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That was a nice Story. I mean the ending was.

Alice is a newborn vampire who remembers nothing about her previous life. Jasper is a depressed vampire who cannot stand feeling human pain. what happens when they meet? Set before twilight. This is my take on how alice and jasper meet. xx

Umm so yeah. anyway this is my second fan fic and i hope everyone enjoys it. This one is a bit of a short chapter buit the second will be longer. lots of lovey dovey kisses. InLoveWithVampires. also check out my other story which is called Emmetts Other Love.

1. Yummy

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Alice's POV

I stumbled towards my bed trying to find my pillow. There it was. Under my bed.

I grabbed it and hugged it to me, scared to close my eyes.

What was happening to me? Why was I seeing all these crazy images in my head??

I wasn't mental, but yet again the first sign of being mental is denial.

Tears ran down my cheeks. I missed Cynthia. How I miss my darling sister.

I wish I could see her. Now that my parents had grew tired of me and my premonitions they sent me to this asylum.

Jaspers POV

Ugh. I hated peter and charlotte. I hated Maria. I hated every existence under the sun.

Why was I like this? I hated myself. I sudden rush of worry descended through my body.

I rolled my eyes at peter. Sure he was my brother and all, but could he just quit being such a worry guts.

I got up swiftly and walked out the door without giving anyone an explanation.

I was thirsty. I run quickly towards the dark forest until my senses took over. I quickly smelt a lone human wondering the woods alone and attacked. I tried to be as quick as possible.

I couldn't stand the agony that radiated off humans.

Alice's POV

I opened my eyes. Suddenly a man walked towards me.

My body automatically crouched in a fighting stance. I had no control.

The man raised his hands in peace.

"Calm down ma'am, I mean no harm. I just want to help." What was this strange language?

Although I didn't understand where this sound was coming from I could suddenly answer him.

"Umm. Okay?" I was confused. How did I do that. How did I just know what words to say and how to make that speaking sound?

The man edged slowly towards me his arms still raised and begun telling me a human life I never knew I had, and a vampire life that I was now in.

Jaspers POV

I never returned from my hunting trip. I was so sick of this existence. This constant killing and blood shed and pain.

I just wanted out. But how did you kill a skillfull strong vampire? Peter wouldn't do it, even if he wanted to charlotte wouldn't let him.

Ugh. I hate myself. I continued walking towards the night without stopping. Sometimes I ran. I wanted to escape.

But even if I did get away from it all I could never escape my own mind. The thoughts and feelings that were still trapped inside my head.

I was starting to get used to humans now although I was still uncomfortable if they got to close.

My eyes were black as I hadn't hunted in a while. It started pouring down with rain and I noticed some humans seek shelter.

I decided to do the same so I wanted look awkward standing outside in the rain. I ducked into a nearby diner.

As I entered I noticed another vampire sitting at a stool staring intently at me. She was breathtakingly beautiful. But why was she looking at me like that?

Alice's POV

The old man's name turned out to be grant and he worked at the asylum I was sent to.

He too was a vampire and had turned me into a vampire.

Due to the fact I couldn't remember anything about being a human he told me that another vampire tracker had wanted to kill me so he had changed me so I couldn't be hurt.

I was grateful to this man, not only had he saved me from the vampire tracker he now also had showed how to gratify my thirst.

Today I had my first vision. I saw another of my kind in a diner in Texas. He had dirty blond hair and was muscular but lean.

He was beautiful. The only way to be free of my vision was to pursue it.

I could not stop thinking of this man. My mystery man I had started calling him. As I began my journey to Texas my mind kept wondering back to my mystery man.

Why was I so drawn to him? What was it about him that made me want him so much? I had never felt this feeling before.

I felt like a mixture of love and hope. On my journey there I had another vision. This time it was longer. I saw myself and my mystery man surrounded by 5 other vampires.

They did not poise a threat but their eyes were a golden yellow colour. I saw myself hunting with them. We were hunting animals however. Not humans. When my vision ended I knew that my vision had created a whole new path that I never knew existed.

Grant had told me that vampires only drank human blood. I liked human blood; it tasted amazing. However I didn't like killing them.

I wasn't like that. I wasn't a killer. I was a good vampire, or so I told myself. This vision filled me with pure hope.

In the next few days I had more visions defining my previous two visions. They showed me and my mystery man forming a couple.

Finally the day arrived of when I would meet my mystery man.

I was so used to calling him that now, although I already knew his name from a vision that I had had just mere minutes ago.

He was called jasper. What a strong name. Powerful, yet somehow sweet.

I entered the diner and sat at a stool in the far corner. I was still wary of humans but had started to get used to them.

I noticed that the rain had started to pour down. It was time. Finally. He walked in.

Suddenly my whole world wound around him. Jasper. I smiled.

My jasper. My spark of hope. He looked scared to see me, but then his expression changed when he saw my expression.

His stance changed and he walked towards me. "You've kept me waiting"

"I'm sorry ma'am." He had a southern American accent. Yummy.

Jasper POV

"You've kept me waiting." Oh. I'm sorry. Was I supposed to arrive earlier?

How did she know me? I didn't know what to say, so I answered her the way I would have usually have answered a lady.

"I'm sorry ma'am." Suddenly a rush of hope, love, anticipation, lust and desire washed through me.

Hope. I had not felt this emotion in a long time. The woman rose from her stool,

"Hi! I'm Alice. You must be Jasper." Huh?

Okay.... so she knew my name, and she knew who I was. I was extremely creeped out but I didn't mind that it was her creeping me out.

"Umm Hi. How do you know my name?"

"As you probably already know I'm a vampire I also have a special ability which is seeing into the future," she gestured for me to sit down next to on the stool,

"When I was turned into a vampire I couldn't remember my human life and then I had a vision which was of meeting you.

I hope you don't mind? Maybe I should have called first or something, given you a heads-up."

"No, of course not. It's a pleasure to meet you Alice. "