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Eternal Reminders

Takes place the day Bella escapes Alice to La Push while Edward is away hunting.

What if Jacob hadn't been able to control himself around Bella? Wouls she be yet again endangering herself, as her vampire family believes, or will she prove that werewolves are harmless around the people they care about? And what will the consequences be for poor Bella?

T just in case.

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This idea came to me whilst re-reading New Moon. I really like this idea, so I'll be spending most of my spare time updating on here!

10. Alibi

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Edward’s POV

I made it back to Forks without any interference from the wolves, but I doubted that it would be long before they found Jacob’s body. And there was no doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t be long before they came after me or one of my family. They may even get Charlie involved to tack the blame onto me, just to turn him and Bella against me. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Not that I wouldn’t be able to buy myself out of any punishment for his death if it came down to that, but it would be an annoyance to have to deal with that as well as a war with the canines. So, just to be safe, I spent some time fleshing out an alibi, in case they decided to complicate my life further.

First, I went back to my house to find a change of clothes. The ones I had on now were ripped, and had some of Jacob’s blood on them. I couldn’t risk anyone asking leading questions; I didn’t want to plant even a seed of doubt in anyone’s minds. After I changed into something almost identical to what I had been wearing, I went into the backyard, and burned the ruined clothes. Better to not leave any evidence.

When I ran back to the hospital, I made sure to circle to the front of the building from the direction that I had left. I was careful to angle my reappearance so that I could have simply been just out of sight, if anyone happened to be questioned. Lingering on the sidewalk, I kept up the appearance of someone who could barely handle what they were going back to face, before outwardly setting my face and walking through the doors with confidence. Internally, however, I was still unstable; even with Jacob slowly dying from my venom, Bella was still here, and was potentially going to be staying here-or someplace like it- for the rest of her mortal life. The thoughts of the people who did recognize me here didn’t help me to feel better either.

Poor kid, his parents die and now his fiancé is in a coma, how terrible. That was the general consensus coming from those who knew the tragic stories of the Cullen family.

It could be worse, I suppose.

I decided to make myself take the elevator up to Bella’s floor, more out of necessity than convenience. More people would see me this way, which would make it harder to pin the blame of Jacob’s murder on me later, if it came to that.

The elevator was too slow for my liking, and there was only one other person in the compartment with me- a young nurse who looked like she was fresh from school. I would have made conversation with her had her thoughts not been as uncouth as they had been. Having a tight alibi didn’t necessitate any activity that she was contemplating…

Right before the doors opened, I heard a wavering in the thoughts that belonged to Charlie. I hadn’t been paying very close attention to him since I had gotten to the hospital; he was too focused on Bella. His thoughts had always been a bit muddy for me to sift through, so it made it difficult to pin down exactly what had changed in the past few seconds. Once the doors opened, and I walked a little down the hallway, I had better access to them.

Why the hell is the station calling me, they know not to bother me right now?! If it’s that new deputy that just transferred here…

I couldn’t be sure that he was being called already about Jacob being found dead, but I would find out soon enough. When I was barely a yard from the door to Bella’s room, Charlie burst out, all but yelling into his phone. He nodded in my direction as he stormed to the elevator. Before I could process his thoughts, I had my very small, very angry sister growling not an inch from my face before pulling me into the room.

“What. Have. You. Done?”