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La Ville Est Bonne

Entry for NNT's March-April challenge.

Meeting the werewolves for the first time. Edward's POV. The man looked at it with distaste. “We do not make bargains with bloodsuckers. Why are you here, and why should we not rip you all into a thousand pieces?”

Sorry it kind of sucks.

1. Meeting the Wolves

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1961   Review this Chapter

Carlisle’s footsteps stopped, so I quickly turned back and ran to his side. Esme was already beside him, and her noise was daintily wrinkled.

“What’s wrong?” I asked my father. I am thinking that there may be creatures here that we are unfamiliar with, He thought to me. “Oh, nothing,” He said out loud. “We are merely nearing the town, and it would be more proper for us to arrive in a car, like most families.”

Esme, of course, did not miss the exchange between us. “Men,” She muttered angrily. “Why can’t you just tell me what is going on?”

Carlisle sighed. “Fine, dear. There is some sort of creature in the area we are nearing. I am unsure as to what it is…”

Emmet collided into me. “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” He shouted. His voice boomed through the forest. For the first time since he was changed, confidence was not apparent on his face.

I cringed. “Emmet, if you would please shut your mouth,”

Rosalie appeared quickly behind him with fear in her eyes. “Carlisle,” She began, gasping for unneeded breath, “There was something back there,” She pointed over her shoulder, where she and Emmet had been wandering together.

Carlisle frowned. “Edward, you come with me. Emmet, Rosalie, and Esme, please stay here. We shall check the scene, and then call for you to follow,”

Emmet, our latest addition, huffed. “Uh, how about no? We’ll stick together,” Even with our comparatively short time together, most of the Cullen coven was beginning to act as the family it resembled.

“Too many will just get in the way,” I said shortly, looking towards my father-figure.

Carlisle seemed to struggle with his thoughts. “I won’t forbid you from coming, but I really do think that we should look cautiously,”

Esme touched his arm. “Carlisle, we must stick together. Who knows what these things are?”

I rolled my eyes. “Well, whoever’s coming, let’s go,” I started running at a relatively slow pace, allowing the others to catch up.

As we headed west, an atrocious scent hit my nose. I stopped in my tracks and scrunched up my nose. “Carlisle,” I said.

He stopped gracefully beside me. The rest of the coven followed his lead. Their minds pelted me with thoughts of the abysmal scent.

Rosalie grimaced. “Edward, you really need to bathe more often,”

“What the hell, Rosalie?” I retorted. Honestly, how Carlisle could’ve seen us together was beyond me.

Emmet laughed. “You kids,” He shook his head.

Carlisle motioned for silence. Edward, listen to the west. Can you hear their thoughts?

We could all hear, very faintly, growls coming from the coast which was still miles away.

I concentrated hard. It was silent except for my family, until I was suddenly hit by three voices at once.

Animalistic in nature, these thoughts were basic.

Bad scent, One voice exclaimed.

Cold ones? Another questioned.

Follow me, the last commanded.

Looking through one’s eyes, I could see the others.

“Werewolves,” I spat in disgust. “Vile, reeking, werewolves!”

Carlisle sighed in annoyance. “We shall speak with them. No one is to speak unless I allow it, understood?”

He looked each of us in the eye. Rosalie, Emmet, and Esme nodded.

“Edward?” He pressed. “No one will speak unless I allow it,”

I grudgingly nodded.

You must listen to me, son, He thought to me. Edward, it is important.

I inclined my head to show that I had heard him.

We formed a V, with Carlisle in the front, Emmet and I flanking him, and Rosalie and Esme behind us.

Bad scent, it burns, must be cold ones! The largest wolf snarled. They soon came into view.

Two massive wolves, much larger than bears, followed directly behind one even larger wolf, which was clearly the alpha, not only in appearance but in thoughts as well.

Their lips pulled back over their teeth as they snarled.

Ephraim, what do we do? The one on the left quickly thought.

I raised my eyebrow and straightened out of the crouch I had been in. They could speak in each other’s minds!

Rip them, am I right? The one on the right countered.

No! Too many, we go back, The largest, the alpha, commanded. The three wolves, snarling the whole time, spun on their heels and began to leap back into the forest.

“Stop!” Carlisle called. “Please, we would like to speak with your alpha!” His voice rang loudly between the trees.

The thoughts of the wolves, which had previously been focused on getting away with their lives, turned into questions.

They debated for a split second, and then the alpha commanded them to return.

Once the three stood before us again, their coats bristling with anger, the large one stepped forward.

Emmet, Rosalie, and Esme all bared their teeth, but I sensed from his mind that an attack was not coming yet. Carlisle followed my calm lead.

The wolf in front shivered violently, and then a large Native American man was standing before us, with a wild grimace on his face, and no clothes covered his tall, muscled body. “You are different,” He commented, looking at Carlisle’s golden eyes.

We said nothing, looking towards Carlisle. He stepped forward, so that he and the alpha were together between the two enemy groups.

“My name is Carlisle Cullen,” he said, putting his hand out.

The man looked at it with distaste. “We do not make bargains with bloodsuckers. Why are you here, and why should we not rip you all into a thousand pieces?”

I couldn’t help but allow a laugh to escape. “You couldn’t hurt us if you tried – there are twice as many of us as there are of you,”

Carlisle turned to glare at me. Edward, you will not speak.

I frowned and crossed my arms, muttering an apology.

“Forgive him,” Carlisle said politely. “If I may ask, what is your name?”

The man stood silently for a moment. “Ephraim Black,” He finally allowed, nodding his head. “Now, why are you here, and why should we not attack you?”

