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Eternal Reminders

Takes place the day Bella escapes Alice to La Push while Edward is away hunting.

What if Jacob hadn't been able to control himself around Bella? Wouls she be yet again endangering herself, as her vampire family believes, or will she prove that werewolves are harmless around the people they care about? And what will the consequences be for poor Bella?

T just in case.

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This idea came to me whilst re-reading New Moon. I really like this idea, so I'll be spending most of my spare time updating on here!

5. Emotion

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1013   Review this Chapter

Jasper’s POV

I felt him run by before I saw it.

Edward was a mere blur with his speed, which was definitely saying something when it was a vampire who was watching him run. His emotions, especially, were eerily strong. Well, only one emotion really; fear was the only thing that was emanating from him at the moment. His fear was so strong I could all but smell it, and was instantly on the defensive. Something had happened to make him flee, but I couldn’t find out just what. I couldn’t smell any scent other than ours, and I couldn’t feel any emotions coming from anyone, other than the ones I was feeling from my brothers and father.

Edward’s flight caught the other’s attention. They looked at me, and without a spoken word, I could feel their confusion behind the spectacle. Before I could report to them what I had felt from Edward, the cell phone in my pocket buzzed. Quickly scanning the caller I.D., I discovered that Edward was calling. Was this a warning, a plea to follow his lead and run?

I flipped open the phone, “Edward, what’s happened? What’s wrong?”

“Jazz, you’re not in danger, don’t alarm the others. Alice called, Bella’s been hurt badly. I took the car. Sorry, but you guys are going to have to run back to Forks. “

Bella? She was hurt, again? But why the urgency? I could feel more confusion from the others as they edged closer to where I was standing. Probably hoping to hear the conversation better.

“How bad is she, Edward? Surly you could have waited to tell us so we could go back together?”

“She’s bad enough that Alice refused to tell me what was going on until I got to the hospital. Look, I’m almost there; I’ll call you guys when I hear anything. Sorry again about the car.”

So she was badly enough injured that she was in the hospital. She was badly enough injured for Alice to beg Edward to come at once. I suppose my face had become a mask of horror; Carlisle was giving off waves of concern, while Em was giving off a muted mix of fear and helplessness.

“How much of that did you two hear?”

They didn’t need to answer my question, their faces said everything. After a look that was shared by the three of us, we bolted out of the field, as a unit.

Edward wouldn’t need to call. We would be there for him in Forks.

Edward’s POV

I threw all of the power I had ever possessed into my legs as I flew past my brothers and father. I needed to get to the Mercedes; it would get me to the hospital faster and be less conspicuous. It killed me that I had to worry about that at this particular moment in time, but it was also a relief that I could travel as quickly as I could. The one thing that was good about the demon that I was.

Once I reached the car and was making my way onto the highway, I remembered what Jasper had been thinking. He was afraid that something was going to happen to them. I groaned, and pulled out my phone once again. The last thing I needed was to hear that they had gone home and warned Esme and Rose that there was an attack and that I had abandoned them in their time of need.

It didn’t take long for Jasper to answer, and it barely took much longer to get off the phone with him. I was on the main street in Forks, if it could be called that. In a town so small, even Main Street would be considered a side street in a city. A few turns later, I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. Even this building was small, but there wasn’t much of a need for a larger facility when a sick human could easily go to Seattle for better facilities. I shook my head at the thought, hoping it wouldn’t be Bella who needed that hospital. I found a parking spot, and all but leaped out of the car and into the damp air of Forks. I didn’t bother to keep my pace to anything slower than a jog as I pushed my way through the doors of the hospital reception area. I didn’t bother to pause for an elevator up to my father’s floor. I’d much rather take the stairs. At least that way I would be moving; that felt better than nothing, almost as though I was doing something constructive about the situation.

I was so worried about my precious lover. Why I had to fall for her when she was so accident prone and so human I would never know. The thoughts of those other fragile humans and their families and friends weren’t helping my fear, either. Their fear and sorrow only added to my own, making me move faster up the stairs, down the hall, into my father’s office.

Alice looked up when I entered the room. She was sitting on the ground with her back up against the front of Carlisle’s desk, her arms wrapped around her knees. Her face was a mask of grief, and I felt my knees buckle as I collapsed to the floor in front of her.

“Edward, I-I’m so sorry,” he voice broke. I didn’t even know that was possible for a vampire. But I knew it would for me, too, once she showed me everything that had transpired, from the call from that…rabid mutt…to her last memory of Bella being wheeled away on a stretcher.

“The dog, he did this to her? He tried to kill her?” I could taste venom on my tongue. Horror, pain, fear. They were all prevalent in my mind. But anger and vengeance, the darkest of emotions, were formost. Jacob Black had attempted to take away what was mine, what was dearest to me.

Once I was assured that Bella would survive- one way or another- he, and the rest of his species, would pay for this.