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I Wish For You

This is just a couple of poems I wrote for New Moon. Hope you like 'em. Added more poems!

New Moon Poems, just wanted to know how good people though my poetry is.

1. I Wish For You; The Aftermath

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I Wish For You

You left

Leaving me to my memories

Leaving me to my pain

Though you haunted my mind

I try to keep happy

I try to keep sane

This pain consumes me

Never letting me forget

Never letting me move on

You told me I would forget you

Forget the happiness

Forget the sadness

I didn't

Haunting me

Scarring me

Memories keep me here

I want everyday to be able to forget

I want everyday to be able to remember

Nothing seems to matter

No life

No mind

I'm stranded on an alien planet

No one can hear me

No one can see my true pain

Nothing prepares the pain

I wish for relief

I wish for you

The Aftermath

As I sit here,

I think of you.

Your probably happy,

wherever you are

Your probably not

thinking of me,

or my endless


The pain that

surrounds my every


The pain that

never lets me


The pain that

will never let me


I watch the clouds pass,

never ending.

Leaving me in

a whirlpool of torment

The clouds

I once feared,

now are,


The kindness

that he took

with him

The kindness

that everyone


Surrounds my every movement,

never lets me forget;

will never let me live

He took with him

Everyone gave

I declined

This is

what happened,

The Aftermath