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I Wish For You

This is just a couple of poems I wrote for New Moon. Hope you like 'em. Added more poems!

New Moon Poems, just wanted to know how good people though my poetry is.

3. I Feel the Blade; No More Me

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I Feel The Blade

When you left

I couldn't breath

I couldn't live

I tried to survive

It didn't work

It couldn't work

Everyday is a new pain

living through it

dying through it

The pain pulses through me

every beat of my heart

every beat of it is painful

My heart beats for you

I can't take another breath

I can't take another beat

With each time, I hear your voice

Pain rips through me

Relief rips through me

I can't take it

It's unbearable

It's magnificent

The knives break through

They call me insane

They call me broken

My body covered in the art of cuts

It brings the pain

It brings the relief

I find my new best friend

Having a blade

Having a purpose

The blade seeps through

Causing agony

Causing happiness

It goes dark again

I feel the blood

I feel the blade

No More Me

These last days

have been dark

have been silent

I can't understand

you're to quiet

you're to distant

What did I do

I know about the birthday

I know about the blood

You just are

so different

so distant

Not the same

its to weird

its to confusing

I get it

how could I forget

how could I understand

You outgrew me

no more humans

no more me