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Time after time...

Poems I wrote to express the feelings(The way i see them) of twilight characters and relationships.

It takes place when Edward leaves in New moon!!its about bella's pain and torture and how she is lost in life!!Please READ!!!

4. Blind

Rating 5/5   Word Count 118   Review this Chapter

My immaculate dream, made breath and skin. I've been waiting for you.

What might make you see our love is true?

Might take a little while, might take a little crime to come undone.

(Can't I believe you're taking my heart...to peices?)

Yes, We'll try to stay blind, to the your hope and fear inside.

Hey child, stay while i bend your will and make you into mine.

Who do you need? Who do you love?

When you come undone.

Chill, is it something real? Or just the magic I'm feeding off your finger tips.

(Can't ever keep from falling apart.... at the egdes.)

Who do you need? Who do you love?

When you come undone?

Can't stop you from falling apart...