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Wolf Love

This story takes place after Edward leaves bella. Bella is in denial and her father doesnt know what to do. So one day out of nowhere he sends bella off to a summer home. As Bella goes she stays at a house in the middle of the forest. where she meets a wolf pack called Abhay meaning fearless. when she meets one of the wolfs named Devang, meaning part of god. Does she fall in love or not???? BellasPOV and Devangs POVPlease Review-Tell me what u think i should add


1. 1.Leaving

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Chapter 1

"Leaving" Bellas POV

As months passed after he left, I was dead. I was a living zombie and not even Jacob, the sun in my life could brighten me up. My life was crashing and I was going deeper into death. How could he have done this to me. He was my life, my love, and my world. He was the reason I kept on breathing ,the reason for my existence. As he said those last words to me. it was like I never existed. I felt my heart break and die as he walked out of my life forever gone. I knew he couldn’t love me how could he. I was just a plain old human, nothing special. I couldn’t breath, not fully at least. My heart was taking from me, ripped up and gone. My heart was a traitor. it betrayed me and went with…. him.

Bella, I’m tired of this.” My father Charlie said.. I was daydreaming at the table not touching my food.

“Tired of what?” I asked confused.

“I’m tired of you not doing anything. Ever since Edward left you’ve been a zombie.” I flinched as he said, his name. “ You don’t talk to your friends and you haven’t seen Jacob in more than three weeks!” He said his voice rising..

“What do you mean. I always talk to my friends. And Jacob isn’t my friend any more.” I said.

Flash black… I mean back. Huh.

“What?” I stared at him, confused and appalled. “What are you saying? You’re much better than I am Jake. You are good! Who told you that you aren’t? Sam? it’s a vicious lie, Jacob! Don’t let him tell you that!” I was suddenly yelling again.

Jacobs face went hard and flat. “ No one had to tell me anything. I know what I am.”

“you’re my friend, that’s what you are! Jake--- don’t!”

He was backing away from me.

“I’m sorry Bella,” he said again; this time it was a broken mumble. He turned and ran into the house.

After that day I haven’t spoken to him since. He just hurt me even more and now I knew no one could ever love me. Not Jacob and defiantly not him. I was dying in the inside, where the hole in my chest got bigger and bigger. I knew I could never love again.

“Bella!” Charlie yelled at me, awaking me from my flash back. “ I think you need to go somewhere to get a hold of your feelings and stuff. Your mother said you should go to our summer house. She said it’s a good place to relax and get a hold of yourself. I already got your tickets so your going to California.”

“What, Why?!” I asked, angry and confused. “ Why do I have to go?”

“Bella everything’s set, you are going. You will only be gone for a few weeks. It will just be you and the calm forests. Oh and your leaving tonight."

There was no use in arguing with him. I had no strength in me to fight anymore.

“Whatever.” I said expressionless and went to go and pack.

                                                                ********* 2 hours later**********

As I said good-bye to Charlie and boarded the plane, I felt a wave of exhaustion sweep threw me. As I struggled to stay awake, I listened to the people around me. A guy across from me was snoring loudly. His mouth was slightly open and drool was coming out. I giggled at that. As an hour passed I finally gave up and drifted out to sleep.