thing. The only thing I had left to be thankful for was that I was still fully clothed, I could feel the fabric of them on my skin. Not that that stopped him from moving his hands under them, as he had done before.

After what seemed like eternity, Laurent broke the kiss and moved away from me - I no longer felt his presence by my side. I was grateful he decided to stop there, but scared at the same time. I knew he was planning much more and wondered why he just didn't get it over with and kill me afterward.

Laurent's voice shook me out of my reverie. "You taste delicious, sweet Bella. I can't wait for more. Rest now, you'll need your strength." He chuckled as he said the last part - the way he said it made it sound menacing and made me shudder - and then, I heard a door open and click shut. He was gone - for now.

I was alone once more, alone with my thoughts. The only thing I could think of as the tears ran down my face, was how stupid and irresponsible I had been. What had I been thinking by going to that meadow alone?! I knew better than anyone how dangerous the woods could be - what was out there. Even with Charlie's warning about the bear, I still ignored my own safety and went there. The idea of running into a bear seemed almost welcoming now; I would take being shredded by a bear ten times over this fate.

Not only had I been irresponsible and foolish by going into the forest alone, but also when I rode the bike. I could have killed myself with that motorcycle. What would that have done to Charlie? Charlie - I moaned aloud as I thought of him. What was he thinking now? Did he think I was killed by the bear? I could only imagine what pain he would be in now - what pain I had caused him. I hoped this didn't hurt him too much, and he would be happy again, once. It was the only think I could wish for that might actually happen.

Because, no matter how much I wished for death to come soon, or for Laurent not to do what he was planning to do to me, I knew it was idle hope. Laurent would use me until I was nothing, then he would kill me. And I had a feeling death would not come any time soon...