“Me and my family-” the man frowned at the word ‘family’, “-are here to live in peace and have a permanent settlement in the city of Forks,”

“Permanent?” Ephraim scoffed. “You could never do that, too many dead.”

Carlisle smiled lightly. “We are…different, from most of our kind.”

The wolf to the left of Ephraim was having an internal battle. Ephraim cannot talk with bloodsucker! But he’s alpha….but he’s wrong! Wrong,

The other wolf was agreeing. We should take them by surprise, yes?

Yes, the reply was simple. They glanced at each other with their wolf eyes.

“Don’t consider it,” I growled at them. “Carlisle, they’re going to attack you!”

Carlisle and Ephraim turned to glance at the two wolves, who were staring at me with disbelief.

“Do nothing!” Ephraim barked. He looked back at me. “How does the boy know this?!”

Carlisle shrugged. “He knows many things.”

“Is this how you are different from others?” Ephraim asked wide-eyed.

“No,” Carlisle smiled again. “We do not sustain ourselves with the blood of humans – we have turned to animal blood, in order to save human life,”

Ephraim laughed. “Do you expect me to trust you?”

Carlisle’s eyes were sad. “I had hoped so,”

Ephraim’s laughing stopped suddenly. “Well you were wrong. I will not endanger my people because of the word of a vampire,”

“We do not drink human blood. We have all controlled ourselves for the majority of our existences,” Carlisle insisted. “But you are not from Forks,”

Grudgingly, Ephraim nodded. “We are the Protectors of the Quileute tribe, west of Forks by 15 miles.”

“Well, then, a treaty of sorts could be negotiated, correct? We hope to enter Forks only, and we could stay clear of your tribe if it eased your mind.”

Ephraim didn’t answer for a moment. His mind was a blur of thoughts, each racing by just as I could hear it.

He was torn – his pack wouldn’t stand a chance against our coven, yet he would never allow us to jeopardize his tribe.

“Please, how about you and I sit together and form a treaty to keep our families at peace?” Carlisle suggested in his smoothest voice.

Ephraim shrugged. “I will not leave my pack brothers with your family. This treaty will be made now, here,”

Carlisle nodded kindly. “Of course,”

“You cannot come onto our reservation.” Ephraim affirmed.

“Yes,” Carlisle agreed. “However, you cannot attack our coven,”

Ephraim nodded reluctantly. “Unless…you attack a human. You say your control is great – but a slip is possible, am I not correct?”

Carlisle frowned. “That also is true. We control ourselves as much as is possible, but our nature sometimes pushes its way into our actions,”

“If a human is bitten, our treaty shall be terminated,” Ephraim said solidly.

Carlisle nodded. “It is agreed. Let us write these down, on paper,”

I reached into my pack that I was carrying and pulled out a sheet of my music paper that was clean. I handed it, along with a pen, to Carlisle.

He began to scrawl, in his elegant handwriting, the terms that he and Ephraim had agreed on. In a second, he handed it to me. “Sign, please,”

I obliged silently. Esme copied me, and Rose and Emmet followed.

Then Carlisle handed the treaty to Ephraim. “Please sign this, and have your brothers do so as well.”

Ephraim read the document for a moment, and then placed his illegible name beside mine. “My brothers shall sign this later. We will keep it in the possession of the Quileutes.”

Carlisle nodded again. “We thank you,”

“You’d better not ‘lose’ it, dog,” I snarled at him. Dealing with werewolves did not help my already on edge temper.

The alpha’s face was outraged. “You allow this boy to speak with such rudeness?”

Carlisle glared at me again. Son, you must not speak! Your temper will not help the situation.

“Sorry,” I muttered angrily to Carlisle.

“Forgive him. Now, we shall continue on our way – hopefully, there will be few meetings with you.” Carlisle said.

Ephraim inclined his head. “Indeed,” He put the paper in his mouth and morphed into a wolf in the blink of an eye.

The three wolves conversed in their heads, but it was inconsequential. They quickly left, and took their sickening scent with them.

“Edward,” Carlisle sighed, rubbing his temple.

“I am sorry, Carlisle,” I said truthfully.

“I respect you, son. But you must learn to control yourself in strenuous situations or I will not allow you to accompany me when I attempt to keep our family safe.” Carlisle said gravely to me.

More than the lecture and disappointment from Carlisle, it was the fact that he spoke aloud, so everyone could hear, that embarrassed and ashamed me the most.

Esme and Emmet politely looked away, but Rose smirked at me. “Come on, little brother, don’t be such a dumbass,” She said scathingly.

“Come on, Rosalie, don’t be such a bitch,” I snapped at her.

“Peace,” Carlisle said, putting his hands between us. “Now, gather your things and let us go.”

Esme, Emmet, and Rosalie ran together in the direction of our new town.

Carlisle stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.

“What, dad?” I asked irritably.

His eyes were miserable. “Edward…” I do not want to speak to you in that way, nor do I want to ridicule you in front of our family.

“Then don’t!” I burst out. “Besides, they are not my family, no matter how much you insist!”

Please, Edward. Don’t make this an argument, and don’t try to change the subject.

“Carlisle, don’t treat me like a child,” I growled.

Edward…I’m sorry. I hated it when he did that.

“Don’t say sorry,” I bickered. Damn my teenage character.

“Alright,” He said aloud. Shall we go then?

In answer, I began running towards our new home. He ran silently beside me.

After ten minutes of running, I murmured. “Sorry,” in my quietest voice. “Just forget I ever acted like such an immature fool.”

He gave no outward sign of hearing, but his thoughts told me otherwise. I’m glad we are alright again was all he thought.

It had been too long since we were “alright”.

I smiled in unison with my friend, my father.

Who knew, maybe this family thing would end up alright too.

Forks would be a good place.