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Wolf Love

This story takes place after Edward leaves bella. Bella is in denial and her father doesnt know what to do. So one day out of nowhere he sends bella off to a summer home. As Bella goes she stays at a house in the middle of the forest. where she meets a wolf pack called Abhay meaning fearless. when she meets one of the wolfs named Devang, meaning part of god. Does she fall in love or not???? BellasPOV and Devangs POVPlease Review-Tell me what u think i should add


5. 5. Riding

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Chapter 5

“ Riding” -Bella’s POV

Only 3 more days and I would be going back home. This sucks!

“What’s wrong love.” Devang said worried.

“I only have three more days with you!” I yelled starting to cry. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave him and be by myself.

“Well don’t go.”

“Charlie would kill me.” thinking about how Charlie would look with his gun running after me through the forest. That I had to laugh at. Devang caught my train of thought and laughed with me.

“I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t.” He said putting his hand around my waist. And bending down to kiss me. His lips met mine and my heart went haywire. His lips were so soft, gentle, but showed the passion behind. Oh how I was going to miss him.

“I love you.” I loved saying that to him. I love you, I love you, and I love you. It made my heart flutter.

“Not as much as I do.” He said kissing me again. “I want to show you something before you go.”

“Really?” Curious and excited.

“Think of it more as a adventure. I’ll be right back.” he ran into the forest.

“Hey come back here!” I yelled after him laughing. A few seconds later the most beautiful and biggest wolf I’ve ever seen came out. The same place where Devang had ran into. He turned into a wolf for me.

He was magnificent. He looked exactly like a gray wolf but a bigger version and he was also pure white. He was almost 8 feet tall. The wolf smiled at me and came to my side. He went down on his stomach and pushed me to climb on. As soon as I climbed on he got up. I held on tighter and he ran faster than the wind. It was the most amazing feeling. The wind went by and blew my hair in my face. It was the greatest thing to do. Devang was even faster than Edward. He started to slow down and we reached a peak towering over a 700 foot drop. It was wonderful. The sun was just setting and the water was beautiful, glistening with the color from the setting sun. Devang went back on his stomach and I got off. He ran back into the forest and came back a couple seconds later.

“So how was that?” He asked with a huge smile.

“It was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life.” And I was serious, it was way better than with Edward. I don’t know what it was, but this time it was a hundred times better.

“Good” He said.

We both sat on the ground together and looked at the sun. The sun was a bright orange but surrounding it was a pinkish purplish background. Devang grabbed my waist and pulled me on his lap. I put my head against his chest and looked at the beautiful scene before me. Nature sure does have its moments. Devang laid his chin on my head and stayed that way until the sun disappeared beneath the water.

**************3 days later************

“I’m so glad your coming with me.” I said hugging Devang tight.

“Me too.” He said and kissed me, my heart racing.