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There is no Bella. Alice is married to Edward. What would happen if I met Jasper? The sparks will fly and stuff will most definitely hit the fan! AU. Read and review! Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I do not own anything from the Twilight Saga; it's all Stephenie's genius. I also don't any of the music used in this story.

8. Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


I woke up the next morning groggy and disoriented. I attempted to roll over in bed…and fell smack onto the floor. Right…fell asleep on the couch. Cursing my now aching arms and head I stood slowly. After I was sure I was steady, I made my way to the kitchen for a glass of water. My mouth tasted like a cotton ball soaked in a whole lot of nastiness. Seeing the flakes of snow outside my window made me flinch. That means it’s freezing. Lovely. It’s Sunday, so I can avoid it today. Thank God for small miracles.

I refilled my glass and went back into the living room and plopped back onto the couch. As I caught sight of my phone, panic set in and the memory of what had happened rushed back, making me flinch for the second time in as many minutes. Well, it’s entirely my fault. I chased him away. Funny, he expected me to run.

I sighed and looked away from the phone, disgusted with what I’d done to Jasper. He was right…I’d been feeling a little worthless. It was nothing more than that simple question of what drew him to me. Now, curiosity has killed our relationship before it had begun. How big of an idiot are you, really? I sighed again as I thought of the answer: a pretty huge one.

Jasper POV

My entire family was ready to kick me out of the house. The foul mood I’d been in since I’d gotten home the night before was seeping into everyone else because I’d basically lost control of my power.

Focusing on anything at this point was damn near to impossible. She was all I could think of, the look on her face as I’d yelled then left her. As this memory went through my head, I had to fight to stay in the room to which I’d exiled myself. I had to fight to stay away from the person who was everything to me now, knowing she was hurting because of me.

I closed my eyes as another wave of pain washed over me. My door slamming the wall snapped me out of my pity party, nearly coming off its hinges. Turning my head slightly, I saw my brothers standing in the opening looking murderous. I sighed, readying myself for confrontation. Edward was the first to berate me.

“Jasper, no one can stand you this way anymore. We’re at each other’s throats one second and nearly knocked to our knees with grief the next. Even Esme is considering throwing you out of the house. If you don’t go back to Sam right now, I think we might.”

The sarcasm was clear and thick in my voice as I spoke.

“And what, you brought Emmett with you to literally carry out that threat?”

His smile was thin and grim. I felt anger rolling off him in waves.

“Yes, as a matter of fact. So, what will it be?”

I was saved from responding by the ringing of my infernal cell phone. I glared at the thing, nearly prepared to toss it out the window. When Edward glared at me, I sighed and resigned myself to answering. I saw the name on the caller id screen flash and almost crushed the phone in anger. He had seen the name flash in my mind and motioned to Emmett. They advanced menacingly upon me, stopping three steps away. I rolled my eyes and prepared myself to answer. Hearing her voice nearly made me fall to my knees with want and relief.

“Jasper? Hello?”

“Yes, what is it?”

I saw Edward and Emmett flinch at the ice in my tone, hearing her breath hitch in the same instant. At that moment, I felt like a monster the most I had since I’d found out what I was.

“C-can I please speak to you?”

“I think we’ve said anything that needs to be said.”

Sensing the end of the conversation, she began to panic.

“Jasper, wait, I need to talk to you. There’s something I have to tell you. Will you meet with me…just to talk…please,” she said on a sob. My breath whooshed out in a resigned sigh; I knew I would give her what she’d asked for.

“Of course. When and where?”

“Will you come back here…to my apartment? I’d like some…privacy.”

I almost smiled at her reference to my mind-reading snoop of a brother. His growl at that thought did make the ghost of a smile cross my lips.

“All right. When should I be there?”

Her slight hesitation confused me.

“Are you doing anything right now?”

“No. I’ll see you in ten minutes. Don’t move, I’m coming.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome. In a few,” I said, snapping the phone shut.

