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When He Left

When He left. He left her alone. He left her defenceless. He broke her. Shattered her heart into a million pieces. All for her safety. What he didn't know was that he'd left her pregnant. A story of what would have happened if Edward had said yes. Of how friends turn into enemies. And enemies turn into friends. What would have happened if Bella was pregnant when Edward left her? Would she survive the pregnancy? If so how? And who would be there to watch over her? Rated R for language Edward/Bella He does come back but not for a while.


3. How He Found Me

Rating 5/5   Word Count 641   Review this Chapter

Chapter 3

Jason's POV

"Bella," Jason started slowly. He took a deep breath.

"Bella," he repeated slowly, "Tha-that James guy. What did you say he looked like?"

He watched Bella's eyes waiting for her reaction. Bella was like an open book. Her face might hide everything but her eyes.... her eyes were the window to her soul. If you knew Bella well enough you could practilly read her thoughts by looking into her eyes. At the moment Bella looked confused... extremely confused.

"Umm... he had long dirty blonde hair. Looked like he was in his early thirties. Errr.. he had blood red eyes. And pale really pale like all vamires. And he had bags," she frowned at him, "Why?"

'Fuck,' Jason thought as he closed his eyes. Jason ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. 'You can do this,' he thought, 'Bella won't hate you... atleast I hope she won't'

Slowly, Jason opened his eyes and stared at Bella.

"Bella..." Jason trailed off. He sighed again.

"Bella," he reapted, "I know I should think you're crazy but I don't."

"Really?" Bella asked hopefully.

"Yes really," Jason frowned, "But I only believe you cu-cu-cuz... I met a vampire too. James. He came to he school last year and told me he knew you. He said he wanted he address to your house cuz you asked him to pick something up. I didn't believe him. Not at first. So I asked him a couple of questions. He answered them correctly so.... I told him where you lived."

"Wh-wha-what?" Bella asked horrafied.

"I'm sorry, Bella," Jason apologized, "If it hadn't been for me James would never have hurt you. I know an apology doesn't make up for a broken leg, arm, a couple of ribs bu-"

"Jason! Calm down!" Bella exclaimed, "You're forgiven! I don't blame you. You have no reason to apologize... I should be the one apologizing... I mean James could have hurt or even killed you! If it hadn't been for me you wouldn't have been endangered."

Jason stared at her in disbelief. Vaugely he heard Matt muttering, "Typical Bella. Doesn't care that Jason almost killed bu is worried that she endangered Jason."

Jason ignored him. He glared angrily at Bella.

"Whay are YOU! apologizing?" he demanded.


"No!" Jason shook his head, "You have nothing to apologize for! I do!"

"Don't bother, Jason," Kyle said, "She's too stubborn. You'll lose."

"SHE is has a name and SHE is still here," Bella said with a huff.

Matt laughed slightly, "Bella when you're angry you just look like a kitten thinking she's lion. It makes you look adorable not scary."

"Ok," said Kyle stopping a full blown fight from occuring, "So Bella's preganant with a half vampire/half human freak." He paused, "What the fuck do we do? Keep it or ... abort it."

"We keep it," said Bella, firmly.

"Keep it," said Matt grinning, "It would be cool to have another freak around."

"Kill it," said Kyle, "It might be dangerous."

"I say we keep it," Jason said quietly, "it's Bella's kid. If she wants to keep it then that's the end of that."

Kyle scowled but nodded in agreement anyways. Matt laughed and yelled, "Yes! Now we get a super fast kid. This is so cool."

Bella beamed and hugged Jason.

"Thanks J," she whispered.

"No problem," he whispered back.

"Ok," grumbled Kyle, "if we're gonna keep the little monster we might as well be prepared."

"Meaning?" asked Matt.

"Shopping," was the annoyed response.

All of them groaned. Non of them had EVER liked shopping. Lisa, Jason's older sister by ten years, was the one who usaully dragged them kicking and screaming to the store.

"I'll call go call Lisa," sighed Jason, "She might as well no what's going on."

The other three groaned but relunctanly agreed anyways.