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Eternal Reminders

Takes place the day Bella escapes Alice to La Push while Edward is away hunting.

What if Jacob hadn't been able to control himself around Bella? Wouls she be yet again endangering herself, as her vampire family believes, or will she prove that werewolves are harmless around the people they care about? And what will the consequences be for poor Bella?

T just in case.

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This idea came to me whilst re-reading New Moon. I really like this idea, so I'll be spending most of my spare time updating on here!

7. The Trail

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Alice’s POV

“Alice, look harder! I need to know when Bella will wake up; it’s been a week already!” Edward’s voice broke the silence on the room. I had been trying to see into Bella’s future for hours a day the past week, and he knew it.

Bella was still in her induced coma. Her body was beginning to heal, which was good. But we didn’t know if her brain had, at one point, been devoid of oxygen for too long. It was starting to look that way, though, since she hadn’t broken through into consciousness. Not knowing what was going to happen to his lover was bad enough for Edward, but he wasn’t stopping to think of what it was doing to me. I was the clairvoyant in the family, so by all rights I should be able to close my eyes and tell everyone what Bella’s fate was. But of course, nothing of the sort was occurring. Try as I might, I was never able to get a hold on anything concrete concerning Bella’s condition. It was all very up in the air- one moment she was waking up in a few days, a few weeks, a few hours even, and then there were the visions that had Edward on the verge of sobbing. Sometimes, there were the visions of an old, wrinkled Bella, lying in a bed in a hospice center, still unconscious, still on these machines. Visions like this didn’t last long, but their mere presence had the two of us on edge.

Edward’s future disappearing didn’t help matters either. He was still planning on crossing over the boundary of the treaty line to get revenge on Jacob for attacking Bella. It had scared me half to death when, out of the blue, the rest of my family’s future disappeared into black nothingness as well. Of course they would decide to help him in his quest for vengeance. None of us would ever allow one of the others to go to their potential deaths without standing by that one member. I couldn’t see when, exactly, Edward would begin the war, but that didn’t deter him. He would gladly go to battle with me blind. I think he actually preferred it that way; it would be more of a challenge. My husband agreed whole-heartedly with Edward’s opinion on this. Always the military man, always up for a battle to defend his loved ones. Even I wouldn’t be able to talk him out of this fight. He wasn’t the only one slavering for blood. Emmett, too, was giddy for the day to come when he could test his strength against the werewolves. Even I was open to punishing the dogs for destroying Bella as they had, but I wasn’t quite as ready for the bloodshed; I probably never would be. Carlisle, Esme, and Rose were the only ones dead set against Edward’s plan, but they wouldn’t stand in their way. They would do what they could to protect their family. Carlisle and Esme would only go along with it because they had an idea of the pain that Edward was suffering. Rose only went to make sure that any wolf foolish enough to lay a hand on Emmett lost said limb.

All of this impending doom made it rather impossible for me to get a good grasp on anything going on in the world. Edward, however, seemed determined to overlook all of the strain that I was in at the moment. He could be so impatient sometimes, and I had to constantly remind myself that he didn’t mean anything by it. In truth he could hardly help himself, but it still irritated me to no end that he didn’t let me have a moment to breathe.

Edward, for the thousandth time today, I don’t know. There is just too much going on, too many factors. Her future is almost as unclear as the rest of ours. Please, let me focus.

I heard Edward sigh. “I know, Alice. I’m sorry.” He actually sounded sorry, and it immediately made me feel guilty for snapping at him with my thoughts. He could read the apology in my face, though, and smiled. For all of his impatience, he still managed to be a good, but hurt, man.

Edward’s POV

It was silent for several minutes after Alice’s and my quick exchange. The beeping of the many machines was deafening in the silence left behind; I couldn’t take it any longer. Sitting here, doing absolutely nothing, while that…dog…lounged in his home, comfortable and whole was eating at my mind. I imagined him laughing over finally having gotten to me. Maybe, he thought it would be for him as it was for Sam and Emily; maybe, Bella would crawl back to him, begging him to forgive himself? The very image sickened me, and I knew that I couldn’t stay here any longer.

I had to strike the pack while they didn’t expect it. And it would be best if my family didn’t know that I was going to go now. They didn’t need to die for me. Only the wolves’ lives would be lost.

The only question was how I would get past my sister. She couldn’t see what would happen to me, but she knew me well. But Charlie was here. He hadn’t left for more than a few hours to call Bella’s mother. Fortunately for me, however, he was sleeping at the moment. He had been up for several days straight when he first got to the hospital, and was now paying the price for it by sleeping throughout the daylight hours the past two days. He wouldn’t be waking anytime soon, unless Alice suspected something. Then she would probably wake Charlie up to keep me from leaving. And I couldn’t have that.

As soon as Charlie found out about Bella, he had called Billy to tell him that she had been mauled by a bear. Of course, Billy already knew the real story, that it was his mutant spawn that had almost killed her. Now he, or another member of the pack, would call to see what was going on in the hospital. Charlie had, for some reason, decided to tell Billy that I was here by her side, and always made a point of bringing it up whenever he asked if Jacob would come to see Bella. From what his thoughts betrayed, he was disappointed that I was being a better boyfriend for his daughter than his best friend’s son. I was being used for a guilt trip. Not for long, though.

If the pack thought that I was in the hospital in Forks, they wouldn’t be expecting me to launch an attack now…

“Alice, I can’t stand being in this room. I need a break, and I know you need one more than I do. I’m going to go up to Carlisle’s office and use his computer to find out more about what’s happening to Bella. I might be able to find something to help her. Call me if her condition changes.”

Of course, Edward. Come tell me if you find anything.

Luck was on my side again; Alice didn’t expect anything.

It didn’t take long get to the stairs. It took even less time to jump to the bottom of the stairwell to the lobby’s level, push my way through the main entrance of the hospital, and into the parking lot. Once I was sure that nobody was looking my way, I allowed a burst of speed to course through my limbs, and then I was flying through the trees.

Part of me was surprised that none of my family members had thought to patrol this area to stop me from doing exactly what I was going to do. But I didn’t smell anyone, except for the very distinct scent trail that I was following.

The trail left behind from Alice carrying Bella from La Push to the hospital.

The trail that would lead me straight to the mutt, and to his untimely demise.