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There is no Bella. Alice is married to Edward. What would happen if I met Jasper? The sparks will fly and stuff will most definitely hit the fan! AU. Read and review! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I do not own anything from the Twilight Saga; it's all Stephenie's genius. I also don't any of the music used in this story.

1. Chapter 1

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Forks. Who knew that would become one of the most significant words in my vocabulary, in my world? If someone would have told me six months ago what I would be doing right now, I’m sure I would have laughed in his or her face and possibly tried to have said person committed. Being a pessimist, I certainly would have thought this level of happiness impossible for myself. But, like the rest of my life, everything did work out for the best…but not before so much unhappiness came my way. However, I have to say that every second was completely worth the pain.

Chapter 1

Is my boss totally insane? What on Earth could have made him want to move to this God-forsaken swamp? I swear I will sprout some sort of vegetation within a week of living here! I shook my head at my thoughts. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it now, Sam. You were the one who jumped at the opportunity without doing your research first. Make your bed and lay in it, you idiot. There is no one but you to blame for when you are, so get over yourself.

I was on my way to the rain-soaked widening of the road known as Forks. I considered myself exiled to this Hellhole. The owner of the small company I worked for had had a brilliant stroke of inspiration and decided to move his successful business (located in beautiful Chicago) to this under populated and under developed town.

Spurred on by the rain cascading in rivers around me, my thoughts seemed to turn for the worst. Realizing for the hundredth time that I was a million miles away from everyone and everything I loved hit me like a strategically placed right hook to the jaw. My family lived within a fifty-mile radius of my hometown in Iowa. If I had thought moving to Chicago was bad, I should have known living across the country in Washington would be much worse.

I kept telling myself that my mother and my brother could rely on each other and could take care of themselves, but I knew that they could drive each other crazy if in close proximity for longer than a few days. Since my father was no longer in the picture and had been absent since I was eight, I knew that my mom’s only daughter was the only one to care for her and she had just moved to the other side of the world for as far of a distance they were apart.

Continuing to wallow in self-pity and guilt, I moved through the throng of passengers toward the baggage claim. I was having most everything of mine shipped from Chicago, but had one suitcase to tide me over until my things arrived the next day. I quickly spotted my luggage due to the ingenious bright pink ribbon tied on the handle and grabbed hefted it to the ground beside me, pulling the handle to a comfortable hauling level.

As I turned to make my way out of the “airport,” I suddenly rammed into something cool and rock solid. Of course, being the world’s biggest klutz, I fell and landed on my behind while managing to smack my head on the hard floor. I yelped in pain as I saw stars in front of my eyes. I felt woozy as I attempted to stand, so I stayed on the ground. All of my emotion piled on at once and I snapped; I had finally had enough. My terrible temper broke through the barriers of calm.

“Son of a bitch!”

My bitten-off oath finally moved the brick wall I had connected with to take action. I heard the most glorious voice on the whole planet Earth speaking to me in hushed tones.

“Miss, I am so sorry, are you alright?”

The slight twinge of the South in his voice nearly made me start drooling, further humiliating myself. My embarrassment grew tenfold when I looked up to respond. My words caught in my throat, my breath lost. Man’s finest creation was standing in front of me, all six-foot-four of him. His blond, shaggy hair flopped into his eyes, creating a desire in me to reach up and brush it away. My lack of response caused the look of mild worry on his face to change into a deeper concern. Looking into his gorgeous tawny eyes, my mind lost its ability to form a coherent thought.

“Miss, please…where are you hurt?”

“I…I think—my head…um…”

Oh, he is so sweet to worry about me! And his eyes…lips…hands, oh my Lord his HANDS are—

His sigh snapped me out of my fantasizing, drawing my attention back to his glorious face.

“You must have hit your head. You’re pretty incoherent.”

The annoyance in his tone brought back my sudden anger.

“Obviously. You saw me fall, idiot. How about getting the Hell out of my way now?”

I pivoted on the heel of my clunky boots, grabbing my suitcase’s handle with my one hand and cradling my throbbing head with the other. Suddenly, I felt the weight of my baggage disappear and the handle was tugged from my hand. I spun around, preparing to take back my only possession in this damn place, which wasn’t smart since my head was already spinning. I found the man standing with my case in his hand, one hand on his hip.

“You think I would let you walk out of here by yourself in your condition? You probably don’t even have a ride to wherever it is you plan on going, do you?”

I rolled my eyes, mirroring his stance by placing my good hand on my own hip.

“What the hell do you care? I’d like my baggage back now.”

I sighed when he did not comply, reaching my hand out for the handle. We stood in a tense, silent standoff for what seemed like hours. Finally, my anger got to me…again…and I snapped at him.

