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Daylight Moon

Please take a look back on my bio.
Twilight with another girl, another personality and another whole lot of trouble.


1. Glance

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My day started normal, as any other day.

Parents arguing, waking me up. Sister hogging the bathroom, taking too long. Parents too busy arguing to take me shopping so I have to where something people have seen me wear too many times before, but still looking like a scene girl. Hair-straighteners are still broken, so I have to go to school with my hair part curly – my hair is wavy until it gets to the end, where it curls to the side a little, like a little girl. Nobody bothering with breakfast, so I settle for the usual round of bread and butter! Yay . . .

The only thing that is making my day a little different is the fact that some new people are starting the school. This will be interesting. Ever since two weeks ago, I have been the center of attention. People stared at me, first day for everyday. But hopefully – I cringed at the word – they will be the centers of attention. Boys won’t stop talking to me – no idea why, I’m not exactly pretty; I’m pale white, chocolate-colored ‘locks’ (as my mum, Fleur, used to call them) that is pretty, wavy and way too thick. My favorite bit about me is my amazingly blood red lips.

Natural, of course.

I’m not very athletic; I can’t even bounce a ball properly. I can run well, if that counts. I play guitar and piano. And I’m a smart-arse. Most girls talk to me – probably out of kindness. Teachers always ask me to answer because I’m the smart one, the smart-arse, the nerd etc . . . etc . . .

I started to think about the new people as I got into scruffy car. A Peugeot. Emerald green, small, old, and slow . . .

Anyway, I’d heard a lot about this new family. They’d moved from somewhere in South America. All the kids were adopt by a doctor and his wife. And they were supposed to be albino white. Apparently, they bought a house that was in the middle of nowhere; nowhere near to people, just tress and a lake, with lots of animals. Most of that must be rubbish rumors. Never believe any of that anyway.

I arrived to the car park at school to find two new cars park there. They must be one big family to have to drive to school in two cars. And rich family as their cars wasn’t exactly my Peugeot type, way better. This shall be very interesting.

I went to wait outside my first lesson. I was half-hoping I would run into one of the new kids, but I didn’t. Instead, I ran into Mark, a guy who so clearly likes me. He waited with me outside my lesson.

“You seen the new kids?” he asked, eagerly. I shook my head. “Well, they’re a bunch. Stay out of their way though. They hate the attention and like to be left to their ‘family’.”

“What they like?” I asked, as I made a mental note of what to do and what not to do.

“Well, there are seven of them – not including their ‘parents’. All pale white. They all seem to be in couples – except one. You’ll see them at lunch, probably. I’d point them out but . . .” He grinned at me. “ . . . who can miss them?” I smiled back, anticipating the new arrivals. Mark quickly left for his first lesson.

My first three lessons flew by. Two of the arrivals were in my second hour class. I didn’t catch their name. Shame. All I saw was she was quite small, dark short hair and pale white and he was tall, lean and honey blond. They didn’t speak, not even to the teacher. I’m sure Mark or Darien, Mark’s friend who also likes me, will tell me who is who.

I hastily made my way to lunch, to sit with Mark, Darien, Stephanie and April. After I’d gotten something to eat, I saw everyone staring into the one corner no went it; it was always empty. I noticed then, seven pale, beautiful people sat in the usually empty corner. They stood out from everyone in the cafeteria. They weren’t talking or eating, although there was a tray of food in front of them. I was still surprised that most of the boys were still staring at me, but none of the new family was looking at me, which was kind of strange, I usually attract attention. Maybe I have a giant neon sign on my head, pointing at me and that says ‘Hey, look at me! Look at me everybody!’

It’s a possibility.

They didn’t look anything alike. Of the five boys, one was big, muscles at least – muscled like a serious weight lifter, with dark, curly hair. Another was taller, leaner, but still muscular, and honey blond. Another was lanky, less bulky, with untidy, bronze-colored hair. He would have been the more boyish than the others if it hadn’t have been for the last boy. He had brown hair, with blonde, natural highlights in it, styled in a wavy upwards style. He was definitely the most gorgeous guy out of them all.

