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Shopping Trip

Alice and the girls go shopping!!!Basically, I REALLY random story about alice, rosalie, renesmee, and bella go shopping @ the mall. Hope u like it! banner made by the amazing TheRealCullen!=]


1. The Mall

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Yes! I have the perfect plan! I thought excitedly as I skipped down the hallway to Renesmee’s room. When I got there, I peeked in and saw Jacob sleeping on the bed and Renesmee was sitting beside him reading. I knocked gently on the door, so I wouldn’t wake Jacob. Renesmee looked up and tiptoed out of her bedroom door to where I was standing.

"I have something to tell you!"I whispered to Nessie.


"We are going on a shopping trip!" I almost shrieked.

"What? Why? What if I don’t want to? Huh? What are you gonna do about that?"

"Well, you are coming along. I saw it in my vision, so get your purse, and lets go!"

"Ok, fine. Be right back." Renesmee said as she quietly walked back into her room to get her purse. Nessie came back out momentarily, and gently closed the door behind her. We walked out of the door, and got into my yellow Porsche. Moments later, Rosalie and Bella got in the car too. I knew that they were coming and the reason why. They both wanted a day away from their husbands, and have a fun ‘Girls Day’ shopping with Renesmee and me.

When we got to the mall, we all got out and linked arms. This is going to be so much fun! We went straight to the spot where all of the naughty looking clothes were, just in case anybody wanted any.

"Ooo! Emmet will love this! I can’t wait to see his face when his eyes see this outfit! Maybe we’ll have another honeymoon! But trust me, I’m not complaining about the honeymoons..." Rosalie gushed.

"Um, bad mental picture! Those are the kind of thoughts you keep in your head." complained Bella. After Rosalie bought her selected outfits, we walked over to the comfortable, but very glamourous, clothes. We all bought a few things from that department. Renesmee was getting really hungry, so we decided to stop at the food court, and get something to eat. Nessie ordered something plain and simple, a hot dog with ketchup and mustard. I found a really big table for us with a lot of extra space. We sat down and waited patiently for Renesmee to finish her lunch. A few minuets later, four really cute guys sta down next us. They were two blondes and two brunettes. The first blonde next to me spoke first.

"Hey, I’m Tony. This is my brother, Zach," Tony pointed to the other blonde. "And these are my friends, Mason and Mark."

"Um, hi. I am Alice. This is Bella, Rosalie, and Renesmee."I said pointing to my family beside me.

"So, you girls single?" Mark asked hopeful.

"Sorry, no. we are all taken." Rosalie said.

"Oh, that’s too bad." said a very disappointed Zach.

"Yeah, but we got to go now, so nice meeting you." Bella said as we stood up.

"No, please, stay with us. You don’t have to tell your boyfriends anything! What ever happens tonight can be our little secret." persuaded Mason.

"Actually, we are all married, except me, but I would never give up my man." Renesmee said.

"Yeah, bye." I said, ending the conversation. We left the four boys behind and decided we were all ready to go home. The drove home didn’t take very long. When we got home, we were ambushed by very worried guys.

"Where were you girls?" asked a worried Jacob.

"Relax, we just went shopping." said a calmed Renesmee.

"Oh, okay. Did you find everything that you needed?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Did you have fun?"

"Well, um, it was fun for most of it." I said.

"Why wasn’t it fun for all of it?" Jasper asked. At that moment, I knew that we were all thinking of meeting those four obnoxious boys.

"Don’t ask." Rosalie, Bella, Renesmee, and I said at the same time, then following that we all laughed.