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When Laurent found Bella in the meadow, he wasn't stopped by the wolves and he didn't kill her either. He kidnapped her so she could serve as his slave. When Alice has a vision of it, what lengths do the Cullens go to, to save Bella?

I do not own anything, all is owned by Stephenie Meyer. Note, this will be a very dark story. There will be dark themes in here such as rape, violence, you get the point. So you are warned, and I hope you like it. So, I did rate it adult, because there will be graphic violent scenes in future chapters. Also, every chapter will be in 2 different POV's, so you have a good feel of everything and everyone.

5. Chapter 5: All My Fault

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Chapter 5: All My Fault

Laurent POV

When I reached my secluded, little cabin, I carried Bella inside and placed her unconscious form on the bed in the bedroom - it was weird for a vampire to have a bed, but it was mostly used for my moments of pleasure; it had better use now. I then proceeded to tie her up with some rope I had lying around - I tied the knots so tight so she wouldn't be able to break free even if she tried. I spread her arms and tied her wrists to either end of the headboard of the bed, I did the same with her legs and ankles.

She looked so fragile - her breathing was shallow - and I loved it; I couldn't wait to begin my torturous evil doings to her. I had never used a human in such a way - usually I just fed of them and then dumped the body somewhere - and it would be a thrilling experience to do so now. I had so much in mind, I wasn't even sure if she would survive half of it. I wasn't even sure if she would survive my entity in her, so I decided to wait a little longer before taking that step. I didn't want her to die just yet, I would have my fun first.

However, while I had decided to wait entering her for now, I knew I would find others ways to satisfy my needs for now. I could feel her up a little without killing her - I knew I could control my strength that much.

"Edward," Isabella moaned; I chuckled. She had been saying his name over and over again for the past 8 hours, ever since I knocked her out - I had hit her pretty hard, she still hadn't come to. I found it funny to listen to her pleas for her love - who didn't seem to love her; I couldn't blame him, she was only human after all - to come and save her. No-one would ever save her, I would make sure that she believed that and forget all about him and any ties that connected her to a human life. Her human life was over; she was nothing more than an animal now, a pet to play with.

And play I would, I had so much in store for her. I even had some ideas that weren't really torture, more experiments than anything, but it would be fun to watch it play out.

Suddenly, I heard her heart accelerate - her body began to shake violently - she was awake. I remained in the spot where I was - the corner in the far end of the small room - watching her as she shook and moved her arms and legs around to try and free herself from her chains; it wouldn't work and she knew it - I could tell she knew by the way her arms and legs gave up and all she did now was shake and cry; tears were streaming down her face - I saw them shining on her pale, sickly looking skin.

I moved closer to her, walking at a human pace as that seemed to terrify her even more, and watched her trembles increase as she felt my presence near her. I smiled to myself, this was much more entertaining than just draining her blood, though that would happen anyway, in the end.

I bowed down near the bed - a senseless action since I could easily do what I wanted to while standing up - and placed my hands on Bella's legs, just above her feet (she was still wearing her shoes, for now) and grinned when she shook even more violently now. I moved my hands up her legs - to her thighs, I rubbed them gently, not wanting to hurt her too much, yet - then to her stomach.

Her body was perfect in every way - she probably didn't feel that way about herself, but she truly was an exceptional beautiful human being - it was what lured me to do this in the first place. I moved my ice-cold hands under her T-shirt, giving her goose bumps with my touch - her skin was soft and almost warm-like - and felt my way up to her breasts. I slipped my hands under her bra - she had small breasts, they fit perfectly in my hands, as if they were meant for my hands and mine alone. I couldn't resist myself as I started playing with them - my movements became rough as I 'massaged' them, definitely leaving bruises behind.

I was getting aroused as I did this; this was making me more horny than any female vampire had ever managed to do, it was fantastic! I had no idea how long I toyed with her intimate, little breasts before I released them and proceeded to her lips.

I planted my lips on hers and kissed her, violently - all the gentleness was out the window now - I was rough with her. She refused to acknowledge my touch; she pressed her lips tightly together. She was no match for me, though - I quickly forced her mouth open and slipped my tongue inside her wet mouth, forcing her tongue to dance with mine. Even her lips - her tongue and mouth - tasted delicious, almost as good as her blood. Though no part of her could taste better than her blood; I was positive about that.

I felt her lips bruise under mine as I forced my kisses on her - I couldn't wait to see the full effect of it on her, it would be very satisfactory. Eventually, I pulled away, and in full vampire speed moved back to my earlier spot in the corner of the room.

I saw the corners of her mouth turn down in disgust and her trembling easing slightly - I was pleased with the effect I had on her; I had scared her shit-less. I contemplated leaving her alone without a word - maybe frighten her even more by doing so - but I couldn't help myself, I had to say something.

