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Protecting Bella

A stranger comes into town looking for Carlisle...and Bella.

took me forever to finally type the first chapter up!

2. You're Engaged?!

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Disc.: I own nothing of course.

I had always admired my cousin Olivia, I just never expected her to move to Forks. I mean she hated the wet, cold, and dreary weather just as much as I had when I had first moved here, but she was here, so I was happy nonetheless.

She was always prettier than me, so I thought, but she constantly reassures me that I’m gorgeous in my own way, she tells everyone that they’re gorgeous in their own, she’s kind like that.

Though, when I saw her in the Cullen’s house she looked even prettier than the last time I had seen her. Her hair had grown longer, normally it would be dark brown like mine, but being in the sun (I somewhat envied her this, I still loved the warm days when they came to pass better than the dreary ones, unless of course it was a school day), it had become somewhat lighter, like a light chestnut brown, she was the only tan person within probably a ten mile radius, and as always she had the biggest smile, I might add with gleaming white teeth, in the room.

Then, for some reason I smelled a very unusual, but intoxicating smell. It smelled kind of like cherries, maybe it was a new perfume that she had gotten in Houston.

“You’re engaged?!” she almost screamed excitedly.

I blushed, as was my nature, and of course Edward noticed it, so he stepped in.

“So, Olivia, what relationship do you have with my Bella?” I gave Edward a grateful glance. He smiled back and squeezed the hand of mine he was holding.

Then Alice stepped in, glaring at Edward for not introducing himself and said with a smile almost as big as Olivia's and said “Hi, my name is Alice Cullen, and this,” she said pointing at Edward, “is my brother, Edward, what is your name? You never mentioned it, before, when we first got home.”

At this Olivia remembered her manners and smiled her dazzling smile apologetically, “Oh, I’m so sorry about that! My name’s Olivia Swan, it’s very nice to meet you both!”

Then Edward asked “Are you a relative of Bella’s?” I couldn’t read his expression but he seemed intrigued about my cousin.

“Yes! I’m her cousin on her dad’s side.” She then made a 90° turn towards me and started the question session I had felt coming. “So, I’ve heard from a little bird that you’re getting married to this,” she said thumbing Edward very conspicuously, “fine gentleman.”

She then started what I had feared might happened with Olivia here.

An inspection of my boyfriend (truth be told, Olivia, though she was a few years younger than me, has been my best friend, since I could remember, human-wise anyway). As many friends were, being my best friend and cousin, this gave her the right to protect me, which I didn’t mind, but it was a little embarrassing. She didn’t really do anything like walk around him or anything, she just looked at him inconspicuously, and concentrated as if she was trying to read his thoughts or something, at this thought I almost laughed out loud, but I stopped myself in time.

Finally she ended the session, and smiled at me. This of course meant that she was okay with me and Edward getting married. At this Edward smiled triumphantly, as if he had won some sort of battle against an enemy that was undefeated until he came along. I just rolled my eyes, and he chuckled, smiling my crooked grin.

He took my breath away, and I loved him with all my heart. He loved me also, and in a few months was going to marry me and I was going to be the happiest girl, or vampire you might say, that ever existed.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

At this I blushed, knowing that I probably should’ve; I mean she was the only human who was one of my best friends, not to mention family.

“Well you know how Renée is, she doesn’t exactly approve of rushing into relationships, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I understand, but you could’ve called me on my cell!”

“I mean, I haven’t even told Charlie yet! And plus, he would want me and Edward to break off the relationship, and I couldn’t bear to have that conversation with him, I couldn’t stand to be without him!” I said this with all of my might; I was pretty tired of people telling me that Edward and I shouldn’t be together.

She just smiled and almost suffocated in a hug that I would’ve expected from Emmett. Then she sniffed the air for some reason and blurted out “Does anyone else smell wet dog?”

Wait, what? I thought that only vampires said that! This made me seriously think for a sec, was Olivia a vampire, too? Maybe, no she wasn’t a vampire! Was she? Olivia saw the confusion in my face and asked “What’s wrong, Bella?”

She then realized what I was thinking about and said “Wait, do you know what I am, Bella?” she said this casually, so I didn’t think it could be anything serious.

“What do you mean ‘do you know what I am’, are you something I should worry about, are you sick or something?” After I said this out loud it sounded silly, but I was truly concerned about her.

She laughed and said “Bella, I’m a protector, that’s why I came to live here!"

I had so many questions coming up in my head. What’s a protector? Does she know the Cullen’s secret? She saw that I was deeply confused, so she spoke again.

“You know how my 16th birthday is coming up?” I wasn’t really that concerned about this topic seeing as the day was about 3 weeks away.