“Look, whatever the hell your name is, I am so not in the mood.”

The most irritating smirk formed on his lips, making me see a bit of red.

“I can tell. What on Earth made you so angry, missy?”

“Missy? Who the hell are you calling missy? You’re what, two years older than me, three at the max? You’re not a hundred and fifty years old pal. Get a grip. My luggage, please?”

I was suddenly amused by the whole situation and found myself fighting a grin. Where the hell did that come from? I was just unbelievably pissed off at this guy. His eyebrow shot up, indicating that he must have seen the confusion cross my features. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. He sighed again, running his free hand through his hair. When he looked my way again, I was nearly blown away by the sincerity in his topaz eyes.

“I really am sorry about what happened earlier. Please let me help you. My father is a doctor and I have a car right outside.”

He looked at me expectantly. You aren’t going to have a better offer than this, Sam. You might want to let him help you. This way you can make it to your apartment without a broken bone on top of the possible concussion. I sighed, scrubbing a hand over my face.

“All right. I’ll let you help me, but on one condition.”

“And that would be?”

I smirked at him, seeing the apprehension cross his face.

“I don’t accept help from total strangers. I’d like to know your name.”

His smile made my heart skip a beat.

“My name is Jasper. I don’t help total strangers. Your name?”

“Samantha. Most people call me Sam.”

His eyes slid up and down my figure, causing me to turn bright red. When his eyes again met mine, his grin was slow to appear, but was brilliant.

“You’ll find that I am not most people, Samantha. Do you have everything you need?”

At my nod, he turned and walked towards the door, leaving me scrambling after him. By the time I made it to his car, he had already gotten my bag into the back seat of his shiny Volvo and was standing by the passenger door. When he caught sight of me, he opened it and stood aside, waiting until I had situated myself into the seat before closing the door and dashing around the front of the car. Before I had finished buckling my seatbelt, he was in the car revving the engine to life. He pulled out of the parking lot in silence. After minutes of this, it was obvious Jasper wasn’t one for conversation. I turned to look out the window.

The scenery speeding past outside made me vaguely nauseous. The blur of green, when coupled with the car’s rapidly increasing speed, made for an unsightly picture. I couldn’t help but think that it would be my awful luck to be in a car wreck and see that damn color with my last breath.

Rolling my eyes in disgust with the utter morbidity of my thoughts, I turned back to Jasper, only to see him glaring at me out of the corner of his eye. My anger automatically rose up in my head, but was quickly stamped out when I told myself that he was helping me, regardless of his obvious annoyance at having to do so. In an attempt to quell his annoyance as well as my own, I decided to try to start a conversation.

“So…what brought you to the airport today, Jasper?”

He glanced at me quickly, and then brought his eyes back to the road ahead as he answered.

“I was dropping my brother off for his flight. This is his car, actually.”

“Really? It’s a pretty great car, although, I’d prefer a 911 Turbo myself. It’s smaller and has a bit more under the hood.”

His smile was quick, unexpected, and disappeared just as fast.

“My sister actually owns one in yellow.”

I goggled at him in awe. They must have some major cash, then…more than I’d see in my lifetime.

“Are you serious? It’s been out for less than a month. Where the hell did she even get one of those in this God forsaken place?”

“It was a gift from her husband, my brother Edward.”

“Wait, what? Your brother is married to your sister?!?!”

I was almost sure the head injury was making me hear things; that could not be possible. His laugh was velvet and filled the car like a thick and rich coffee.

“That’s the normal reaction when someone finds that out. We aren’t really related to each other. Our father Carlisle and our mother Esme adopted all five of us.”

“Oh…all right. Five of you? Are you the oldest, then?”

His smirk was not lost to me.

“In a manner of speaking. I was the last to join our family, though, so I’m still the youngest in that way. Edward was our parents’ first, then Alice, followed by Rosalie and her now husband Emmett, and lastly myself.”

“I see. I’m sorry about your biological parents, all of yours. It’s hard…not knowing your parents.”

My thoughts strayed to my own vagrant father and sadness filled me unexpectedly. Jasper clearly had a stable and happy unit now, while mine was far from stable or normal. Suddenly, I felt Jasper’s cool hand on top of mine. I looked at him in surprise, finding sympathy and some of my own sadness in his eyes.

“Why so sad, Samantha? Did I say or do something—“

“No, Jasper, it isn’t anything to do with you, I swear. It’s…talking about other people’s baggage brings up my own, which you definitely do not want to hear about.”

His eyes burned with intensity as he continued to stare me down.

“You never know what I might find interesting, Samantha.”

He removed his hand from mine then, placing it back on the steering wheel of the Volvo. I took a deep mind-clearing breath. This cannot be good…