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Protecting Bella

A stranger comes into town looking for Carlisle...and Bella.

took me forever to finally type the first chapter up!

3. Gifts and Being Homesick

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Her smell was intoxicating. It was almost as good as Bella’s. It smelled like cherry blossoms. Maybe Olivia really was related to Bella, they seemed to share this trait. When her thoughts crept into my mind, I must say I was shocked, I had forgotten what protectors could do.

So have you been taking care of my cousin?

Yes, I have. With all my might, though she usually gets into trouble by herself, I’m always there to help her and keep her safe.

Well then, I sure you feel the same way she does?

Of course, more than you know.

That’s good to know, I want you to keep her safe, she’ll be very important later, and plus, she’s family and my best friend, I love her like a sister.

Well, I’m glad you support our engagement, most people don’t want us to be together, it’s very frustrating and it makes Bella sad, it’s unbearable for me.

Of course, I support it! Bella’s always felt that she was an outsider, and now she finally has someone who will love her no matter what! I thank you for that, with all my heart.

I was taken aback by her strong reply, but I kept a straight face, so as not to worry Bella.

When she finished talking to me, she flashed a dazzling smile towards Bella. She must be a protector.

I mean she was beautiful, and I suppose that many men would think her attractive. What with her long chestnut brown hair, her tan skin, her charismatic attitude, and those striking amber eyes, she was very pretty, but she was nothing compared to what Bella was to me.

Bella was perfect in every way. She was independent, beautiful. I loved that flash of intuition that appeared in her gorgeous, brown eyes. She was my angel, a goddess on my own planet, and I was her’s.

I was proud of myself for winning Olivia's trust, so I smiled triumphantly. Bella saw this and realized what had happened. She smiled and rolled her eyes.

So, I chuckled and smiled that horrible smile that Bella loves best.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?!”

At this Bella blushed, so deeply, it turned her cheeks scarlet. She was so beautiful when she blushed, this made me smile again, but she didn’t notice. She was still talking with Olivia.

I let her talk to Olivia without disturbance. It seemed like this was an important moment for her, and also, she was finally telling someone about how serious we were about our relationship. This pleased me, so I just smiled and stood by Bella if she needed me.

Bella blushed some more, but I didn’t interrupt. Although, when Olivia mentioned that her transformation would be in April, Esme, Carlisle and I couldn’t keep from letting the pained expressions come onto our faces.

It would be even more painful than the one to become a vampire or werewolf. I had seen it happen before. It was painful just to watch, knowing that you couldn’t do anything to help them, and that they would have to do this without help or guidance, like you could when you became a vampire.

Olivia explained to Bella what she was and she was in utter disbelief. I wanted to hold her close to show that nothing was wrong, but she seemed to recover, I could see that she was worried about Olivia.

Olivia started to speak a little louder, although she knew that she didn’t need to.

“Don’t worry, Bella! I’ll be fine, nothing will happen to me as long as I can protect those who are in need of it and myself, you shouldn’t worry so much Bella, it’s very bad for you. You know, stress makes you gain weight.”

She said putting a lighter side to the conversation. We all laughed at that and I could see Bella relaxing.

Then she asked Olivia if she knew what we were. Of course Olivia knew, but my Bella didn’t so she was very understanding. Both of them giggled at something Olivia said.

Then, my Bella asked a question that could only come up in her or Olivia's mind.

“Have you eaten yet?”

I was surprised to here her ask this, she barely remembers to feed herself when she’s with us.

Olivia just smiled and said “That’s a great idea, I was getting hungry anyway!”

So Bella, being the older one, made sure that Olivia would be okay since she was staying here with us.

“Wait; if you’re here than where are you going to stay? Does Charlie know? Do you need a ride to places? Is someone here with-?”

She stopped Bella mid-sentence and replied.

“Bella, I’m not coming to stay with Charlie and you, until after my birthday. I am alone, but my car’s in the woods and Charlie doesn’t know. Calm down, you need a chill pill, seriously.”

“Well, then where are you going to stay then?”

“With the Cullen’s, of course, where else?”

“Wait, you have a car, do you have a license yet?”

“Of course, we get them a little bit earlier in Texas. You want to see my new car; my dad got it for me as an away present!” T

his made me excited. I loved cars; I loved speed, it was exhilarating. We went out to see her car; it only took us a second or two to reach the end of the drive.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks. It was possibly the best car I had ever seen. We all stared at it for about 5 whole minutes.

