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Wolf Love

This story takes place after Edward leaves bella. Bella is in denial and her father doesnt know what to do. So one day out of nowhere he sends bella off to a summer home. As Bella goes she stays at a house in the middle of the forest. where she meets a wolf pack called Abhay meaning fearless. when she meets one of the wolfs named Devang, meaning part of god. Does she fall in love or not???? BellasPOV and Devangs POVPlease Review-Tell me what u think i should add


2. 2. Meeting

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Chapter 2

"Meeting" - Bellas POV

As I got off the plane and took a taxi to my summer home, which by the way I haven’t been to since I was a baby. When the taxi pulled up in the drive way the house looked exactly the same in the pictures. It was green, surrounded by the forest, deserted, and to tell the truth quiet creepy. After I got out of the taxi and took my things, I paid the driver and headed into the house. As I entered the house smelt of pine trees and mold. This house was really old, as I walked the floorboards creaked. It had 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen, living room, and a bathroom. I walked into my bedroom, it still had baby paintings on the walls with teddy bears. I guess I wouldn’t be sleeping in here. When I went into my parents room it was plain. It had a regular queen bed and a closet. I threw my bag on the ground and went outside.

When I stepped outside the sun was shining brightly and the wind had a nice breeze. I walked into the forest going deeper and deeper inside, until I lost track of where I was. Just then I felt like someone or something was watching me.Then i heard a twig break. I didn’t know what to do so I ran away. As I ran I tripped over a branch and sprained my ankle. I was scared, my heart was beating so loud that I thought it was going to explode inside of me. I tried to get up. As I got up I cried out in pain. My ankle was throbbing and swelling up, turning purple.

“Just what I wanted to happen.” I said to myself. Then I heard a twig break, I snapped my head in the direction and saw something enormous moved. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it was a man. I couldn’t see his face of anything but I was frightened. I didn’t know what to do, so I screamed as loud as I could. The male figure ran towards me as I fainted, the black controlling me sending me deeper into unconsciousness,

Devang’s POV

I was in my wolf form, patrolling the area for cold ones, when I heard a car pull up at the old abandon summer home. My parents had told me people lived there, but I didn’t believe them. The house was to deserted for anyone to live there.

My village isn’t far from this place and so my pack Abhay claimed this as our territory. When I heard a car come to stop in the drive way, I saw a girl walk into the house. I didn’t see her face, but by the way she walked she looked miserable. She was very pale almost like a cold one put smelt like flowers, her chest nut hair reached down to her hips. She was quiet odd in a wonderful way. She was in there for quiet a while until she came out and walked into the forest. What was she doing in the forest? I felt a need to protect her, so I followed. I kept a safe distance from her, keeping an eye out. She was venturing deeper into the forest. Shoot! I accidentally stepped on a twig. As she looked to see who it was she looked straight at me but couldn’t see me.

When I looked into her eyes my heart stopped. She was so beautiful, fragile, and the center of my universe. The world disappeared and it was just her and me. My head was spinning and my heart was beating faster and faster. What was happening to me? Why was my heart beating so face as I looked at her utterly most beautiful face. She was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen in my life.

Dude! Tell me you aren’t imprinting. Akash said. He was my wolf brother and he was out patrolling with me. I didn’t answer I was too busy looking at the love of my life, my other half, my true love.

Devang! You don’t even know her name. plus she’s so pale. Chapel thought. He was my other wolf brother and brother by blood. I growled at him.

Don’t say that about her! I thought back growling louder

D, clam down. Samir said. He was another wolf brother.

Then all of a sudden she started running but tripped and sprained her ankle.She tried to get up but cried in pain. I ran towards her wanting to protect her, and hold her in my arms. I phased back to human form and approached ,slowly. As I approached she saw me. She looked at me with fear in her eyes, then she started screaming. She was so frightened that she fainted. I ran to her, picked her up in my arms, and ran towards her house. I laid her on her bed and stayed by her side. She was so beautiful even unconscious. She looked very tired and drained of life. What was wrong with my love? As i looked closer at her I saw a scar on her wrist. It was a vampire bite! Who bit her?! I wanted to know everything that had happened to her. I waited but she never woke up. As silenced passed and her still passed out I laid on the ground and fell asleep next to her.