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When He Left

When He left. He left her alone. He left her defenceless. He broke her. Shattered her heart into a million pieces. All for her safety. What he didn't know was that he'd left her pregnant. A story of what would have happened if Edward had said yes. Of how friends turn into enemies. And enemies turn into friends. What would have happened if Bella was pregnant when Edward left her? Would she survive the pregnancy? If so how? And who would be there to watch over her? Rated R for language Edward/Bella He does come back but not for a while.


2. The Truth Comes Out

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Kyle's POV DING! DING! DING! Kyle groaned and opened his eyes. He glanced at the alarm clock. 2:30 AM "Go way," he mumbled, burying his head in the covers. DING! DING! DING! "AHHH!!" Matt screamed from across the hall. "Get the door Matt!" Jason yelled. "No!" Matt yelled. "You get the door!" DING! DING! DING! "Fuck you Matt! I got the door last time!" "Last time was in the middle of the day! Right now it's the middle of the night!" DING! DING! DING! Kyle gave up trying to go back to sleep and threw off his covers. "I'll get the door!" he yelled standing up. "Now shut the fuck up!" The response were snores. "Assholes," Kyle muttered as he walked to the door. DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! "Chillax," Kyle snapped as he opened the door, "What the fuck is wring wi-" Kyle froze. Standing before him was Bella. Sobbing. "Bella?" he asked pulling her in. "Bella what's wrong?" Bella turned to look at him. "I'm pregnant," she whispered. "Wh-wh-huh?" Kyle choked out. Bella took a deep breath. "I'm preg-" "BELLA!!!!" Matt yelled. He ran over and picked Bella up. "BELLA'S HERE! BELLA'S HERE! BELLA'S HERE!" Matt sang as he twirled Bella around. "WILL YOU TWO BITC- WAIT! BELLA'S HERE? BELLA!" Jason yelled. Jason ran out of his room. Pulling Bella out of Matt's arms Jason hugged her. "How are yo-" Jason started but froze. "Are you crying? Why are you crying?" "Bella are you sure?" Kyle asked intrupting Jason. Bella nodded. "Who?" "Ed-E-E-wa-wa-ARD!" she sobbed. "Wait? What?" Jason asked confused. "Bella's pregnant. And a guy named is the father," Kyle responded. Bella flinched at the name 'Edward.' Kyle pulled her in a hug. Jason's jaw dropped, "Bu-Wh-Ho-WHAT!!!" "Look guys, we're tired Bella's tired and the baby's probally tired. We should go to bed," Matt said taking control of the situation. Matt turned to Jason, "Jason go help Bella to her room." He turned to Kyle, "Go get Bella's stuff. I'll go make Bella something to eat." Kyle nodded. Bella gave him her keys. Kyle took them and went to get Bella's stuff. Kyle walked to the drive way and quickly found Bella's car. He walked to the back and opened the door. There were only a few bags. Kyle grabbed and locked the car. As he stepped into the cottage Kyle swore to himself that when he found this Edward guy there was going to be hell to pay. No one hurt his friends and got away with it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Morning Bella's POV Yawning, Bella slowly opened her eyes. That was the first real sleep she had in days. Sleepily, Bella looked around. She smiled softly when she saw that Matt, Jason and Kyle had went to sleep in the bed with her. She had missed them. Bella stared at Matt. He sure had grown since last year. He was built like a foot-ball player. He had messy black hair the he could NEVER control. His eyes were a beautiful silver-grey eyes that darkened when he was angry. She turned to look at Kyle. Kyle's hair was a chocolate brown that just went past his ears. He was taller than Matt but shorter than Jason. His eyes were a soft hazel with green speck around the iris. He had an olive complexion and was spanish. The boy almost always got away with anything when he used his accent. Bella turned to look at Jason. Jas had dirty-blonde hair that was slightly curly. His eyes were a deep forest green. He was by far the tallest and looked the most innocent. Of course he was anything but innocent. The three looked so different but if it was one quality they shared it was the fact that all three were extremely iver portective of her. Just like the Cull- Don't think abouth THEM. The less she thought about them the less it hurt. Bella glanced at her boys once more before standing up. She yawned and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. She stripped and stepped into the hot water. Bella thought about what she was going to tell them. Could she or could she not tell them about vampires? She had promised not to but.... the boys might need to hear the whole story. 'What if the don't believe me?' whispered a tiny voice in he head. 'What if the think I'm crazy. What if the want nothing to do with me?' Bella shook her head angrily, 'No. They're not like that. They care about me.' 'You mean like the Cullens did? Like Edward did?' Bella gasped and collapsed. She wrapped her arms around her middle and sobbed. It hurt. God it hurt. Even thinking HIS name hurt. Bella rocked herself sobbing. It hurt too much. Much too much. She didn't know how much more she could take. Images of his bronze hair flashed through her mind. His voice filled her ears. The way he held her. The way he- "Bella?" called Matt as he knocked on the door. "Bells you alright?" Bella choked out, "I-I'm fine." "You sure?" he didn't sound convinced. Bella gasped, "Y-Yes." "Ok," he responded doubtfully, "Breakfast is almost ready. Come down when you're done. Oh! And your clothes are still in th closet from last year. there th same 'cept Jason got Lisa to make'm your size last month. They should fit. If not we'll just go shopping. K?" Bella nodded but remembering that he couldn't see her called out an affirmative. Bella slowly stoog up and turned off the shower. She walked out and dryed herself. Wrapping herself in a towel Bella walked out of the bathroom and into her room. Bella walked up to her door and locked it. She then opened the closet and pulled out a blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Bella walked up to the dresser and quickly brushed her hair. She took out a scrunchie and tied it up. Bella took a step back and scrutinized her appearance. She looked... well dull. Plain. Average. No wonder HE'd left her. Compared to HIS Adonis like looks she was a plain-Jane. HE deserved so much better. Bella quickly stopped that train of thought. One episode a day was more than enough. Bella walked out of the room and downstairs to the kitchen. The fresh smell of pancakes hit her as soon as she stepped in. Bella moaned. "Mmmm," she breathed, "Jason cooking?" "Yup," said Matt popping the 'P.' "Eat up," said Jason as he gave her a plate iver flowing with pancakes. Kyle's jaw dropped, "You NEVER give us that much! You usually give us one each and eat fifteen yourself!" Jason sat down and shoved a bite of the pancake in his mouth. He said, "Yea, but now Bella's eating for two people." Well that was but Bella thought he said. What he really said was, "Nya, nut nrow Ella'cz ettim per toy pu pul." "Swallow," Bella ordered. Jason rolled his eyes but complied. "So?" asked Matt. "So, What?" Bella said. "Are you gonna tell us the story about the baby or not?" Bella blinked back tears, "You'll think I'm crazy." "Don't worry Bella," soothed Jason. "We already think you're crazy. Telling us about the truth behind the baby won't make a difference." Bella scowled at him, "Gee thanks. Nice to see what a wonderfully high opinion you have of me." "Don't change the subject Bella," warned Jason. Bella closed her eyes and sighed. "Fine," she whispered. She opened her eyes and stared at them. "You want the entire story?" she asked. The boys nodded. "The truth?" They nodded again. "I'll tell you... but please don't interupt me." And she told them. She told them about THEM. About HIM. About vampires. About the Victoria, James and Laurent. About how he left her. About WHY he left her. About the wolves. And about how she ran away. Bella stared at their faces trying to read their emotions. But their faces gave nothing away. When she was done, Bella closed her eyes and anxiously waited for their reactions. "Bella," Jason started slowly. Bella opened her eyes and looked at him. "Bella," he repeated. "I think-"