However, the girls were the opposites. The tallest one was statuesque. She had a beautiful figure, as they all did, but different, the kind that made you wishes you were she. Her hair was golden, gently waving to the middle of her back. Another girl, the second tallest, was beautiful in her own way. Her hair was almost styled in the same way as the blonde, just shorter and darker, chocolate brown. The short girl was pixie-like, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction.

And yet, they were all alike. Every single one of them was chalky pale, the palest of all the students living in this tiny town. Paler than me. They all had a strange dark color eyes – almost black. There were also bruises under their eyes – like they were recovering from black eyes or broken noses. But all their features were straight, perfect and accurate.

But every single one of them had ruby red blood lips, as dark as mine, possibly darker.

But that wasn’t the reason I couldn’t look away.

Their faces, their manner, them, they were all just so inhumanly perfect. Better than any of the models I’ve ever seen. Prettier than any angel in the sky.

But not only that, as I concentrated, I couldn’t hear their heartbeats. I’ve always had that peculiar talent. I can hear heartbeats. I hear how loud they beat, the rhythm they beat, sometimes how close they are, and always when the hearts skip a beat or pick up speed. But it was like they were holograms.


Not really there. Why couldn’t I hear their heartbeats? Seven people sat at that table and not a single heartbeat. Is my little talent going? Is that good or bad?

They were all looking away, not at any one in the student body but whoever they were sat next to. Only the boyish, youngest perhaps, looked at nothing in particular. The bronze-haired boy, the second boyish, rose and walked swiftly to the gorgeous boy who was staring at nothing. The gorgeous boy rose without a single action from the bronze-haired boy and they both walked out together. There was something about that gorgeous boy. I feel like I’ve seen him before, almost like I already know him. I asked Steph and April if they knew who was who.

“Of course,” replied April, our regular chatterbox. “Ok, all of the Cullen family is together. If you get what I mean. They are like together together and do not like to be socialized with.” I remembered that from my mental note from Mark. “The second smallest girl, the one with dark, spiky hair,” the one from my class, “is Alice Cullen. And she is with the blonde guy with the wavy hair, Jasper Hale, who also looks like he is in pain.” Now that she mentioned it, he did look a little uncomfortable. “The big guy is Emmett Cullen. He is with the blonde designer girl, Rosalie Hale. The last couple is the guy with the hints of bronze in his hair, Edward Cullen, and the girl with the dark wavy hair, Bella Swan. Oh, the only free guy is Jay Cullen. He is supposed to be related to Edward but I’m not sure. He is super fit, but all of the prettiest girls have tried to ask him out and he just ignored them with his amazing grace.” Both April and Steph sighed.

“And the one with Edward is Jay?” I asked. April nodded. Jay. I don’t remember anyone with the name Jay and I’m sure I wouldn’t forget a name that came from such an amazing face.

I turned to see Jay and Edward enter the cafeteria. Jay was amazing and definitely worth the sigh and trouble. I hardly noticed Edward sit back down and continue to stare at Bella with his lips moving too fast. My eyes were fixed on Jay. Only at random moments would he catch me looking at him. But I’m not the type of person to get embarrassed. So I didn’t even look away, we kept staring at each other until he looked away.

I suddenly realized that lunch was almost over and I was still staring at Jay. I couldn’t help it. There was something about him. I quickly refocused my attention. I noticed as I was staring at him before that he smiles and moves his lips, as of he were talking, too fast. I quickly followed Mark and Darien to our next lesson, English. With the utmost confidence that no one would stare at me in this lesson, I walked into our class.

I caught a glimpse of Jay, sat in the seat next to mine. Nice. I smiled to myself. A voice pulled me back to reality.

“Lila, what is it?” It was Mark’s voice. I glared at him.

“How many times do I have to tell you? It’s Lilly. Not Lila. Two different names. Lilly.” – I held out one arm – “Lila.” – I held out my other arm – “See the difference?” I asked as I waved my arms out in front of him. I stopped quickly. “I’m glad you do,” I said before he could answer.

