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Emmetts Other Love

Rosalie is hurt Broken from the pain that emmett has caused her, 35 years later can she still forgive him? Will his unfaithfulness scar her forever or will she find someone to help her through it, could she possibly turn to the most unlikely member of her family to cry on? Renesmee cannot bear to be with the one who imprinted on her. so who will she be with? Will Jacob be strong enough to live through renesmee's rejection or will her turn into a shell of his true self?

This is my view of what would happen if emmett decided he wanted something other than rosalie. what will edward do when he is the one that rose turns to?

5. Nessie is a Barbie Doll

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Somewhere on the other side of the world.

Jacobs POV

I caught her scent again. But only a whiff of it. Nessie, oh Nessie where are you? I knew that if I just rung up Bella she would tell me where they where. But I couldn't. I had too much pride.

I was going to walk in there grab Nessie and kiss her like there is no tomorrow. I'm sure then she will see how much I am not her brother.

It has been 37 years since I last saw her. I still remember her delicate bronze curls and shocking brown eyes. I missed her so much.

I knew it was a mistake asking her to marry me so soon. I can still remember that day...


I stared at her and the way she hunted. She was truly a goddess. "Nessie?" She turned from the elk she had been feeding from to look at me.

"Yes Jake?" "Do you want to go to that restaurant in Port Angels tonight?" She frowned checking in her memory to make sure she didn't have anything to do tonight.

"Sure Jake." She grinned as she raced back to the house beating me because I let her.

Before we even opened the front door Alice appeared and dragged Nessie inside. Huh?

"I'll explain later Jacob. Right now Nessie has to get ready for her hot date." Oh. Alice was going to use Nessie as a Barbie doll for the rest of the evening.

Aw. I wanted to spend some more time with her. Oh well, I guess I didn't really want Alice to bite my head off for refusing her attempts at letting Nessie play dress up.

I walked into the kitchen suddenly ravenous. The cullen's had learned to stock up well with food when I was around; which was most of the time.

I raided the bread bin and opened the fridge for PB&J. My favourite food ever, no kidding. I could have about 20 of those sandwiches and still want more.

Edward walked in just as I was about to take my first bite. "Jacob. Are you taking renesmee out tonight?" Oh, right.

I had forgotten to ask the almighty father for permission. "Oh haha Jacob. I just want to make sure she's home by her curfew."

I rolled my eyes. So much for Vampiric freedom. "Yeah, whatever." I guess I should start acting more mature around my father-in-law. Oops. Did I just let that slip? Hopefully he wasn't listening to my thoughts.

"Jacob Black. Are you implying that you and Renesmee are going to get married." Double oops. He had heard.

"Of corse not Edward. I haven't proposed yet." Edward pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. He still thought of renesmee as a little girl.

He didn't understand that she was a woman now. Anyhow, Bella would back me up. "I hope for you sake she does Jacob. I really do."

I checked the time to make sure that I wasn't running late. I had booked as reservations for 7 pm. It was 6:12. Perfect. Now, where was Nessie?

"She'll be down in a few minutes. Alice is just finishing." I smiled wryly. I really hated that he could read my thoughts. He chuckled. Oh, go ahead and laugh why don't you?

He rolled his eyes and went out into the hallway to wait for Nessie to come downstairs.

I followed pursuit, and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw gliding down the stairs. It was like the sexier version of an angel.

I was speechless. Renesmee was wearing a black dress that cut off at her thighs. She had a purple belt around her waist and matching high heels. Her hair had been straightened and styled to look fuller.

She was dazzling. I blinked once snapping out of my trance. Nessie was waving her hands in front of my face trying to get my attention.

"Jacob, hello? Anyone there?" "Umm. Hi. Nessie. You look amazing." I looked her up and down once again taking in her amazing figure.

She blushed furiously. "Thanks Jake." Edward was obviously disapproving of her outfit. If he made her change out of it I swear I would hunt him down.

He and Alice seemed to be having a silent argument. She looked as if she would beat me to it. Edward cleared his throat.

He looked as if he was being forced to speak, "Renesmee, you look lovely dear. Make sure your home before 11."

"Thank you daddy and I will." She turned back to me and linked her arm through mine.

"Shall we?" "Yes. My car's parked in the front drive." The Cullen's had bought me a car for my birthday. It was a black Lamborghini.

I beyond doubt loved my car. I got in the drivers seat and Nessie slid in the passenger seat. This was going to be a good night.

When we arrived at La Bella Italia I told renesmee to take a seat while I spoke to the waitress. I gave her the proposal ring I had bought renesmee and told her to put it in Nessie's champagne. The waitress was so excited and kept on jumping up and down.

She kind of creeped me out but I trusted her to do it right. During the meal I kept staring at Nessie and wondering how such an angel could love me. Finally it was time for the main course and the champagne was brought over by the waitress.

"Jacob? Are we celebrating something?" "Yes Nessie." The waitress poured champagne into Nessie's glass and handed it to her. Nessie saw the ring and was puzzled.

"Jake? What is this? Are you getting married?" What was she talking about?

"Nessie, will you marry me?" I asked her as I bent down on one knee. "

"Jacob what are you talking about? You're my best friend. My brother. How could you think..? I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I have to leave."

--End of flashback--

That was the last time I had seen Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Tears were running down my cheeks as I replayed the scene in my head.

I had tried hard not to think about but I couldn't stand it any longer. As I approached Seattle airport Nessie's scent grew stronger.

She left the country? But where would she go? It would have to be somewhere cloudy with not much sun.

England. Of corse. How stupid could I be? Obviously I wasn't able to find Nessie because she wasn't even in this state.

I used the last of the money Billy left for me in his will to buy plane tickets.

Edward's POV

Rosalie. I was still stunned as how she could have killed jade. And did she never consider how this could hurt Caleb?

I knew that she adored Caleb so I still can't believe she killed his mother. Emmett must never find out. If he does I have no idea how he will take it. He won't blame Rosalie.

He'll blame himself, and Rosalie will too. She won't take the blame on herself. I was getting a migrane thinking about all this.

Bella saw my confused expression and walked over to me.

"What's wrong Edward?" crap. Was I supposed to tell Bella? I knew she wouldn't tell anyone but Rosalie might not want Bella to know.

"Bella, I need to tell you something." She frowned trying to figure out what I was going to say. "Alice had a vision about Jacob, he was here with us."

Her features changed into a smile when I mentioned Jacob's name then changed into an alarmed expression as she took in what I said.

"But how? What about Adam, and Caleb. What will Jacob do? Oh no. And Nessie, how will she react?" I just shook my head.

My family were going to be shattered soon, I could almost feel it. Heartbreak, tears, hurt, pain.

I just hope I'm wrong.

Renesmee POV

I never knew being a mother would affect me so much. Suddenly not only did I have Caleb to love and all my family but also something that was already part of me. Adam.

It was as if my love for them grew. Bella and rose have been really supportive in helping me care for Adam. I was so happy right now; nothing in the world could take this happiness from me.

I had my whole family with me and a loving and caring husband. And Caleb: my son, who meant everything to me. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Somewhere at the back of my mind, though I knew that something was missing. Maybe not so much something as someone. Jacob. He was my best friend; the person who I had shared most of my early life with.

Bella told me that he would be coming to visit me soon. I heard Adam’s cry from upstairs, I waited expecting rose to see to him and then I remembered I was the only one here.

Everyone else had gone to hunt. “I'm coming honey.” I called running up the stairs.

I was not expecting to see what I saw next.