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Falling For Hate

We all know Edward left Bella in New Moon. But what if he didnt come back? What if Victoria got Bella, changed her and left her for the Volturi? What will happen when Edward realises that Bella isnt so innocent anymore? All characters belong to SM *sigh*


1. Chapter 1

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Bella POV 327 years it’s been. Since HE left me in those woods. 327 years I’ve been with my family, the Voluntri. My human memories still haven’t been forgotten, the most clear memory though, Victoria when she finally got through my protectors…


‘Your just going for a walk Bella, not to do something reckless to hear HIM just a quiet walk.' I thought to myself stubbornly. Charlie had already gone to work, he seems to go hours early now, I don’t blame him I drive everyone I love away. I started speeding into the woods leaving that house with so many memories behind, still trying to forget but being terrified to do so.

I’d been walking mindlessly through the trees for about an hour now. Fantastic Bella, way a go to get your self lost. I noticed I had come into a clearing, it was the meadow. Just looking at the place I had once been lying down with HIM, happy, in love and shining. Its seemed like a lifetime ago since then. Sobs over took my body as I started to shake falling to the floor with my arms wrapped around my torso.

After a good 5minuites of that, I shakily stood up, which way was back? Whoosh. I spun around wildly, it’s the trees Bella, chill. Snap. Looking around for where the noise was coming from I caught a glint of something… a flaming red colour. God no. My breathing started to come in gasps, I bent over trying to clear my suddenly hazy mind, she wasn’t here. Not in forks.

“Awww, poor Izzy, where’s lover boy? Didn’t think he’d leave you alone to face the big bad Victoria!” She sneered at me. The stabbing pains of the hole had now forced me on the floor yet again. I looked up into her eyes, she hadn’t changed, her eyes still the fierce red, and the same look on her face like a misbehaving child, her red hair gently blowing in the wind. The voice in my head was kicking in now growling furiously at her.

“Don’t worry though, you’ll be alone everyday for the rest of your existence JUST LIKE ME” she snarled. “Edward, I love you” Was the last though I had before she launched herself at me. She smiled and plunged her teeth into my neck, she started to drink but just before my heart gave out I felt the venom run down my veins. That when the fire started. After making sure she left no exposed bit of me without a bite, with me screaming and thrashing like a maniac she dragged me back to a waiting car, carelessly chucking me in the back seat.

I wasn’t really away of where I was, but when I briefly opened my eyes I saw I big sign saying ‘Welcome to Voletera’. She meaninglessly opened the door, chucked me out of the car door and drove off, leaving me at the front off two huge wooden doors. I heard the doors open, and saw a dark creature with skin like a blanket of snow and thrilling red eyes. He stared at me for a moment with understanding eyes.

“Its okay, ill look after you”. Marcus said to me, and with that he wrapped his black cloak around me and carried me inside.

Alice's POV of that day

I still couldn’t believe that he left her. It had been 6months for christ sake, I still wasn’t talking to him as well. Edward had just curled up in his room and would just stare at the picture of him and Bella at prom. I missed my best friend; my sister. Out of the blue a vision appeared.

It was Bella! But something was wrong, she was curled up on the floor, and someone was there with her… with red hair. Victoria! Victoria seemed to be tormenting her it hurt to watch her flinch every time she said something. Just then Victoria leaped at Bella’s throat and drank. The vision went black.

“BELLA!” I shrieked, I crashed through the first floor as I dropped to the floor as the tearless sobs to shake my body.

Edwards’s bedroom door flew open and he ran down the stairs and looked at me. He had saw the vision, but it was too late, it was hours old. He knew she was gone when he saw me. He roared like a dying animal and collapsed next to me shaking so much the house did, he didn’t stop his roaring cries. She was gone. Forever.

End of Flashback