It was an off pearl-white, with two sleek, black racing stripes. I had to say, the girl has taste.

Finally, Jasper asked the question that we’ve all been dying to hear the answer of.

“What kind of car is it?”

She smiled brilliantly and answered. “It’s a Lotus Elise 111R, it goes up to 250 mph and it can go from 0 to 150 mph in 13 seconds.”

We all stared with envy then, except for Bella, of course, but even Carlisle wanted the speed in his mind.

After about ten more minutes of ogling the car, we all got into the cars we would be riding in. I was especially excited because Bella and I would be riding in Olivia's Lotus.

Alice and Jasper went with Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie and Emmett stayed behind at the house.

Olivia startled both me and Bella by saying “So, where to?”

Bella looked at me expectantly.

“Don’t look at me”, I said, “I’m not the one who’s going to be eating.”

Bella thought for a few minutes. “What type of food do you like?”

“Any type, I don’t really care.” This made Bella frustrated, she wasn’t really one for making decisions. I started to rub soothing circles on the back of her hand, so she would calm down. It worked so she started to speak again.

“Why don’t we go to La Bella Italia?” she said suddenly.

I smiled, for this was where we first let all the walls down, and we started to fall in love, vampire and human.

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…

Her favorite smile crept onto to my pale face, and she smiled beautifully back. “It’s in Port Angeles.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

On the way to the restaurant, Olivia drove while listening to my directions. You could tell that Bella was happy that her cousin and I were getting along; the smile across her face was highly noticeable.

Then Bella suddenly asked “Wait, why did you say ‘does anyone else smell wet dog’?”

I stiffened. Those filthy dogs that Bella loved so much were probably near somewhere around here. Wait. I sniffed the air, but inconspicuously so that Bella wouldn’t notice. I couldn’t smell anything except Bella, Olivia, and the new car smell that I loved. Wow, she really must be a protector.

“Oh, that? Well, to tell you the truth that’s what it smelt like awhile. The smell’s kind of getting stronger as we’re getting closer to La Push. I mean it's not a bad smell, it actually smells like the sea, it's quite calming. Are there any werewolves nearby?”

Bella froze in my hold on her. She was remembering Jake, her werewolf friend. I don’t know how she can love a creature like him, but then again, she loves me.

I’m very sure that my eyes turned flat black at that moment, but the only one who noticed was Bella. I’m surprised that Olivia didn’t know about them, she seemed to know about everything else in this strange town.

So I replied “Yes, there’s a pack of werewolves in La Push, they don’t come out of the reservation park unless we’ve broken the treaty.”

“There’s a treaty?”

“Yes, the treaty is they don’t attack us if we don’t bite humans.” I said this solemnly. I didn’t want to change Bella, but for her happiness, I would. I promised her that I would if she agreed to marry me, which she did.

I smiled at the thought, she really does love me. The thought of her marrying me made me ecstatic.

Bella caught my expression, and looked at with a happy, yet confused smile across her face. I just smiled her favorite smile, and whispered to her not to worry.

We drove the rest of the way in silence, which I was content with. I was fine with anything as long as Bella was in my arms and my angel was fed and safe.

When we got to the restaurant, Olivia parked the car and I went to the other side of the car to help Bella out. She smiled up at me as I reached out to grab and pull her to my side.

When we got inside, the hostess was talking to one of the waitresses. When she turned around, she was almost fainted from surprise, she obviously had not expected for me to be there.

Now, I know Bella said that I dazzle people, but is it really that easy for them to be attracted to me? Well, the boys obviously took a liking to Bella easily; maybe that’s what it’s like for me but with girls.

While I was thinking, Olivia started to talk to the unsuspecting hostess about our accommodations for the meal, not that I was going to partake in it, though.

“Table for-?”

Oh, that’s right, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme. Alice told me that they were going to go to Seattle so that she and Esme could shop.

“Three, please.” I said in an alluring voice. Bella giggled. Olivia looked like she was already going to pass out from laughter. I chuckled.

“Y-Yes, of-of course, right this way, please.” It was amusing to hear her stammer. I could hear her thoughts perfectly.

God, this guy is gorgeous. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Hmmm….Maybe it’s one of these girls that he’s with…but which one could it be. Maybe it’s the tall gorgeous one, or maybe the petite brunette, it could be either one, I guess. It’s probably the tall one, though, God, I wish I had her body, she could get any guy she wants in a heart beat.

Olivia looked like she was going to burst out laughing uncontrollably at any second.