She continued “Well, on that day, I’m going to go through a transformation that will fully make me a protector.” At this, Edward and Esme flinched as though they were in pain, this made me a little upset, and it was if they were in pain to hear about this transformation that Olivia would have to go through.

I didn’t want anyone to be in pain, especially any of my family members or friends. She went on.

“Bella, a protector is someone who keeps humans safe from vampires and werewolves. They also keep them from breaking out into fights.”

I was in utter shock at hearing this; I mean how did she know? And she was going to protect people from the vampires and werewolves? I was starting to think that I would never have any normal friends.

What an unusual life I led a vampire for a fiancée, a werewolf as a best friend, and a cousin as someone to keep them at peace. I have serious problems.

“Don’t worry! I’ll be fine, nothing will happen to me as long as I can protect those who are in need of it and myself, you shouldn’t worry so much Bella, it’s very bad for you. You know, stress makes you gain weight.” She said putting a lighter side to the conversation.

We all laughed, and I started to feel less out of place, because I wasn’t the only who actually ate food anymore.

I whispered to Olivia “Do you know about the Cullen’s?”

“Of course.” She whispered back.

“But how did you-?”

“Don’t worry, remember? You don’t want to be fat for your wedding day, do you?” We both laughed at that.

So I said “Have you eaten yet?”

Edward and everyone else were surprised by my question, but Olivia smiled and said “That’s a great idea, I was getting hungry anyway!”

Then, I remembered something else. “Wait; if you’re here than where are you going to stay? Does Charlie know? Do you need a ride to places? Is someone here with-?”

She stopped me mid-sentence, and said “Bella, I’m not coming to stay with Charlie and you until after my birthday. I am alone, but my car’s in the woods and Charlie doesn’t know that I'm here. Calm down, you need a chill pill, seriously.”

“Well, then where are you going to stay then?”

“With the Cullen’s, of course, where else?”

That made me feel better and then I asked “Wait, you have a car, do you have a license yet?” Being the police chief’s daughter really rubs off on you after awhile.

“Of course, we get them a little bit earlier in Texas. You want to see my new car?! My dad got it for me as an away present!”

So, she was a speed lover, too. I guess that’s what comes with being a mythical creature, oh well.

Her car was very nice, I must say. So nice that even Edward, Jasper, and Emmett couldn't take their eyes off of it.

It was white, with two black stripes going down the middle. It was very sleek, and everyone was gawking at it, including the girls. Jasper asked the magical question. “What kind of car is it?” he asked still ogling the curves of the car.

She answered with pride and a giant smug smile. “It’s a Lotus Elise 111R, it goes up to 250 mph and it can go from 0 to 150 mph in 13 seconds.”

We stood there, looking at her car for about 10 more minutes, while the boys finished up.

When we were done we got into our cars, to go to the restaurant. Edward and I went with Olivia, Alice and Jasper went with Carlisle and Esme, and Rosalie and Emmett stayed home.

When we were all in our cars, Olivia said, “So, where to?” We were so occupied with staring at Olivia's new car; we forgot to choose a restaurant. I looked at Edward. He replied with “Don’t look at me, I’m not the one whose going to eat at the restaurant.”

That meant it was up to me and Olivia to decide where to go. I looked at her for her opinion. “What type of food do you like?”

“Any type, I don’t really care.”

Why did Olivia have to be such a nice person? I had to think for a moment. Both of them were very patient, usually i would be, too, but having the spotlight on me made me a teensy bit anxious. Edward noticed this and started to rub soothing circles into the back of my hand.

“Why don’t we go to La Bella Italia?” I said suddenly. Edward smiled my favorite grin at me. “It’s in Port Angeles.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

On the way there, we talked. Olivia being as expert a driver as one of the Cullen’s didn’t really look at the road unless, she needed to go on a different street while she was listening to Edward for directions.

I was filled with joy; my best friend/cousin and my soon-to-be husband were getting along perfectly!

Then I remembered something.

“Wait, why did you say ‘does anyone else smell wet dog’?”

“Oh, that? Well, to tell you the truth that’s what it smelt like awhile. The smell’s kind of getting stronger as we’re getting closer to La Push. Are there any werewolves nearby?”

I froze for a second. Jacob was probably out on the hunt, or maybe we were just near to the village. I hadn’t been to Jacob's in awhile. Ever since Edward came back, he didn’t want to talk to me.

So Edward replied for me. “Yes, there’s a pack of werewolves in La Push, they don’t come out of the reservation park unless we’ve broken the treaty.”

“There’s a treaty between you two?”

“Yes, the treaty is they don’t attack us if we don’t bite humans.” He said this solemnly. I knew the reason, but Olivia didn’t.

I expected that she would probably figure out that it would become a problem to the treaty, but she just smiled and drove the rest of the way to the restaurant.