I looked over to see my brothers grinning ear to ear. Rolling my eyes, I bolted from the room, grabbing a coat along the way. Their booming laughter followed me out the door. They aren’t the ones about to get their hearts ripped out of their chests, damn them.


The hole I’d paced in the floor while making the decision to call Jasper again got bigger as I waited for him to arrive. I felt like my heart would explode. It nearly did when I turned to cut another swath in the carpet and saw him standing in the doorway. Ever fiber of my being wanted to leap at him, wanted his arms around me, but I knew I had to restrain myself.

“Come in and sit down.”

He stiffly followed my instructions, closing the door behind him. I sat down next to him and nearly burst into tears when he flinched and scooted farther away on the couch. Trying to think past the stabbing pain in my heart, I spoke.

“Jasper, I am so sorry. I know how mad it makes you to know that I think badly of myself. There are reasons, but not excuses, like I’ve told you. What I haven’t told you is that there is no way I can change that over night. I’m 22, Jasper. I’ve been this way for fourteen years. I’m trying, but—“

“But, what, Samantha? I am sick of always being the adult here, telling you how to act.”

I stared at him, too shocked to move for a second. When I’d processed exactly what he’d said, I slapped him across the face…hard. You know what happens when human bone smacks stone? Yeah…thought so. Luckily, I knew it wasn’t broken, but that didn’t stop the tears. I saw Jasper nearly reach out to me and stop himself from doing so. This pissed me off all over again. I’d learned my lesson the first time, so I lashed out at him with my damn mouth.

“I’m not the one acting like a child here, Whitlock. Now, shut up and let me finish a damn thought! Good. Where was I? Right. I was saying that I’m trying, but it’s hard to believe something when I’ve been told the opposite more than half my life. After last night, though, I think I finally started to believe you… I felt it, Jazz. I called you, but you must have ignored it, not that I can blame you for that.”

“No, I didn’t. I listened to it.”

I felt the color drain from my face in shock.

“Oh…then why didn’t you call me?”

“I figured you still hadn’t figured it out, so I wasn’t going to waste my time.”

“Wait, so let me get this straight. The fact that I love you isn’t proof that I believe that I’m worth something to you, even after you’d said you love me, too? What kind of—“

His hand over my mouth stopped my word vomit. I resisted the urge to bit his fingers to get his hand off.

“Stop right now. Did you just say what I think you said?”

My frustration had to have been in my eyes because I was feeling it up to my ears. I mumbled against his hand. Seeming to remember what he’d been doing with said hand, he removed it.

“I have no idea. What do you think I said? I’m not Edward, I can’t read your mind. Spit it out!”

I reran my little tirade in my head, trying to find what he was so anxious to hear. Suddenly, I remembered. Oh, yeah…that’s it. Well, here goes.

“Yeah, that…I love you, Jasper.”

His grin could’ve lit twenty football fields. Before I could smile back, his lips were on mine, gently but fervently urging me on. I was happy to respond. When I started to get dizzy without air, we broke apart. At that moment, his cell phone rang from his pocket. He groaned and pulled it out, answering it without giving me an inch of space. This meant that I could hear Alice’s scream of excitement. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, grinning the whole time.

I suddenly had a vivid mental picture of the little pixie jumping up and down with the phone on her hand and I couldn’t hold back the chuckle. Jasper looked at me, curiosity in his eyes. I gestured to the phone while shaking my head, indicating I’d tell him later. He nodded, slightly smiling.

“I told you, Jasper! You really shouldn’t bet against me.”

“I can grovel at your feet later. I’m in the middle of something here, pix.”

“Oh, hush, talking to me isn’t going to kill either of you.”

I could hear her talking to him quietly and I watched his face go hard for a second, then soften as he caught my eye. I grinned up at him.

“Give Sam the phone, Jasper. If you don’t, I swear I’ll come over there.”

The phone was to my ear before I could even think of protesting.

