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I Wish For You

This is just a couple of poems I wrote for New Moon. Hope you like 'em. Added more poems!

New Moon Poems, just wanted to know how good people though my poetry is.

4. How Good the Knife Feels; Your Just Gone

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How Good the Knife Feels

The sharp metal edge
cold as ice,
sliding slowly,
so slow.

This pain,
it absorbs me,
and it's more wonderful
than you could imagine.

Slowly blood escapes
my skin,
like water dripping from
a faucet.

It will overrule
all memories
and all the pain
you caused

The metal blade is
so foreign
yet so familiar.
Sharp as can be
yet to dull for me to
forget you

A smile creeps up on
my face, one that is alien
a smile of relief and joy.

You can never
imagine how good
the knife feels.

Your Just Gone

Your sweet voice
is my sanity
is my death

If it leaves too
I'll be truly dead
I'll be truly free

My life sucks
You'll never return
You'll never leave

This always happens to me
why was I cursed
why was I blessed

this life is painful
I can never go back
I can never go forward

My heart calls for you
each beat painful
each beat amazing

But you'll never hear it
I can't hear myself
I can't hear anyone

No matter how much I hope
I'll always believe
I'll never believe

You're just gone


Pain is killing me
Worse than the chill of the rain
I feel like dying