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Emmetts Other Love

Rosalie is hurt Broken from the pain that emmett has caused her, 35 years later can she still forgive him? Will his unfaithfulness scar her forever or will she find someone to help her through it, could she possibly turn to the most unlikely member of her family to cry on? Renesmee cannot bear to be with the one who imprinted on her. so who will she be with? Will Jacob be strong enough to live through renesmee's rejection or will her turn into a shell of his true self?

This is my view of what would happen if emmett decided he wanted something other than rosalie. what will edward do when he is the one that rose turns to?

2. Renesmee is Expecting

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35 years later

Rosalie's POV

"Rosalie, come on. We're going to be late!"

How dare he. I could be late as much as I liked.

And how dare he be patronising to me on this very day.

It was only 35 years later that it happened.

Caleb flitted to my side.

"Rosey, come on, please don't be mad at dad, I really want our first day at school as a family to be special."

I smiled down at my step-son. He truly was magnificent.

A true soul lay beneath his beautiful features. I bent down to kiss Caleb on the cheek.

"Ok honey. I'm coming down. I just like to annoy him sometimes."

Caleb chuckled. We run at vampire speed toward the rest of our family waiting for me downstairs.

Emmett leaned towards me and kissed me. I sprung back.

"Uh, lip gloss, hello"

"Woops, sorry Rosalie, I forgot."

He wasn't allowed to call me rose anymore, not since I found out her had called that filthy slut a nickname as well.

Caleb walked towards renesmee and put his arm around her waist.

They were so cute together. I'm so glad she didn't end up marrying Jacob. Ugh, that filthy dog was out of the house finally.

The stink was no longer there thank god.

Ifumbled in my bag for my car keys.

"Nessie, Caleb, do you want to ride with me? Or would you rather take your own cars?"

We'll ride with you aunty rose." Nessie replied, beaming at me, she was glad I had offered, due to the fact

Edward and Bella still didn't approve of her marriage to Caleb. "Alrighty then. I'll drive."

I loved riding my red Lamborghini, it was the lushest car I had owned, and it was just amazing.

I slid into my seat and pressed my foot on the accelerator driving at 120 mph.

I didn't offer Emmett a chance to ride with me, that was another one of the rules, no riding together unless absolutely necessary.

I could hear Nessie and Caleb making out behind me. I smiled, at least my niece and step-son could be happy.

I wonder what Caleb would think of he knew I murdered his mother.

It was a long time ago so even I sometimes forgot it happened.

If only Caleb could have been my son, then none of this would have ever happened, he was the perfect son for me. He was beautiful, polite, charming, a gentlemen, but most of all he knew how to attract attention. You would never find Caleb sitting in a corner quietly being humble and shy.

No way, Caleb was a loud ladies man type boy. He could brighten up a dull crowd of people by just simply being there. He radiated optimism and happiness; he was just a breath of fresh air.

I couldn't possibly think of anyone like Caleb. He was truly unique.

He and renesmee just went well together, her with her copper locks and brown hair, and him with his light brown floppy hair and the softest green eyes I had ever seen.

It was like pieces of a puzzle fit together. I sighed loudly.

"Rosey? You ok?" I turned my gaze away from the road to look at Caleb.

"I'm fine honey, I was just thinking about you and Nessie. How perfect you are together."

"Aunt rose; you know that I think you should finally forgive Emmett. I know what he did is really unforgivable, but just be the bigger person and forgive him. And damn turn back to the steering wheel!"

"Sorry Nessie. I'll be careful next time. And you know what; I think I might do exactly that."

Edwards POV

Trust rose to pick the perfect excuse to get Caleb and Nessie together.

At least they couldn't get up to too much with rose around. Come to think of it, they might get up to even more with her there.

"Edward, stop it. Nessie and Caleb are married; you can't control her life anymore."

"I know Bella. I just can't stop thinking about Jacob and the pain he's in because of renesmee."

"Edward you know that she can't control who she falls in love with. And most importantly, what where we supposed to do? Force her into marrying Jacob. That's hardly fair, for either of them."

"I know your right. I guess I just have to live with it."

"Of corse I'm right." She smirked.

I rolled my eyes.

I felt sorry for Emmett as well. He never spent anytime alone with rose apart from during the night. Even then she tried to delay that as long as possible.

Emmett was paying, and he was paying hard. I'm just happy she accepted Caleb into the family.

After his mother died Emmett was put in a difficult situation, he couldn't just leave Caleb, but he was too scared to ask Rosalie.

Funnily enough, with Jade out of the way rose was more than happy to accept Caleb. It wasn't that I didn't like Caleb or anything.

Or think that he was too good for Nessie; I just wish it was Jacob instead. I'm just glad they didn't have time to go on a honeymoon.

I'm sure I'm not ready to be a grandfather just yet...

We pulled up outside Mayfield high school in England. We had moved to England recently, Rosalie kept moaning about the fashion in Seattle, so we figured if we moved to London she would have no reason to moan.

owever in England 17 year olds couldn't drive, so only Emmett, Rosalie and jasper could drive, as they where pretending to be 18.

Across the parking lot jasper came out of his Black Sniper with Alice in tow and Rosalie out of her lambo with Caleb and Nessie behind.

I was actually quite excited about this year.

Rose and Emmett were in the same year together so there was no way she could avoid him.

However Alice kept moaning about not being in the same year as jasper.

Nessie and Caleb walked towards us linked arm in arm. Renesmee put her hand hand against my cheek and showed me a mind movie of her with a little child in her arms and Caleb standing next to her. What the hell?