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It's 1947. Jasper is alone, and it will be another year before he meets Alice. Roaming the Seattle slums, and desperately hungry. Jasper gets more then he bargained for when he discovers a young girl writhing in agony, abandoned in a back alley. Jasper is about to take advantage of the seemingly already dying girl, only to find that she's not dying she's changing. Rated adult for violence, swearing and scenes of a sexual nature. THE FINAL CHAPTER IS UP! Banner by the wonderfully talented JokesOnJane

Beta Reader - Bleedforyou, she is wonderful!

3. Chapter 3: Lust

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It pulsed through me, glorious, sweetness flowing through my throat and thrumming to my stomach with ease. After so many months of denying myself, all of my self-control evaporated and the blood fest began.

Eliza had finished with the drunk rather quickly and efficiently for a newborn, and when she tossed his drained carcass aside she flashed me a grin that momentarily made me forget about my thirst.

Then we ran, Eliza’s joyful laughter singing to me. We would head into the slums; I told Eliza to be aware of her killing count, that whilst savoring the kill was all well and good we needed to be fast and unseen.

We took the elderly first, because while they weren’t the most appetizing, they were easy and inconspicuous. The night soon began to creep over the slums, we had slowed our pace to a hurried walk, and I was almost full but could tell that Eliza was still ravenous.

As we made our way through the worst part of the slums, I felt Eliza’s eyes on my face, so I turned to give her a smile. She beamed back at me, her cheeks strangely flushed with the amount of blood she had consumed; she entwined her slender hand through my own.

“Do you want to eat some more?” I asked, shaking some of the still pouring rain off my hair.

“I want something tastier then old tramps,” she pouted.

I couldn’t contain my laughter she looked adorable, surely I could indulge her just this once?
After all she was being an exceptionably well-behaved newborn; however I had been sending calming vibes her way whenever I got the chance.

“I know a man. I help him out from time to time,” I muttered as we walked past a woman who cowered at the sight of our vivid, red eyes.

“Help?” Eliza asked only vaguely interested, she was staring back at the woman longingly.
I turned her face back to me.

“I thought you said you wanted something tasty?”

She nodded eagerly with an impish grin; I sped up a little, Eliza still clinging to my hand, it was almost like she was afraid of what would happen if she let me go.

Night had officially fallen by the time we reached our destination. Eliza looked up at the shabby building in front of us with a dubious expression.

“So are we going up?” She chimed, looking back at me.

“No, we knock and we wait.” I kicked the door seven times in a rhythm.

No answer—good. That meant there was something for me.

I took Eliza’s hand once more—it was slowly becoming a habit—and pulled her with me around to the back of the building.

“Where are we going?” She asked, I could feel her becoming frustrated with me.

“Wait here,” I said, leaving her by a wall furthest from the alley entrance.

“Jasper!” She hissed, taking a step after me.

“Stay there.”

I could see his silhouette up ahead, a stream of cigarette smoke curling around his form, he stubbed it out against the wall when I reached him.

“Who’s she?” Jacobi’s deep, booming voice was hushed as he jerked his head in Eliza’s direction.

“I don’t ask your business, you don’t ask mine,” I reminded him.

Jacobi chuckled darkly, slipping an envelope into my waiting hand.

“All right Jasper, keep your cool, just wanted to know if the little lady was the hunter or the hunted.”

“She’s my business.” My tone effectively ended Jacobi’s interest in Eliza.

He huffed slightly, before lighting up another cigarette.

“It’s all there.” He indicated to the envelope.

“How many?”

“Everyone you can get your teeth into, but it doesn’t matter if a few slip through the net. The boss just wants to make a point; he doesn’t like anything illegal in this town unless it comes from him.”

“Same time next week?” I was aware of Eliza’s growing sense of unease.

“As always Jasper,” Jacobi chuckled again, before tipping his trilby in Eliza’s general direction and walking off into the stormy night.

“Who was he?” Eliza muttered staring after Jacobi.

“Jacobi Jenks, he’s my insurance policy.”


I smiled to myself; details could wait right now there was a job to be done, albeit a very pleasurable filling job.

