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It's 1947. Jasper is alone, and it will be another year before he meets Alice. Roaming the Seattle slums, and desperately hungry. Jasper gets more then he bargained for when he discovers a young girl writhing in agony, abandoned in a back alley. Jasper is about to take advantage of the seemingly already dying girl, only to find that she's not dying she's changing. Rated adult for violence, swearing and scenes of a sexual nature. THE FINAL CHAPTER IS UP! Banner by the wonderfully talented JokesOnJane

Beta Reader - Bleedforyou, she is wonderful!

1. Grip

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The rain hadn’t stopped, it had fallen for three days straight, and I was soaked.

“Get inside you stupid boy! You’ll catch your death!” An old woman had yelled at me the other day from her window.

Ha, I scoffed inwardly, too late Ma’am I caught that a long time ago! I had been humoring myself a lot lately, anything to keep from losing my fucking mind.

It was only when I felt the texture of the ground under my feet change, that I noticed I was back in Seattle’s slum district.

My feet took me there subconsciously, whilst my mind brooded. I passed a little boy, maybe age seven, nursing a gash on his knee. The whole of my body went rigid, the smell! I was starving, my throat burned with hunger. I shut my eyes and willed myself forward, not stopping until I was another two miles further into the slums.

I had been living off the blood of animals lately; rats, stray cats and dogs. But nothing, nothing could ever match the sweet, satisfying taste of hot human blood.

It was then that I heard it, an anguished groan, too low and muted by the pounding rain for human ears. The soldier in me flared and I went towards the source of the cry.

A young girl, barely older then 16, was curled into a ball on the alley floor. Her body was continuously twitching and shuddering, was it because of the cold or something more?

I inhaled to speak and it was as though someone had lit twenty candles in my throat.

“Fuck!” I cursed aloud, stumbling backwards.

She was bleeding; I could taste the iron and salt in the air. I felt the beast in me snarl, ravenous for the dying girl’s blood.

I moved forward slowly, I would reassure her first, tell her that help was on the way. I would lean in innocently as if to shield her from the downpour, maybe move a strand of hair off her face.

Yes, I would be charming to the last. Maybe I would be doing her a favor? She was clearly in immense pain, dying anyway, her heart stuttered wildly as if to support my claim.

I crouched beside her; she was very pretty I had to admit. Golden blonde hair, darker then my own, and her eyes! They were wide in fear, but a beautifully distracting jade green none-the-less. Yes a very pretty girl indeed.

“Don’t worry; someone has gone to get help,” I crooned, letting relaxing waves wash over her.
She stared at me, and then dug her fingers into her palm, shrieking wildly but still not loud enough for it to carry beyond me.

I couldn’t stand to see her suffer any longer, and fresh blood rose tantalizingly to the surface of her self-induced cuts.

I grabbed her arm about to abandon all restraint, when I noticed a small crescent shaped mark just above her right breast. I dropped her arm and darted backwards into the alley wall.

She wasn’t dying … she was changing. This beautiful girl was becoming a vampire. Again, her heart seemed to hear me and began to beat faster hammering against her ribs.

Now what? I couldn’t just leave her! She turned her head towards me, locking her gorgeous eyes on my mine; her mouth moved an infinitesimal amount and formed the word “help”.

It was as though I went into auto-pilot, without thinking I scooped her up into my arms and ran.

I didn’t care if humans saw me, all I knew was that I had to keep this girl safe.

She had to get through this, and I had to be there for her when she did.