"You taste delicious, sweet Bella. I can't wait for more. Rest now, you'll need your strength," I said, chuckling at the end - I said the last part with menace in my voice, I could tell by her sudden shudder she realized I didn't mean it in a friendly way. I said no more then; I walked to the door at vampire speed, opened it, walked out, shut it behind me and went to the woods to hunt.

If I wanted to be able to keep resisting her blood, I had to hunt much more frequently now, not that that bothered me - one more human didn't matter to me; I cared nothing for their species. I would hunt far away from my cabin - I had no intention of drawing attention to myself, not yet, at least.

This had all turned out much better than I had hoped for; so far, there was no sign of her coven - though I didn't expect them since they left her, I was on my guard - nor was there any sign of the wolves, my little trick of leaving my scent all over the forest must have worked. They couldn't follow me.

I had a feeling that I could stay here forever with that weak human, and no one would ever find me. But, I had no intention of keeping her around forever - a few months, maybe a year or so, depending on how much I enjoy myself with her. Nor had I any intention of turning her in the end - I had no emotional attachment to her; it was purely physical and for pleasure, of course. When I would have enough of her presence, I would simply kill her and dispose of her body - just like I has disposed of so many bodies before her. The only difference between her and my other meals would be what I would do to her before I killed her. That was all.

Who knew, maybe, after she was dead and gone, I would get myself a new pet - I was beginning to enjoy this game of mine; it was far more exiting than simply hunting and eating. But for now, I would keep her around, I wasn't finished with her by a long shot, and she knew it.

Edward POV

I was in luck, I had been able to steal a fast and good-looking car - a black Ferrari. I would be with my family in less than half an hour and I could start looking for Bella too.

Bella, my Bella, was in this situation because of me - because of my stubbornness to keep her safe from me I actually doomed her. If I had never left, she would be safe now - safe in my arms, where I could protect her till the end of time. But I had walked away from her, from my life, and now she was paying the price. It should be me who was suffering, instead it was her.

Nothing about this was fair; nothing about this was right - it was all wrong. It was as if my world had turned upside down for the 3rd time in an extremely short period - the first time being when I first met her - the second time being when I left her, which I would never forgive myself. Bella had brought me to life in so many ways I could never thank her enough. She taught me how to love, how to become more in touch with my human emotions again. She turned my entire reason for living upside down, it was amazing. Then I up and left her - lied to her in such a way it was beyond evil - and turned everything around once again. Now, everything was upside down yet again - Bella was gone, in harms way, and I was safe in this car, hoping with all my might I would find her, soon.

I was afraid I would never find her and she would die, all because of me. But I was more afraid that if we did find her, what it would be we would find. Would she be the same person she used to be? Probably not, people change after experiencing such horrific events as she would have to endure. Would she still want me? That's what scared me the most - wondering if she would still want me after the pain I caused her. I doubted she would still love me; I was a monster, after all, no one could love me.

Though this all scared me more than anything, I would do anything in my power to find her. It wasn't because I was scared she wouldn't want me anymore, that I wouldn't fight for her, because I would. I would fight for her till the end of days; I would find her and avenge her by killing the nomadic vampire with much pleasure. For once, I wanted to give in to the roaring monster inside me and let it take over when I finally kill Laurent. Because I would find and kill him, I was positive of that.

I couldn't imagine what Bella had to be going through at this very moment. Had he raped her yet? Because from the tone of Rosalie's voice, I knew he had to be planning that, or else she wouldn't have felt so sad for Bella. Or was he playing with her first? Torturing her? How long would it take him to kill her? On one hand, she was probably wishing for death right about now, and it would be easier for her. But on the other hand, I hoped he was delaying killing her - even if it meant he was hurting her - so I would be able to find her in time. It was quite the dilemma; if he continued to hurt her, she would have a better chance at staying alive for now - if he just raped her, got it over with and killed her, she wouldn't have to endure his torture anymore. I didn't know which one I wanted more.

No, I did know - I wanted her to stay alive, at all cost, even if it meant she was hurting. I should be killed on the spot for wishing she was hurting now so she would be kept alive. It was a selfish, evil thought that only a creature such as I would think of. If she was hurting, it was my fault. If she was dead, it was my fault. But I wouldn't rest - figure of speech, since I couldn't sleep, ever - until I found her or until I was sure she was dead. If she was dead - Alice would know - I would follow soon after. If she was still alive, I would find her, even if I had to search through every inch of this freakin' earth.

No matter what the outcome - if I found her alive or dead - I would always blame myself. Forget about the fact that I caused this by leaving her, if I had never entered her world, she would know nothing of mine and wouldn't be in this appalling situation. I was the reason her life had turned out like this - I was an abomination.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I reached my family's home - it was a large, white house (much as our house in Forks) on the outskirts of New York - it was our vacation home, where we retreated from the outside world when we had enough of it at times.