Eliza moaned slightly as we came to a stop outside a grungy, grey, rain-washed, seemingly abandoned warehouse.

“Doesn’t Seattle have any nice buildings?” She sighed.

I put my hands on her forearms, staring her dead in the eye.

“Now you remember what I told you?” I asked seriously.

“For the fifth time yes! Eat whoever I want, but do it quickly.”

I exhaled heavily, releasing her arms.

“Not my exact term of phrase, but close enough.”

We went into our hunting crouches in unison, growls rumbling ominously in our chests, Eliza’s full lips pulled back over her venom dripping teeth.

“On three,” I whispered. “One…two…three!”

We burst through the windows, my eyes did a quick count of the momentarily frozen victims, forty… hmm, twenty each—more than sufficient.

Eliza let out a snarl, taking three men down at once. Then the gunfire began, bullets glancing off us like confetti, grown men crying and screaming like little girls.

This mob wouldn’t exist by morning—we would make sure of it. A man lunged at Eliza while she drained one of his comrades, attempting to drive a broken bottle into her skull.

I tackled him—ripping his throat out; vocal chords hanging from my mouth.

“Hey, that fucker was mine!” Eliza whined with mock petulance.

“Well there’s only two left, be my guest.”

The final two men cowered against their boxes of precious contraband, Eliza threw herself at them breaking through the wooden crates spilling blood and smuggled whiskey on the floor.
I watched her finish her meal: well, perhaps stared was a more apt word. My eyes were locked on her lips as she licked the blood from them. A bead of crimson dripped onto her collarbone and I was transfixed as her pale finger stroked it off her skin and sucked it slowly, her eyes closing as she savored the taste.

“I’m hungry,” she whispered breathlessly, her eyes still shut.

“You’ve devoured around 50 people today, how can you possibly be hungry?” I laughed, incredulous.

She opened her eyes, a smoldering smile played across her face.

“Silly Jasper,” she giggled, walking over to me, pressing her body against mine.

“I’m not hungry for blood…”

Eliza pulled my mouth to hers, and my mind went blank, arms wrapping around her waist. My instincts overtaking—pure passion was spreading like wildfire through our bodies.

The taste of fresh blood on her tongue only made my lust stronger, suddenly I couldn’t kiss her quick enough, and her body simply crushing against me wasn’t enough.

I needed to be inside her.

I picked her up and slammed her into the wall, she ripped open my shirt, her fingernails grating down my granite skin.

I growled, shredding her dress down to her navel with my teeth. I took a small step back marveling at her small, perfectly rounded breasts. Her skin was so smooth and soft, like satin.

“Jasper,” she gasped, pulling me back to her lips.

After a few more seconds of frantic kissing, Eliza pushed me onto the ground, straddling me—that impish grin back on her face.

Very slowly and deliberately she ground her hips down on my lap, and I snarled with desire. I grabbed Eliza around her waist and pulled her down so that I was on top.

She groaned as my hands moved up and down her thighs. She pulled off my trousers with little care; it looked as though I might be wearing a dead man’s suit in the morning.

My sheer need for Eliza was now uncontrollable, I snatched away the final piece of fabric that covered my goal, Eliza moaned in bliss as I touched her there.

The kiss we shared in that moment was gentler than any that came before it, and we gasped in synchrony as I slid inside her.

I moved within her, all the while increasing to a fast pace that had us both drooling. Soon Eliza was meeting me thrust for thrust, breath for breath, touch for touch. Never, not even in all the years I’d spent with Maria had I ever felt like this, experienced pleasure so intense that not even the most satisfying blood in the world could touch it.

Eliza was shuddering beneath me; she was close now, my name escaping her mouth in feathery gasps. I increased my rhythm so much so that her voice became renewed, screaming out my name in a musical crescendo. It became too much for her to bear and she came, screeching at the top of her lungs, plunging her teeth into my shoulder in a fruitless attempt to muffle the cry.

I followed soon after, pressing a sweet tender kiss to her lips before pulling away. We lay side by side, motionless gasping for air despite our lack of heartbeat.

“Jasper?” Eliza breathed leaning against me.

I pulled her impossibly close, kissing her golden blonde hair.


“Can we do it again?”