“Sorry but I wanted to know why you were smiling,” he complained. I rolled my eyes at him.

I tried again to hear his heartbeat. Nothing. Again. Well at least I know it’s not distance. Maybe it is me. I quickly made my way to my place, next to him. The little girl in my head was giving me a headache. If there were another little person in my head right now, I would pay them all my money for eternity if they could just get the little girl in my head to shut up!

I sat down cautiously next to Jay. I mean I didn’t know anything about this guy – except he was totally gorgeous! Jay took a deep breath and suddenly tensed. He suddenly looked very annoyed. I looked at him for a bit until he started staring at me. I smiled at him. He warily nodded his head. I turned my head away and whispered so low, I could hardly hear it myself, “O-kay . . .”

Swiftly, I glanced at him. He was staring, almost glaring at me. And still no heartbeat! What do I do now? Do I need to concentrate more? No. Doesn’t work. Brilliant. I tried to trade my shocked face for a happy one. I wondered silently if my sudden change in expression would mean anything to him.

“Hi,” I whispered, smiling and waving.

“Hi,” he murmured, a little . . . confused and . . . dazed almost. He quick flashed a smile and a wave. “I’m Jay Cullen. You’re Lilly, right?” he asked, so quietly it could have been anyone’s voice. I picked out that it was very velvety and musical though.

“Yeah. Lilly Kay. That’s spelt L-I-double L-Y. There’s two ‘l’s in it,” I told him, only to look at his confused face after I’d finished.

“Why did you just tell me how to spell your name?” he asked. I looked straight in front, my arms folded across my chest.

“I hate it when people spell my name wrong.” I turned my head to him, hoping not to have a nervous fit when I spoke. “Wait, you called me Lilly, didn’t you. Why did you call me Lilly? Everyone called me Lila. Wait, you knew my name! How did you know my name?” His hesitation was barely noticeable.

“Well, I overheard people calling you Lilly and presumed that’s was your name,” he answered, smiling back at me, obviously aware of the little crease on his forehead.

“Nice going Sherlock,” I agreed, knowing that actually he was nowhere near I when people have called me Lilly. I kept a smile on my face to show I was teasing more than anything. He is keeping something.

I studied his features as much as I could before he looked away.

His eyes were a strange, yet enchanting dark black, with shadows under his eyes – almost like a bruise or he has had sleepless nights – and stood out from his pale face. His face was slim, not skinny, just nicely shaped. His cheekbones were high and suited his face. His lips were pressed together into a tight line. They were a lovely deep red color. I suddenly had a strange fantasy of those luscious red lips crushing mine, in one swift, breath-taking movement . . .

He cleared his throat and pulled me out of my fantasy.

“You new here?” I asked, rather stupidly. He laughed quietly.

“What? Haven’t people been talking about us yet?” he asked. Yes, his voice was velvety. And musical. But also silky and . . . indescribable.

“What? You used to being treated like a freak, Sherlock?” I asked him, cocking my head to one side, surprised by his come back. I smiled and sighed, loosening up. That made him relax too; I hadn’t noticed him tense until he loosened up.

“Yes. Where you fit in?” he asked.

“When will this make sense?” I asked, shaking my head.

“Don’t count on it. Do you always sidetrack people?”

“Don’t count . . . on . . . that . . . I won’t?” I had no idea what I just said.

“Won’t sidetrack?” he asked, obviously confused.

“I don’t know. I’m confused.” He laughed quietly. Still, the noise was amazing. I tried to remember it for the future. “I was trying to get my comeback to somehow sound like yours and along the lines of I will most likely sidetrack you but, yeah, it kinda went wrong.” He smiled and shook his head.

“Wow, you are good at sidetracking,” he complimented me.

“I’m a natural.” I grinned at him as he smiled at me.

“Do you have a, er . . . an English accent?” he curiously asked. I smiled at his expression.

“Yeah, I lived in England for about three years with my Aunt. I guess I never actually got rid of the accent or the way I speak. Or the way I dress. A lot of people think I’m a little too ‘English’.” I quoted with my fingers.

“Actually, I like the way you dress,” he complimented me. I smiled, shocked by how much that touched me.

