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There is no Bella. Alice is married to Edward. What would happen if I met Jasper? The sparks will fly and stuff will most definitely hit the fan! AU. Read and review! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I do not own anything from the Twilight Saga; it's all Stephenie's genius. I also don't any of the music used in this story.

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The next morning, my cell phone slammed me into wakefulness. I fumbled on my nightstand to find it and, of course, ended up knocking it to the floor. Swearing profusely, I threw back the covers and got down on my hands and knees to find it. It stopped ringing just as my fingertips found it under my bed.

“Damn it! You woke me up for that damn phone call and then you hang up on me? Slimy bastards…”

This rant went on for much longer than it actually should have. My damn head felt like it was splitting into a million pieces and I was woken up for no apparent reason two hours earlier than I was planning to be awake. Sighing, I steeled myself for the pain in the ass getting ready for the day would surely be.

Thirty minutes later, I had finished my morning wash-up routine and was sitting in my kitchenette drinking my morning cup of Darjeeling tea. I had my i-Pod in its dock and blaring Avenged Sevenfold. When my phone rang again, I swore colorfully and rushed into my bedroom to grab it off the bed, where it had landed when I threw it in a fit of frustration. I sounded harried and frazzled even to myself as I answered.


There was a slight hesitation at the hostility in my tone. The person finally gathered the courage to speak.

“Sam? It’s Kevin. Did I…catch you at a bad time? I thought—“

I cut my boss, Kevin, off in frustration.

“No, Kev, it’s fine. What did you need?”

“Well, I was hoping to get the store open for at least a few hours today and I’m not done putting the inventory lists together. Do you think you could come and help me finish it up? You were the person who found the stuff, after all.”

I bit back an annoyed sigh and rolled my eyes. Kevin was a kind and generous man, but was also the most unorganized and left me to pick up his messes frequently…another duty that fell to me to oversee and pissed me off royally.

“Of course, Kev. I can be there in…twenty minutes,” I said, glancing at the clock. Kevin’s sigh of relief almost made me smile…until I remembered that it was 7:15 on a Friday morning. Damn him and his unorganized craziness.

“Oh, Sam, thank God! I owe you big time for this!”

Yeah…and the million or so other times I’ve bailed out your butt.

“No biggie, Kevin. Ok, so, I’ll meet you at the store in twenty?”

“Great! See you later, Sam!”


I hung up the phone before I let one of my snide comments slip. Getting fired was not an option, and if I pissed Kevin off, no matter how much he liked me, I’d be out on my butt. Ugh! If I moved all the way to this disaster area and then got fired from the only reason I moved here in the first place, I think I might go on a random punching spree…okay, so not really, but I’d be mad enough to…

“All right, Sam, move your tubby butt!”

Knowing I’d have to walk the distance to the store, I quickly rushed into my bedroom and dressed. Slipping into jeans and a Mute Math tee shirt, I pulled my curly, unruly brown hair into a ponytail. When I’d gotten into my boots and matching bright pink raincoat, I grabbed my purse and jammed in my cell, my iPod, a tube of cherry chapstick, and my wallet. Pleased with myself for being ready in less than ten minutes, I rushed out the door. I started walking down the slabs of cement that passed as a sidewalk and pulled out my iPod to keep myself company. I sighed happily at the first strains of ‘Fairytale’ by Sara Bareilles rang through my ear buds.

The song had just finished and shuffled to ‘The Quest’ by Bryn Christopher when I heard an obnoxious car horn. I ignored it, thinking that someone in the intersection I had just walked through was avoiding a traffic accident. The horn sounded again. Damn it! I’m up at 7:30 am, what more do you want from me? In annoyance, I yanked my left ear bud out and turned to cuss out the obnoxious noisemaker. Shock raced through me when I saw Jasper Hale pulling up to the curb beside me, rolling down the passenger side window. With a quick glance at his face, I saw anger marring his statuesque features. The anger was also laced into his voice when he spoke.

“Why are you walking when it’s raining outside? You are going to catch your death out here!”

Did he really just say that? My grandmother says that! What is with this family?

“Um…is that a rhetorical question?”

His frustrated growl had me jerking back in surprise.

“Get in the car, Samantha. Now,” he said when I remained on the pavement.

“No, thank you. I don’t accept rides from men who are acting like jerks. Have a good day, Jasper.”

As I turned to walk away, I heard him yelling at me. Rolling my eyes, I turned back to him expectantly.

“Samantha, please, get in the car. What sort of gentleman would I be if I let a lady walk in the rain when I have this nice, dry car right here waiting?”

“The antithesis of a good little Southern gentleman, I’d guess. Sorry, but this lady is walking in the rain.”

“Please, Samantha…”

His eyes smoldered at me, the intensity nearly taking my breath away. When I noticed his smirk, however, I snapped back to reality. Angry with myself for falling for that charm of his, I raised my eyebrow, daring him to make me get into the car.

During our miniature staring contest, I noticed that this was a completely different car than the one he’d driven yesterday. Where the hell do they keep them all? First Edward’s Volvo, then Alice’s Porsche, and now a fricking Maserati GranTurismo? Is this guy kidding me? STOP! You cannot let this influence you to get in the damn car. Don’t be a baby! Just because this is your dream car and the most gorgeous man alive is driving it…oh, to Hell with it!