To answer the girl’s mental question, I bent down to quickly put small gentle kisses on Bella’s neck. She was surprised, but she didn’t protest. She and I both knew that we were both thoroughly enjoying this.

The girl’s thought’s then went in a flurry of astonishment.

He’s with the brunette?! I’m prettier than her!! Maybe I have a chance at him!

I couldn’t help myself; I had to let out at least a chuckle on that thought. That she could even hold one thousandth of the love or attraction I hold to Bella is preposterous.

“Your waitress will be out with you in a moment.”

She then stole a wandering glance back at me then left. Well, as soon as she left to go to the kitchen, Olivia couldn’t control herself anymore.

She burst out laughing, in a fit that, if she went on any longer, the whole restaurant would’ve been staring at Olivia like she could’ve died from laughing at any moment. Bella stared at her incredulously, but then she caught on.

“What was the hostess thinking that was so funny?” she asked, curiosity dripping from her voice.

I just chuckled and started kissing her neck again as the waitress came to take our drink order. Her face went from pleased to astonished in a heart beat.

She was obviously confused as to why Bella and I were together, but I am confused as to why they can’t see her beauty.

“Hi, my name’s Stephanie and I’ll be your server for today. Can I get you anything to drink?”

Of course we all noticed that she was looking only at me. Olivia giggled, but the waitress noticed it. Her thoughts were in jumble. Poor girl, she was so confused.

Wait, that girl is a bombshell, why is that gorgeous guy with that chick. Hell, I’m better looking than her, although I’m no competition to this girl, she looks like a model! Oh well, as long as she’s on the other side, maybe I can flirt with this guy. He deserves way better than that girl he’s kissing right now.

Olivia looked annoyed. I could understand why. These women were taking out their anger on my poor, beautiful Bella, but what these women don’t understand is that Bella is too good for me. I am a monster, and she, she is heaven.

Olivia then spoke, “Um, can I have some pink lemonade?”

The waitress wrote this down, then turned to me and Bella, although she wasn’t paying any attention to Bella, I just looked at Bella and smiled as a sign that it was her turn to order a drink.

“Um, a Coke?”

“Two cokes please.” I replied to the waitress. She smiled at me then, reluctantly, she turned and walked toward the kitchen to place the drink order.

“So, um, Bella, does Edward get hit on every time that you go to this restaurant?” She couldn’t control her laughter anymore. Olivia burst out into a fit of giggles that would have suffocated a person who had to breathe.

Bella turned bright red as she now understood why Olivia was laughing before. I just chuckled and rubbed Bella’s back soothingly. She calmed down, but she was still embarrassed by the waitress’s thoughts.

“Not as much as she get hit on by the boys at her school.” I said this playfully, but I was mad the Newton kid, although when I said this it was more of a growl.

He couldn’t take the hint that Bella and I were together, even if we didn’t hide our affection at school.

At this Olivia read my thoughts and giggled some more. She then said “Well, it’s to be expected Edward, she is after all drop-dead gorgeous, even if the bitchy, jealous waitress doesn’t think so.”

Bella blushed some more but she smiled this time. God, she was so beautiful. Olivia heard this and smiled at me. She understood my and Bella’s situation, but she was just happy that her cousin was happy, that’s all there was to it.

She suddenly spoke “Hey, Edward?”

I smiled at her and replied. “Yes?”

“Would you be a doll, and go into my trunk and get a box that I have back there?” she winked conspicuously and then thought something to me.

It’s a present that I was going to give Bella after I had gone through the transformation, but since she knows I’m here, I’m gonna give it to her now.

I smiled as I caught the keys that she threw to me. I walked to the car at human speed and opened the trunk. I quickly searched for the box, though more than one thing in the trunk caught my attention.

When I opened it, the first things I saw were two musical cases. I knew that this was intruding into people’s private lives, but I couldn’t help myself. I opened them both and smiled.

There was a bass guitar and an electric guitar. Under those I now noticed a portable keyboard and an amp that had many wires and cables neatly surrounding it. She also had some drumsticks in there, but no drums.

Then I saw a notebook that had written on the cover in neat cursive 'Beats & Lyrics by the awesome and all powerful Olivia Swan'.

Well, at least I have someone else in the family that was as obsessed with music as I was. Now I could have some to play music with! This got me excited, but then I remembered my task for being there in the first place.

I quickly closed all the cases that I had opened and went back to searching for the box. Then, something blue and green caught my eye behind the amp.

I found quite a large present there that had many bows and a card with it. I got the present and then I put the keys in my pocket and closed the trunk.