I didn't bother to drive all the way up the driveway, as soon as I reached the beginning of the driveway, I stamped my breaks and skidded to a stop. I didn't get out right way, instead, I listened in on the action inside the house - I knew they had heard me arrive and Alice had seen me, they knew I was here. They weren't speaking, but I could hear their every thought. I listened very carefully, starting with Alice; I needed to see what she had seen.

'I'm so sorry, Edward. I didn't see in time,' Alice apologized to me in her mind, knowing I was listening. I scoffed at the fact that she was sorry, she had nothing to be sorry about. She had tried to stop me from leaving my Bella. If I had listened she would be safe now. No, Alice wasn't the one who had to be sorry, I was.

Then, she showed me her vision - it hit me like an 18 wheeler truck would hit a human - it was revolting, if I were able to throw up, I would have been doing so this very moment. What I saw, I never wanted to see in my entire life. I saw Bella - terrified, crying - she was blindfolded and tied to a bed. The nomad, Laurent, was there; he was touching Bella in her most intimate places - groping her, disgusting her. Then, the worst part came, he kissed her! That volatile creature was kissing my love, bruising her lips by the looks of it.

I was growling at the image, pissed off - the steering wheel of the car, which I was still holding on to, broke in my hands; it snapped in little pieces due to my fury - I was so angry, at the nomad for hurting my love, at Bella for not keeping her promise to stay safe - though I knew she was at no fault in this, I just couldn't help myself - and at myself for being the monster that I was, for existing. I shouldn't live, no one of my kind should live, we should be a myth. If we had been a myth, Bella would be safe now. I hated myself for existing.

Someone else's thoughts crossed me then; I wasn't searching for Rosalie's thoughts, and she wasn't communicating with me, but she was drawn to my attention with the things she was thinking. 'I really hope we find Bella, I feel so guilty about what's happening. Maybe, if I had been nicer to her, Edward would have stayed and none of this would have happened. She doesn't deserve this, nobody does. I didn't deserve to have Royce and his friend rape me, but they did. They did and they very nearly broke me. I don't want to see that happen to her.' Of course Rose would think about Royce at a time like this, she thought about him almost every single day; no one knew that besides me. But I was surprised she was feeling guilty for what was happening to Bella - she had nothing to be guilty about. I left her because it wasn't safe, not because Rose didn't like her. I should tell her that, but I couldn't, not now - I couldn't comfort anyone now.

'I am so gonna rip that evil bastard into pieces when I find him! How dare he hurt my baby sister?! I will find them!' Emmett was growling in his mind; he cared for Bella a lot, I never really realized that until now - his thoughts weren't usually this serious. Usually, he just said what he thought; not now though. No one was saying what they were thinking, no one was saying anything, actually. Just thinking.

'Poor Bella. What is my daughter going through?' Esme thought; she still viewed Bella as a daughter and her thoughts were those of concern only - concern for her safety. It was such a typical Esme thing, to be so concerned and not have any violent thought - she held the most love of us all, it was her gift.

'God, these emotions are killing me. It was bad enough before any of this happened - I couldn't even be around anyone then – it’s a million times worse now. Ugh, sometimes being an empath really sucks. I want to feel sad for Bella, but I can't because I have to keep everyone's emotions in check. I want to feel guilty, because it was my fault we had to leave her, but I can't. I have to be in control of myself, for everyone's sake,' Jasper thought.

I felt even more angry with myself when I heard his thoughts. He thought it was all his fault, it wasn't, not at all. He had nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. It was all on me, only me. But I couldn't make that clear to everyone, I just couldn't. It was too much to deal with.

'Edward, please come inside.' Carlisle's voice was in control, but it sounded sadder than usual as he pleaded for me to come in. I wanted to, badly - I needed to, to find Bella. But I couldn't seem to find the strength to leave the confinement of this car; I couldn't seem to leave this solitude I had gotten so accustomed to these past, long months.

I sighed, I would have to go in at some point, it might as well be now. I opened the door and was about to step outside and go in the house at vampire speed when I saw Alice having another vision. It was worse than the last one, much worse. I moaned and snarled at the same time (if that was even possible) as I watched the vision play out in Alice's mind and crush my spirit even further.

"No!" I yelled and rushed inside the house to find Alice sobbing in Jasper's arms while he - unsuccessfully - tried to comfort and calm her. The others were all gathered around her, anxious to heard what she saw, knowing it would not be good. I fell to my knees, held my head into my hands and dry sobbed. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, though I hardly registered it. All I could think of now was Alice's vision and the pain that accompanied it. All because of me! I was broken; the vision had broken whatever was still left in me and I was floating away into nothingness. I knew I had to fight this feeling, I had to be strong. But I didn't see how I could do that now, not after what I just saw. It was just too terrible for words.