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A Different Setting

Renesmee is getting older. Bella and Edward are scared, and are hoping they won't have to go threw to much. Just read and find out. :)


1. Chapter 1

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It's been almost 8 years since I have been a vampire. Edward and I have had our fights. Renesmee is almost 15 and we are scarded for her and for us. Rosalie and I have somewhat of a friendship. Alice and I are like sisters.
Jacob, our friendship has never been the same, and never will.
Jake comes over every single day. I swear, Edward is about ready to rip his head off.

Though, I am thinking about ripping it off myself. Both of us know it would up set Nessie. Rosalie and Emmett are out hunting, again. Alice and Jasper are are going when they get back....

"Bella, what are you thinking about?" Edward asked, interrupting my thoughts.
"Just thinking about how Nessie will act if we rip off Jake's head." I lied.
Edward growled. "I'm sure Nessie will be perfectly fine if we rip off Jacob's head" he growled again.
I laughed. He raised one eye bowel.
I just shook my head at him.

Its the weekend, we have to get Nessie ready for High School. That should be fun. Once, Alice and Jasper come back from hunting, this afternoon, Ali and I are taking Nessie shopping. Rosalie might come if Jacob is at the house, when Renesmee comes back from Charlies'.
Edward and I are in the cottage, we are just sitting. Edward is in the den and I am sitting on the couch....

"You know, Bella?" Edward asked, interrupting my thoughts..... again.
"Hmm?" I answered, kind of annoyed.
"I think that if we do rip Jacob's head off, it will be easier to live around here" Edward answered, ignoring the look on my face.
"Edward, love, you know that will upset Renesemee. How about we just leave Jacob alone, for right now?" I answered, quiet, strongly.
"Bella, whats the matter?" Edward asked, confused now.

I just shook my head at him, got up, and left the room. Edward didn't follow me. He just stood there, confused.

I opened the door and went outside, into the woods. I told him, everything, good or bad. I never kept anything away from, Edward. Not through our whole married. Though, Edward kept things from me, but only because he had too, and I was okay with that.
I had had a few bits and pieces left of my human life with me... The day Edward left me, when I meant the Volturi, our first kiss, the day I was finally able to wake up from the burning to see Rensemee. I know, it dosen't sound like much, but I was lucky to remember that much.

Alice, she I always up my ass about my fashion taste. I don't like when she dose that, it drives me bats....

Suddenly, everything stopped, interrupting my thoughts. No one or thing moved. Someone moved an ich, I growled, they stepped back.
"Bella?" that person asked. Some how, I recognized that voice.
"Alice...?" I asked.
"Yes, Bella, its Alice, whats wrong? Why are you out here?" she asked.
"I - I" I stammered
"Bella, Edward is worried, You have to come back home. Bella, Please?" Alice held out her hand.
I shook my head, then answered, "N-No" I stammered.
"But, Bella!" Ali said
"No, buts, Alice. I said, Im not coming home." I said, serious.
Alice, she looked surprised, in fact, shocked.
"But, Bella...." she whispered.
"No, Alice" I didnt't hesitate, I turned my back on her and left.
Alice, just stoop here, with shook all over her face. Nothing, but, shook. I couldn't look back.