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Falling For Hate

We all know Edward left Bella in New Moon. But what if he didnt come back? What if Victoria got Bella, changed her and left her for the Volturi? What will happen when Edward realises that Bella isnt so innocent anymore? All characters belong to SM *sigh*


2. Chapter 2

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Bella’s POV

Ever since that day we were inseparable Marcus and I. Mates you could say, we shared pain, joy and anger. We weren’t mates because Marcus’ had been killed but we still loved each other despite that. He was always there, through my horrible realisation of my power and my many other ones. Together Me, Marcus, Ciaus and Aro ruled over the vampire world, the Voltera family. Aro, Ciaus, Felix, Demetri and Alec my brothers, Jane and Heidi my sisters, I was the heart of the Voluntri.

Everyone called me Belle now, and to be honest I loved it. I was the most beautiful and powerful thing on the planet, with my stiking figure and brown curly locks which hung down to my waist. I even changed our diets, we all now drank animal blood.

I guess I should tell you my powers, they make me the most dangerous being on the plant, no one was safe when I was mad. I can block all physical and mental attacks plus no ones power works on me anymore.

My eyes are my mood ring.

Black - AngerRed - ThirstyBlue - SadPurple – Normal Topaz - HappyGrey - ConfusionGreen – Scared Pink –

Blushing And lastly the power that makes me important and dangerous. If I get too angry or too sad I turn into a demon/angel being. If I get angry, I turn completely coal black including my eyes, grow razor sharp teeth and claws and grow huge feathery red wings. If i get too sad I go whiter then a vampire, my eyes turn an icy blue and grow sky blue wings. Freaky huh? No one dare tries anything on me now. I heard Marcus’ footsteps approaching my door so I shouted for him to come in. “Bella love, we have guests, it would be rude not to go but its okay if you dont because it’s the” I cut him off mid-sentence.

“No problem I’ll come.” I grinned at him. I watched his face as he stared with wide eyes and leaned in, just before he reached me he snapped out of his trance and winked mischievously at me. I giggled, grabbed my black cloak and we glided down the hallways hand in hand. When Marcus’ mate had died he had been seriously depressed and had been living in a black hole, he told me when I came that had disappeared and he was now in a field of gold. My eyes had turned bright pink at this.

Within a minute we were at the doors of the throne room. Marcus suddenly grabbed me round the waist, picked me up and walked into the throne room, I started giggling furiously. But when we went inside, I felt the atmosphere and stopped. Something was wrong, everyone was looking at me with gazes that told me to remain calm, I turned to look at Marcus who still hadn’t put me down. He wasn’t looking at me though, he was staring near to the other entrance door, that’s when I noticed different vampires where in the room.

Marcus looked to Aro and Ciaus and they nodded. By this time I was too focused on what vampires were in the room to focus on them.

Marcus slowly started making his way to the entrance door walking past the members of my family, Demetri and Felix flanked Marcus’ side as the new vampires came into view.