When I went back into the restaurant, what I saw made me smile wildly.

Olivia and Bella were sitting side by side, looking at the engagement ring I had given to Bella and laughing happily as if there were no cares in the world whatsoever. Olivia was oohhing and ahhing to Bella as she told her of the night I proposed.

Finally, I went to sit down and Olivia moved back to her seat while I gave her the box she had asked for, and I sat down next to Bella and kissed her forehead.

“I got you a present, Bella!” she exclaimed. Olivia looked like a child on Christmas morning, waiting to see what presents she got from Santa as she handed the large box to Bella.

She first took a sip of the Coke the waitress had brought while I was away, and then she took the present and asked timidly “Do you want me to open here?”

“Of course I want you to open here!! Now, open it, hurry!” Olivia said excitedly as Bella started to take off the top of the box shyly.

When she opened it, she gasped. In the box was an antique pen quill and ink set, with a large beautifully crafted book that had designs of flowers, maidens, angels, princes and towers that loomed over the forest. There wasn’t a name on the book; it just had a blank, periwinkle blue cover.

“It’s a journal, I had it made for you, I know how you like books and all, but I couldn’t find one that you didn’t already have, so I got you this. Do you like it?”

Tears of joy trickled down my Bella’s beautiful face. I held her closer to me, and she started to talk again.

“I love it, Olivia! This is one of the best presents that I’ve ever gotten. Thank you.”

“Well, I’m glad you like it because there’s more in there.”

“Oh, Olivia, you didn’t have to-”

“Yes, I did. Now, open the rest of your present before I open it for you.”

Bella sighed and looked back into the box. She smiled a beautiful smile at what was next in the box. They both had a lot of blue that was deep and soothing that shined in the light from the candle at our table. I had to say, Olivia really knew what my Bella liked.

One was a chocker that had a beautiful sapphire heart on a ribbon that she would have to tie around her neck.

The second was a charm bracelet. It had five charms on it in all. One was a blue book and on it, it said Pride and Prejudice, the next one said Bella in beautiful script, the third one was a swan, the fourth one was a sun, and the fifth one was a topaz orb.

“I have a chocker to match yours, and the charm bracelets are almost the same.”

Around Olivia’s neck was a black ribbon that held an amber heart. I must say, it was almost scary how it matched her eyes so closely.

On her wrist she also had a charm bracelet. It had five charms. The first one was a green book that said The Count of Monte Cristo, the next one had Olivia in the same gorgeous script, the third one was a swan, the fourth a sun, and the fifth was a music note.

“There’s room for a sixth charm on the bracelet. You can put whatever charm you want to on that one.”

Well, now I have a new gift idea for Bella, but what should the charm be? I heard sniffling coming from below.

When I looked down, I automatically squeezed Bella tighter in my grasp. Bella was crying silently in my arms, but I knew it wasn’t because she was sad or mad. She silently asked me to move my arms, and she got out of our side of the booth.

When she stood up, she almost fell from standing up too abruptly, but she steadied herself and kept going. She walked over to the other side of the booth, and flung herself at her cousin for an emotional hug.

They both were crying tears of joy of seeing each other and hugged each other till they both were close to not being able to breathe.

Bella then whispered into Olivia's ear “Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

Olivia hugged her some more and then she let her go, so she could come back to sit with me. They both started talking about each other’s lives and how much they missed each other.

Bella talked about school and how Charlie was. She talked about how excited she was about the wedding and that she would be moving in soon.

They both squealed at the thought of living together with my family because everyone knew that Olivia could only be able to live with Charlie for about two or three weeks before he got suspicious about Olivia not aging the way most people her age did.

Olivia talked about life on Houston and how she already missed the sun and the feeling of tall buildings and tons of cars.

She missed her hometown, or rather city.

I finally brought up the question that I had been dying to ask Olivia ever since I had gotten the present for Bella out of the trunk of her gorgeous car.

“So, Olivia, do you play any instruments?” I asked this with excitement. Music was one of the best things, other than Bella, that I had in my life. She smiled kindly and replied.

“Oh, so you saw the instruments in my car, huh? I had a feeling someone in your family was going to ask me a question about it. Well, yes, I play all of the instruments that you saw in the trunk of my car.”

I stared at her astonished.

“You play all of the instruments?”

She giggled and replied. “Yes, I play all the instruments. I can play the keyboard or piano, the electric or acoustic guitar, and the bass guitar. I also write songs and lyrics, I can sing, and I can play more instruments, too.”