“Thanks.” I sighed. “But I don’t think that will change the opinion of the others. Oh well. Who cares?” My phone suddenly started to vibrate in my pocket. I smiled at Jay, held up a finger as if to say ‘wait a minute’ and reached for my phone under the table. It was from April.

-Yawn. Most excitin lesson! Not. How u holdin up?

I smiled and left the phone. I was going to enjoy this lesson! The bell suddenly rung, making me jump and leaving me speechless for the first time today, as Jay, as graceful as a swan, almost glided out of the classroom. How much of the lesson had I missed? We answered questions and that was it. I was left staring after him. Out of nowhere, Darien and Mark appeared, collecting my books and handing them to me.

“That was torture,” Darien complained.

“Easy for you to say,” I mumbled under my breath. Thankfully, they didn’t hear.

“So how was your lesson?” Mark asked. I faked yawned.

“That answer your question?” They both smiled.

“So, what was Cullen like?” asked Darien.

“What? Jay Cullen. All right. Doesn’t speak much.” I didn’t want to go into details with Mark and Darien. We started on our way to meet up with Steph and April to go to gym together.

“Hey guys,” said April, unusually cheerful.

“Hi April,” I said.

“So, anything exciting happen in English?” asked Steph as we started walking to gym.

“Yea. You didn’t reply,” said April.

“Sorry. Teacher was close and then I forgot.”

“Am I that important?” asked April, faking to be annoyed. I pretended to consider it. “

Yea, you are.” She lightly pushed me and laughed with Steph and me. Darien and Mark just stared at each other and shook their heads.

I missed the rest of the day; my mind was far away. I went back in time and was playing and replaying my last hour.

I was daydreaming so much that I almost blew myself up in Chemistry. Ms. Valentine wasn’t very happy with that.

The day finally came to an end.

I almost raced home, to gather all my thoughts. My family wouldn’t be home until late – my sister, Roxanne, will be out with her mates – so that gave me time to think . . . and unfortunately, get my homework done. My dad, Zack and Fleur most definitely ask what I was up to and if I say homework, they’ll want proof. I didn’t get much homework, but they didn’t need to know that.

I got very bored so I picked up my guitar, the one that Zack gave to me after I decided to start playing, and played a few of my favorite songs.

I don’t know how long I was lost playing my guitar but it was suddenly five o’clock. Hours and hours until they would come home and I have nothing to do.

There was a wood nearby.

Nice. I’ll go for a walk and be back before Zack or Fleur know anything. So I pulled my shoes back on and headed for the wood down the road.

I mustn’t have been walking for long – Fifteen, twenty minutes? – when I heard movement behind me. Instinctively, I stopped dead in my tracks and whirled round to the noise. It wasn’t a big, noticeably noise, just the soft breezy noise, as if something fast was moving.

That’s when I felt and heard it.

The soft breezy sound was dancing upon the back of my neck. If it hadn’t have been so . . . pleasurable, the hairs on the back of my neck would have stood up. But there was something, something almost whispering to me not to be afraid.

The breeze must have been dancing on my neck for less than a second and it was already gone. Whatever that was producing the breeze, moving fast, it must incredibly, impossibly, lightning-fast.

Again, I whirled round to where the breeze had been dancing on my neck.

And then I saw him.

He was stood there, frozen like a perfect statue. It must have taken him one second to realize I had noticed him. Was he . . .?

He was running. I tried to follow but he suddenly disappeared.

“Wait!” I heard a voice say and realized a second later it was mine. I couldn’t hear his heartbeat. That didn’t help.

“Where are you?” I called. I twirled around and around, furiously searching the trees for him. I was making myself dizzy. I heard the breeze; I felt the breeze. And for some strange reason, it was almost like the breeze was Jay.

But weirder, I trusted him and the breeze, when I had no idea who or what either were. But at least he was still here.

The breeze was abruptly overhead. No, behind me. No, to my left. No, to my right. No, overhead again.

I could hear my heartbeat accelerating – even if I couldn’t hear his, I could still hear mine – as I kept searching for him. He hadn’t left. I could feel it.