“Sam!! I’m so happy for you! I should take you shopping to celebrate. I saw this gorgeous pink—“

“That’s really nice of you, Alice, but—“

“No buts, Sam. Don’t worry, we are going to have lots of time together, so it doesn’t have to be right now. And don’t you dare think about saying no again. Besides, that’s a silly reason. Consider it a gift, from one sister to another. I’d better let you go now, or Jasper is going to explode. Talk to you both later.”

She disconnected before either one of us could get another word in. I sighed, handing the phone back to Jasper. He raised an eyebrow at my stunned expression.

“What the hell was that?”

“I think that was the first time Alice railroaded you into something.”

He laughed as I groaned and buried my face in his chest.

“What was she talking about? She said that it was a ‘silly reason’ and to ‘consider it a gift.’”

“Huh? Oh…she must have seen me saying no because I don’t have time or money for a shopping trip. I’m guessing no one ever says no to her when she’s in shopper mode.”

“You figured that out fast. It’s best to avoid betting against her. I really hate it when she gets smug because she was right.”

I laughed and disentangled myself from him, keeping a hold of only a hand. He tugged my hand and led me to the couch. As I sank into its cushions, I realized how tired and hungry I was. Well, what do you expect after a night on the damn couch and skipping meals.

“You skipped breakfast again, didn’t you? Did you sleep at all last night?”

“Yes to both questions. I never even finished the damn sandwich before I passed out on the sofa.”

His sigh and cluck of the tongue made me grin as I let my head flop back on the cushions.

“I’m going to find you something to eat. Stay right here, I’ll hurry.”

“A vampire hunting for lunch in a cupboard full of food? That’s a picture I’d like to have. Lemme see?”

“Nope. I’ll be back.”

Before I could respond he was out of sight. I heard the cupboard doors opening and closing and couldn’t hide my smirk. I wonder if he’ll make something edible. This ought to be interesting. Literally thirty seconds later, he was standing in front of me, holding out a granola bar.

“This will hold you for a while. You can make yourself something else after you sleep.”

I snatched the bar away from him, a bit peeved a being treated like a two-year-old. Resigning myself to the treatment because I knew why he was doing it, I opened the wrapper and took a bite of the chewy granola.


“Of course.”

I rolled my eyes, reaching for the television remote and clicking it on. Enough of watching the human eat. I need to check the national news anyway. I put the remote back on the end table and grabbed Jasper’s hand, pulling him onto the couch. Finished with my “lunch,” I snuggled closer to him and put my head on his shoulder. I about had a heart attack when he one-upped me and pulled me onto his lap. I felt the wave of calm he pushed on me relax my muscles. My arms slid around his neck seemingly on their own. My contented sigh made him chuckle.

“This is nice.”

“Yep. You should be sleeping, missy.”

“I promise I’ll go when the news is over. Please?”

His whooshing sigh had me fighting off a grin.

“Fine. Stubborn little soldier.”

He started to rub soothing circles on my back, effectively turning me to mush. I felt the subtle wave of fatigue he sent at me and scowled.

“Cheater. Knock it off.”

Another wave hit me, and this time speaking capability was gone. I was in the state between sleep and being awake. When he stood with me in his arms, I jolted back to awareness, but was still totally sleepy. I yawned and kept my eyes closed as I burrowed into him. Suddenly, I felt myself falling. I gripped onto Jasper tighter with my eyes still glued shut.

“Jazz…stay with me.”

“I’ll be here, I promise.”

“No, stay here…please?”

I heard that sigh and barely registered being pleased before I was in the half awake, half asleep world. I felt Jasper next to and softness underneath me. I vaguely remember pulling myself closer to him and burying my face in his neck, inhaling his scent. The last remotely coherent moment was the kiss I placed on it as I slipped into sleep.

Jasper POV That little moment had my stomach quivering for the first time in decades. Her gentle kiss on my neck, her warm breath in my ear, her whispered words running through my head…I love you…she finally understood. My little soldier had fought for me and won me over and I’d won her in return. The ecstatic happiness in my system made me want to yell out loud. If I’d known that our happiness would be shattered soon, I might have taken her to away and hidden us instead of watching her sleep like a lovesick fool.