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Ready to Tell

This is a companian to chapter 1 and 2 in Wolf love. it shows how Jacob feels about Bella and how he was going to tell her.


1. Chapter 1

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Jacobs POV

I was running to Bella’s house. I couldn’t take it any more I needed to see her, it had already three whole weeks since we last saw each other. That was also the day were I hurt her even more and didn’t keep my promise to her. How stupid could I be for listening to the guys. Bella was my love, she was my first priority and will always be.

Jake slow down! Embry said

Don’t do what I think your going to do. Quil thought.

Shut up! I’m just taking a run thought the trees. I lied

Jake we can hear your thoughts, your going to go and see Bella.Quil replied

Oh whatever! I thought back I’m just going to say hi. I haven’t seen her in weeks.

Quil give him a break, lets go.


Thanks Embry.

No prob, Jake.

Then they phased back to human and I had my thoughts to myself. Thank god!Yeah, right!

Can you leave, Leah

No. can you

Whatever I’m almost there anyways

What, to Bella’s house.

Yeah why?

Nothing, don’t let Sam catch you. I heard her sniff, she was crying. Probably from Sam.

No I’m not and he’s not the problem.

Whatever, later. and I phased back. I put my pants on and went to knock on the front door.

“Hey Charlie, is Bella here?” I asked

“No.” Charlie said. What, where is she.

“Where is she?” I asked .

“Sorry Jake but she went to California.” What? California! Why would she go there

“Why did she go to California?”

“Her mother thought it best that she goes to our summer home and clear her mind and let her think about things.”

“Oh when did she leave?”

“She got on the airplane about an 5 hours ago.”

“When will she back?”

“In a few weeks.” In a few weeks!!

“Oh well tell her to call me when she gets back.”

“Okay.” I was turning to go. “Oh Jake she has her phone maybe you can call her.”

“Sure, sure” I said. I ran into the forest and phased.

Finally I had my mind to myself. I was running home. I wanted to call Bella.What is she your little girlfriend now?

Leah I thought you were gone? And no she’s not my girlfriend.


Why do you care anyways! What did Sam ignore you.

You’re a dick Jake! Then she phased back to humanFinally peace and quite.

Oops sorry. Jared said and shifted back to human also.

As I reached my house I phased back, again and ran to the phone. I dialed Bella’s number as fast as I could. It kept ringing but no one every answered. She should have picked up her phone the flight to California is only 2 hours. Huh! Why cant Bella just figure out what I am. I was a real dick to her. I tore her up even more when I should’ve filled the emptiness in her chest instead of making it bigger and harder for her. I don’t care what will happen to me, I’m going to tell Bella what I am and that I love her. Well as soon as she comes back or picks up her dam phone!

My eyes were getting heavy. I haven’t slept in two days. I’ll call Bella when I get up. As I finally gave up to the darkness and exhaustion I had a feeling something was wrong with Bella.