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My Lullaby

Bella's feeling on the lullaby that Edward wrote for her.


1. Lullaby

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Such a sweet melody

That you sing to me

Reminding me that

We were ment to be

My lullaby

The one that you sing

With the sound of your voice

Is such a beautiful thing.

All my troubles

and worries go away

Because I know that you're here

And forever by my side you will stay

No matter what will come

Or until death do us part

I will always love you

Deep down in the bottom of my heart

Oh the lullaby that you sing

Reminds me of this

and you renew that memory

With a soft and tender kiss

That Lullaby, My Lullaby

Is oh so sweet

And then I think of you

and its oh so neat

The lullaby reminds me

Of your love and care

and your beautiful

brozne colored hair

The lullaby is a symbol of love

for me and you

and I can't wait for our wedding

and until I say "I Do"

Then I will be with you forever

And the lullaby will mean the same

because love is so much more

than a game

And that song I hear you sining

it will make my cry

because you wrote it for me

My sweet lullaby