Bella already knew that she could do this, so she wasn’t surprised like I was to hear it. “What else can you play?”

She giggled again and said “I can also play the drums, and I have a band, but we have been disbanded because I moved here.”

She frowned for the first time since I saw here and I felt like I should be helping her get through this. Wow, she already felt like a little sister to me. That was fast.

She heard my thoughts and giggled yet again, her happy mood returning. “Awww!! That’s sweet, Edward! You’ll be happy to know that I think of you as a big brother!”

I chuckled but Bella looked confused. I explained to her. “I was already thinking of Olivia as my little sister.”

I smiled the smile that she loves while looking down at her. She smiled at Olivia, loving the fact that her cousin and her future husband were getting along perfectly.

By now, the food had already been there, and Olivia and Bella were eating their lunches. When they were done we all got in the car and drove back to the mansion. We were greeted by a happy Emmett and Rosalie. Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Jasper were still in Seattle shopping.

We decided that it would be perfect timing if we moved all of Olivia's stuff from her trunk to her room. It fairly easy on the clothes part, she only had four suitcases and a backpack, but then it was time to move in all the musical equipment that she had.

With three people that were able to lift heavy things, Emmett being too strong for his own good, and Bella not being able to lift a guitar case without struggling, we managed to get all the things Olivia needed in her room, safe and undamaged. She was able to arrange everything so that she could practice with ease whenever she wanted to.

We all went down stairs to find Emmett and Bella staring at the television. Very much like Emmett, but not like Bella. She was probably just waiting for me to come down. Olivia went to investigate my piano, eyeing it with a professional’s eye and adoring every inch of it.

She sat down and started playing Boston by Augustana. She was quite good although, this was probably easy for her to play. She started to sing the words quietly, but she knew everyone could hear.

In the light of the sun,

Is there anyone?

Oh it has begun...

Oh dear you look so lost,

Eyes are red and tears are shed,

This world you must've crossed...

You said...

You don't know me,

You don't even care,

Oh yeah,

She said

You don't know me,

And you don't wear my chains...

Oh yeah,

Essential yet appealed,

Carry all your thoughts across

An open field,

When flowers gaze at you...

They're not the only ones who cry

When they see you

You said...

You don't know me,

You don't even care,

Oh yeah,

She said

You don't know me,

And you don't wear my chains...

Oh yeah,

She said I think I'll go to Boston...

I think I'll start a new life,

I think I'll start it over,

Where no one knows my name,

I'll get out of California,

I'm tired of the weather,

I think I'll get a lover and fly em’ out to Spain...

I think I'll go to Boston,

I think that I'm just tired

I think I need a new town,

To leave this all behind…

I think I need a sunrise,

I'm tired of the sunset,

I hear it's nice in the summer,

Some snow would be nice...

Oh yeah,


Where no one knows my name...

Where no one knows my name...

Where no one knows my name...

Yeah Boston...

Where no one knows my name.

God knows, she had one of the most beautiful singing voices I had ever heard. When she finished, she was crying.

Rosalie and Bella immediately went over to the piano bench, sat down, and just held her till she fell asleep. Then, Emmett came and picked her up and took her to her room and laid her on the bed.

By the middle of the song, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Jasper had already returned from Seattle with many shopping bags in each of their hands.

When Olivia was up there, so were all the other females in the house. They already felt as if Olivia was the littlest sister of all the family and you could tell that Emmett, Jasper, and I would hurt anyone that hurt her, even though she would be the most powerful of all of us in a little less than a month. Carlisle and Esme already thought of her as their newest and youngest daughter.

When Olivia woke up, she was as happy as she was when she first came to our door, the smile never leaving her face. She went around and thanked everyone for their support earlier this afternoon. She then went to the kitchen and made her and Bella some dinner.

Afterwards, I drove Bella home and everyone waved goodbye to us. On the way home Bella started talking again.

“Olivia misses her family, especially her dad. That’s why she started to cry, because she knows she’ll never get to see them again.”

Bella started to cry. For her cousin, for her uncle and aunt, for Charlie, for Renée and Phil, she cried because she knew what it felt like to feel alone and to miss someone.

I hugged her tighter and said “Don’t worry, Bella. I’m here and I’ll always be here, with you. For eternity, after graduation and after our wedding.”

This immediately lightened her mood, but only slightly darkened mine. I didn’t want to make it harder on her. She smiled up at me and snuggled closer and held her tighter and kissed her slightly on the lips, as we drove the rest of the way to her house.