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Emmetts Other Love

Rosalie is hurt Broken from the pain that emmett has caused her, 35 years later can she still forgive him? Will his unfaithfulness scar her forever or will she find someone to help her through it, could she possibly turn to the most unlikely member of her family to cry on? Renesmee cannot bear to be with the one who imprinted on her. so who will she be with? Will Jacob be strong enough to live through renesmee's rejection or will her turn into a shell of his true self?

This is my view of what would happen if emmett decided he wanted something other than rosalie. what will edward do when he is the one that rose turns to?

4. Jasper is a cheater

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Edward's POV

I held Bella's hand as we walked into Esme and Carlisle's house. I could hear Rose talking to Adam. She really loved him.

Not in the way she had loved Nessie, but differently. When we appeared in the living room, Adam's eyes lit up.

"Hello grandpa and grandma. I'm sorry for biting you grandpa." Again with the grandpa nonsense.

I wasn't that old. Bella giggled, she thought it was hilarious that Adam had bit me.

"Hello honey. Would you like grandma to hold you?"

"Yes please." Aw.

He was actually really cute. You just had to like him. He was too polite and well mannered.

Bella picked him up and blew raspberries on his tummy. She looked good with a baby.

Being a grandma suited her. Just then Alice, jasper, Emmett and esme appeared.

They had just been hunting and their cheeks looked flushed. Emmett walked towards Rosalie and kissed her on the cheek, for once she didn't flinch.

Things had been going good for them lately. I might have something to do with Adam. I hope they would finally make up properly.

Emmett just wasn't the same without rose. He didn't crack his jokes, or annoy anyone; it was like his life had been sucked out of him.

Bella raised her eyebrows at me, indicating she noticed Rosalie's reaction to Emmett. I nodded briefly.

Alice's eyes closed and I saw jasper tense beside her, she was obviously having a vision.

"Caleb, and rose, I think Nessie is there too. The truth. It's going to come out. Caleb's mother. Emmett."

Alice opened her eyes. "7 days."

Rosalie's POV

Crap, Alice's vision said something about jade and the truth.

I started reciting the German alphabet backwards in my head. I couldn't risk Edward finding out now.

Not yet. Not when things were going so well for me. I had actually started to forgive Emmett, and now Caleb thought of me as a mother, I couldn't ruin it now.

What was I going to do? "Edward, I need to talk to you."

"I'm coming rose."

I headed towards the forest; I couldn't risk anyone hearing us.

"I need to tell you what happened to jade." I looked down, avoiding his eyes, I didn't know what his reaction would be.

He looked at me quizzically urging me to go on.

"She didn't die in a car crash, I killed her."

He started laughing.

"What did I miss? Is it April fools day or something?"

What the hell? I just admitted to murdering someone and he was laughing?

"What? You murdered jade?" his eyes shot up, finally understanding I wasn't joking.

Edward's eyes turned black. He started shaking his head. He was trying to pretend he didn't hear anything.

"No, no no. You can't. How could you Rose? What were you thinking? Did you really want to hurt Emmett and Caleb so much?"

I couldn't take it anymore, living with this guilt for 36 years had changed me so much,

"you don't understand Edward. I had no choice. Just hear me out ok. That night when she came over with Caleb to visit Emmett I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Why did she, an irresponsible uncaring half-vampire be able to grant Emmett with a child and not me? Why was she so special?

She had given Emmett what I could never give him. From that moment on, I knew she would never give me and Emmett peace.

She would always be there, claiming that Caleb was here son, being the centre of attention. Apart from Royce I had never hated someone so much.

She had to be rid of. I couldn't stand being in the same room as her. Apart from Bella and Alice everyone else accepted Jade with open arms.

I wasn't jealous; I just knew that she didn't belong here. That night I told everyone that I was going hunting but really I went to jade's house.

I made sure Caleb was asleep, and then I killed her. I had to fake her death so I set her car on fire.

But I can never regret killing her. Her death brought me Caleb; the son I never had."

As I finished my speech I saw Edward looking gobsmacked.

I threw myself into my brother's arms.

I'm so sorry Edward. I don't deserve to be here right now. I should be in the bottom of the fieriest pit of hell. Everyone's going to hate me.

"Rose. I promise not to tell anyone, but I need you to swear you'll tell Emmett."

Why? What was the point? It wouldn't change anything. It won't bring jade back.

"Rose. It's not fair on Emmett."


Alice's POV

Ugh. If only Jacob was here. I was getting a major headache with Adam around.

Not that I didn't enjoy his company.

I loved talking to him, he had the sweetest voice and I missed having a little child around, it had been ages since Nessie had been little.

It was my turn to go hunting but the vision I had was disturbing me. What was it about jade which linked rose and Emmett together?

I took Adam from esme wanting to spend some time with him. I couldn't believe I was a great aunt now, but I made sure Adam called me Alice.

I was so happy for Rosalie. She finally got what she wanted, a son who loved her. I loved Caleb like my own son. After his mothers death he was hopeless.

He couldn't even tie his own shoe laces without help. He truly lost it. Thankfully he had 5 female vampires with nothing better to do than help him.

Renesmee was there for him the most, they connected instantly.

I was lonely sometimes however. Bella and Edward lived in a separate house, as did renesmee and Caleb.

The only people living here with esme and Carlisle were me jasper, Rosalie and Emmett.

I and Rosalie have got closer since her heartbreak, it was like she suddenly let her mask down.

She didn't have to pretend to be the mean spiteful blonde bitch she always acted like.

However I sometimes missed her that way, she was the Rosalie I knew and loved, during her heartbreak she became really depressed and unhappy, causing jasper the same emotion.

It was beyond doubt a hard time for our family.

Tonight was family night which meant that everyone was staying over and we would be doing something together.

It was my day today which meant I could pick which activity I wanted to do. I naturally picked the Xbox dance mat.

This was mine and renesmee's favourite game.

"Alice, me you living room, dance mat." I could see an evil look in Nessie's eyes.

"You're on." I skipped towards the dance mat, giddy with excitement.

I picked the professional level, which was the hardest for humans, however was really easy for me and Nessie.

As the music started I could see jasper sending me waves of excitement.

He knew when I got excited I moved faster. I could see renesmee getting slower. What was jasper doing?

"Jasper! Stop cheating, I know you're trying to make me calm but it's not working!"

renesmee tried to screech at jasper but the calm was wearing on her.

I turned to wink at jasper. What a clever vampire I was married to.

Somehow Nessie won. I think Caleb might have helped her by using his telekinesis. What a cheater.

That night I had another vision. Or should I say didn't have a vision; there was Nessie, Caleb, Adam, and then a missing piece of my vision.

It was like a white veil of nothingness. The only time I had these types of dreams were with werewolves.

Werewolves! Duh. I debated whether telling anyone. I decided that it would much better as a surprise.

I missed Jacob a lot. I still didn't understand why Nessie refused his proposal to marriage.

But then again I see her point of view on things as well: she saw Jacob as her big brother, never as a lover.

It would be like me marrying Emmett. I shuddered. Ugh.