I sighed, hefting my purse over my shoulder. Leaning down and placing my arms on the edge of the open window, I stared Jasper down.

“Let’s get this straight. I am accepting a ride from you because I hate being wet and the rain is starting to blow, so my umbrella will do nothing for me. And also, I wouldn’t want you to have your gentleman’s card revoked, so…just this once. Okay?”

His answering smile was brilliant. I felt my heart stop and start again with the thrill of having that smile turned on me.

“Please, by all means, I must keep that card. It’s my only claim to any sort of nicety in my life. Esme would positively have my head. Samantha, your chariot awaits.”

His sweeping gesture across the cab made me laugh heartily. I quickly opened the door and got inside, hurriedly shutting out the dampness of Forks. After I was comfortable, Jasper took off, concentrating on the road. This left me the opportunity to ogle my dream car.

Oh, my GOD! I am in a Maserati! I barely resisted the urge to run a hand along the dashboard and tampered my squeal of delight. My brother always made fun of me for not knowing anything about cars, but I knew that a sports car was one wasteful purchase I’d wanted to make since I was sixteen. Being an intelligent person, I naturally did my research and chose the best one. For me, this was the GranTurismo. But with a starting price of 110,000 dollars, I knew I would most likely never see this car, much less own one. So, needless to say, being in this car was like Heaven on Earth. Jasper’s laugh brought me out of my reverie, my eyes focusing on his instantly.

“See? If you’d have refused the ride, you’d have missed this.”

He must have seen my eager eyes traveling over everything in the car. I blushed and looked away, ashamed at being caught in my daydream. I felt his cool hand on my shoulder and turned back to him.

“I’m sorry to have embarrassed you, Samantha. Your…exuberance was catching, and I—“

“Jasper, it’s all right. You didn’t offend me. There’s no reason to apologize. You only told the truth. I know I’d have been kicking myself later for turning down a ride in this car. It…I’ve wanted a sports car since I was old enough to drive and I just recently found the GranTurismo and knew it was me.”

Jasper’s smirk sent my eyebrow up in a mix of curiosity and annoyance. He chuckled and explained.

“That’s exactly how I chose her. I went to the lot with my brothers and knew she’d suit me to a ‘T.’”

I had to secretly agree…this sleek and powerful car certainly fit Jasper’s cool exterior perfectly. However, hearing him talk about the car, I wasn’t so sure that he was so sleek inside. I was beginning to think that Jasper Hale just might be deeper than anyone knew.

A comfortable silence spread over us then, like a thick fog. I realized that my iPod was still playing, and it happened to be my favorite song, ‘Bottle It Up’ by Sara Bareilles. I unconsciously began humming along.

“You have a gorgeous voice, Samantha.”

I blushed, looking at him. Sure that he was only trying to be nice, I smiled a thin-lipped smile.

“Thank you, but you’re being too kind. I don’t—“

“No, I’m not. But, I can see that you’d rather not believe me, so I’ll leave it alone. I apologize again.”

His face turned back to the road, but not before I noticed anger mar his face once again. I could see his jaw clench and unclench, his teeth grinding in his frustration. I am such a bitch! He was only trying to be nice by lying to me. Why did I have to make him feel so badly about it? Without even realizing it, I reached up to brush away the tears that had begun to fall. I looked out the window and noticed that were had arrived at Kevin’s shop. How the hell—oh, who cares! I need to get out of here! As I opened the door and put my foot on the curb, I felt a cold hand gently grasp my broken wrist. I flinched slightly and stopped moving, waiting for him to say something. When he spoke, he sounded appalled.

“Did I make you cry? Samantha, I’m—“

I spoke quickly, disengaging myself from his grasp without turning back. Thankfully, he let go. I stiffly spoke to him, hearing the chill in my own voice.

“No apology necessary. I’m sorry. Thank you very much for the ride.”

With that, I quickly hurled myself out of the car and slammed the door behind me, rushing down the sidewalk and away from Jasper Hale. I hadn’t cried over a man since my father left when I was eight. Damn you, Hale. I am stronger than this!

My mother’s words from that awful night came back to me in a rush. A man that can make you cry means more to you than you know. She had been trying to convince me that my father wasn’t the scum of the Earth and that he really did love my brother and me. I knew now that I was right and she wasn’t…which didn’t really make me feel much better about the whole situation. I wanted him to love us; I wanted him to want to be with us. That’s why I had cried, because I knew he didn’t, and it hurt more than anything.

Now, I hurt all over again because I probably had just ruined the best thing to happen to me in this God forsaken place. I had become oddly dependent upon Jasper’s calming presence in my twenty-four hours of living here.

Realizing my obsession, my horror at my behavior and myself grew. I’m treating him like my fricking boyfriend! I’ve known him a day and he’s shown little to no interest in me, and I’m treating him like he’s my BOYFRIEND! What kind of sick freak am I? I had reached the front stoop of the shop without knowing I’d been moving. Grateful, I collapsed onto it and buried my face in my hands.

At the angry squeal of tires, my head snapped up to look at the street. I saw the Maserati pulling away at what looked like one hundred miles an hour. Jasper’s angry profile could be seen from my vantage point, and it made me feel even angrier with myself. I had chased him away; I knew this with complete certainty. Well done, you moron. Say goodbye, now. I shook my head and my stupidity, knowing that would come to pass…and the fault lay on my head.