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When He Left

When He left. He left her alone. He left her defenceless. He broke her. Shattered her heart into a million pieces. All for her safety. What he didn't know was that he'd left her pregnant. A story of what would have happened if Edward had said yes. Of how friends turn into enemies. And enemies turn into friends. What would have happened if Bella was pregnant when Edward left her? Would she survive the pregnancy? If so how? And who would be there to watch over her? Rated R for language Edward/Bella He does come back but not for a while.


1. A Trip Down The Memory Lane

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No, she thought. This can't
be happening. Not here.
Not now. Not with him go-

Bella shut her eyes. She
wasn't supposed to think
about that. She wasn't
allowed to think about that.

She opened her eyes and
looked at the object held in her hands. It was a pregnancy test.

A negative sign for no. A positive sign for yes. She was pregnant. With HIS
baby. And he didn't want her. Not anymore. None of them did. She was alone. With HIS baby.

She couldn't tell anyone. Not Charlie. Not Renee. And especially not Jake. He would kill it if he and the rest of the pack found out. No, she couldn't tell anyone.

And she couldn't hide it
forever. She'd have to leave.

Chapter 1

Bella drove down the road. Her tears blurring her vision. She had done it. She'd left. She had bought a new car and ran out of there. Charlie didn't even know. She hadn't told him anything. She had simply left a note telling him she'd left of her own free will and not to look for her.

She briefly wondered what Charlie's reaction would be. Or Renee's.

"No," she whispered to herself. "Don't think of that. they'll be fine. It might take a while, but they'll be fine."

She felt something kick her. Bella smiled softly. She placed a hand ove her stomach. The baby was growing fast. Faster than normal. It had been two weeks and she already looked three months pregnant.

Bella glanced at the map. Only three more hours until she got to Kyle's house.

She smiled at the thought of Kyle. He had been her best friend in Pheonix. They had known each other since they were six. Back when she'd first moved to Pheonix. He was a troublemaker. Bella laughed slightly at the thought of all the trouble they had gotten into together. Her favourite one had been in second grade.


"What dou think? I think it's our best work yet," said Kyle.

Bella frowned, "We are gonna get in so much trouble."

Kyle rolled his hazel eyes, "Stop being such a scaredy cat. We won't get caught. Now hand me the scissors. Let's cut it's tail off."

"No!" Bella cried, "We can't cut Lucky's tail off. Mrs. Lornay will know it's us then!"

"Fine," Kyle grumbled. "But I'm shaving it."

Bella nodded, "But only if I get to draw on it."


They set to work on Mrs. Lornay's cat.

Last week Bella and Kyle had snuck out of there homes to go to a sleep over. Unfortunatley, Mrs. Lornay had caught them. So they had decided that shaving and paintinf Mrs. Lornay's cat was the bext act of revenge.

When they were done they sat back to admire the cat. It was completely bald and painted pink and gold. Bella had also put dozens of ribbons all over it's ears.

"How long do you think it's going to be out?" asked Bella.

Kyle shrugged, "I dunno. Matt said that the sleeping gun kept a tiger out for two hours."

Matt was there other best friend. It had been his sleep over they had been sneaking off to when Mrs. Lornay had caught them. Matt's father worked in a zoo and had sleeping guns in his hous. Matt had stolen one of the bullets and given it to Bella and Kyle at school.

Kyle grinned, "Let's go put it back in Mrs. Lornay's yard."

Bella laughed, "K."

End Flashback

Bella smiled at the memory. They had never gotten away with it. Mrs. Lornay had caught them when they were returning her cat. She had called their parents and the two had been grounded for two weeks.

When Matt's father had learned of Matt's part in the whole thing he'd been grounded for twice as long.

It had always been like that. Bella, Matt and Kyle. And Jason too but he's come the year after the cat incident. Bella thought back to when they'd first met Jason.


"I say we paint all the windows black," said Matt.

Kyle scoffed, "And how are we gonna get away with painting all the windows black?"

"At night. When there's no one at the school!"

Bella glared at them both, "It's the first day and already you two are planning our expulsion!"

"Hey?" asked a male voice behind them. Bella and the two boys turned to look at him.

Behind them was a tall boy with green eyes. He had dirty blond hair and was wearing two different shoes. He had paint in his hand.

"What?" Matt demanded.

"Well I was gonna ask you if could sit here but now I'll just do this," said the blonde. He poured the paint on top of Matt's head.

Bella giggled, "Of course you can sit here!"

End Flashback

By the end of the period the four had become inseperable.

When Bella had left was the first time in five years she had seen the three boys cry.

Afterwards the three had moved out and bought a cottage in the haunted woods at the edge of Pheonix. And that was where Bella was going.