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Wolf Love

This story takes place after Edward leaves bella. Bella is in denial and her father doesnt know what to do. So one day out of nowhere he sends bella off to a summer home. As Bella goes she stays at a house in the middle of the forest. where she meets a wolf pack called Abhay meaning fearless. when she meets one of the wolfs named Devang, meaning part of god. Does she fall in love or not???? BellasPOV and Devangs POVPlease Review-Tell me what u think i should add


4. 4. Knowing

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Chapter 4

“Knowing” - Devangs POV

After two hours of TV my brothers decided to go home. But I knew they had to patrol since I was the Alpha and told them to go. I needed to tell Bella alone what I am. I had to tell her she was my other half and I wanted no secrets between us.

“Bella, I know we barley know each other but I want there to be no secrets between us.” I said. Here it goes.

“First of all I want to ask you something.” She looked into my eyes waiting.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” As I said that her eyes brightened and her heart started to race,

“I would love to, it will be an honor.” She said and smiled a wonderful smile. I hugged her, wrapping her in my arms.

“Great. Now I have to tell you something very important. it’s a secret I’m not aloud to tell. I’m only aloud to tell it to my other half.” She looked down with a frown. Silly Bella. I think she thought that she wasn’t my other half. “Well guess what you are my other half.” She looked up and smiled.

“Really?” She asked shyly.

“Really.” I said hugging her again but tighter. “ Now please don’t freak out okay.”


“I’m a werewolf.” Her eyes brightened, she believed me.

“ That’s amazing.”

“For real? Your not freaked out or scared at all?” she shook her head.

“ I don’t want to keep secrets from you too.” She said softly. “ I have to tell you something.” She put her head down. I grabbed her face and made her look at me.

“Please tell me my Bella.” She smiled as I said my Bella.

“ I used to have a boyfriend.” A boyfriend is that all. “But… he…he was a vampire.” my body tensed as she said vampire. My Bella dated a vampire! I was shaking but calmed down.

“How did you know he was a vampire?” I asked angry and confused. She told me about how she left Phoenix and moved to Forks and how she meet Edward, that stupid filthy cold one. She told me how a vampire bit her and how Edward saved her life, that I was grateful for. Then she told me how he left her and told her he didn’t love her. She also told me about her best friend named Jacob who abandoned her. By the time she was done I was hugging her, but she wasn’t even crying. She wasn’t in pain anymore.

“I’m happy now, before it was like I couldn’t breath and that I was falling to pieces until I met you. You sealed the hole in my chest and filled it with love. I used to tell myself that I could never fall in love again, until you came along.” She smiled. She was arguing with herself, I could see that but I didn’t know what about. Then she leaned her head toward me and kissed me. It lasted for an eternity, the kiss was soft, passionate, and tender. I could hear her heart and it was like a humming bird getting faster and faster. Then she broke the kiss and smiled.

“I love you.” She said and I knew that she was the one for me.

“I love you too Bella until the day I die.” I said and kissed her full on the lips again.