My heartbeat was getting faster. Two times too fast. Three times too fast. Four times too fast.

The breeze was getting closer, dancing upon my neck again. I kept whirled around and around.

I suddenly made myself stop, clutching the air and bent over, trying to stop myself from hurling.

The breeze stopped too. My head snapped up. My eyes desperately tried to find him without moving my head. No such luck.

“Where are you?” I whispered, the loudest my voice could go right now. The breeze suddenly moved again.

Slowly, I turned around. I would have moved faster if I didn’t feel sick from my dizzy dollies episode.

He smiled at me, a brilliant, amazing curved smile. It knocked the breath out of me. I would have smiled back, if I could. But the next thing I saw was the trees and the leaves and the sky?

Then everything went black.

How long had I been out?

It was around five o’clock when I left. I must have been in the wood for about twenty minutes before he showed up . . .

How long had I spent with him?

I sighed as I struggled up from my bed. It’s now about eight o’clock. I frantically racked my brains for more information but I couldn’t remember any more.

This was all I had.

5:00; went for a walk in the wood.

5:20; he appeared.

Some time later; collapsed into his arms – I think from lack of oxygen. Wouldn’t surprise me.

8:03; woke up from collapsing incident.

I don’t think I will tell anyone any of this.

When Zack and Fleur came home, and surprise, surprise, they were fighting. I went downstairs to greet them. I could hear their heartbeats. It must be the Cullens? But what?

“Hi Mom. Hi Dad,” I greeted.

“Hey darlin’,” Zack said quickly, when there was a break in his argument. He then continued his argument. I heard that it was about Silverdale and its education and lack sun and community and anything bad she could find etc, etc . . .

I knew it wasn’t really like that. Fleur just wanted to go. She didn’t like it here. Or Dad. I knew. But it was too much to bear. She was trying to find an excuse to leave. The only thing keeping her back is Roxanne and I. Silverdale was my childhood and I don’t want to leave it. But if Fleur goes, she’ll more than likely try and take me with her.

I sighed and made my way upstairs. I rang Roxanne on her phone.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Mom and Dad are fighting again,” I told her.

“And you want me to . . .” she trailed off, waiting for me to continue.

“I want you to be back home not too late. Fleur is trying again to find an excuse and you know as well as I do that if she leaves, it’s more than likely that both of us will leave to.”

“What does this matter to you? I thought you wanted to leave Silverdale?” Why does this twelve-year-old have to pick up on every little word I choose? “Is there a guy you like? Who is it? Is it a Cullen? I knew it! Wait ‘til I tell every one!”

“First, I didn’t say anything like that, you did. Second, no it is not.” Liar! “And thirdly, it means leaving with you! Get it?” We have little arguments like this all the time.

“Fine. I won’t be out too late.”

“That’s all I ask. And that you don’t get hurt or drunk or drugs.” She laughed down the phone. I smiled. “See ya later, Rox.”

“Smell ya later, Lil.” I smiled as I put the phone down. That soon wore off. I could still hear Zack and Fleur. Fleur had by now kicked Zack out of their room and onto the sofa downstairs. I sighed again. This was going to be a long night.

That night, though, was the first night I dreamt about Jay Hale. I couldn’t keep him out of my head. It wasn’t big. It wasn’t really that much. Just him . . . and me . . . and school . . . and him . . . Wait! I already said that. Oh well. Him . . . and me . . . and oh. It was just a dream.

I sighed as I slowly got up to get ready for school.

Two more days of school. Two more days of school, I chanted in my head. Two more days and I can escape school!

Somehow the thrill wasn’t as appealing as before. I mean, what if I needed to escape the house? School had been my main reason to leave the house, but now as the fighting has gotten worse and Roxanne has been out later, what if I can’t stand it and need to leave? What do I do? I pushed the thoughts out of my head.

Everything was going to be fine.

Besides, I was going to see Jay again at school. That put a smile back on my face. Ahh . . . Jay.

I was soon ready for school, pretty much the same as yesterday. Except this time, as I entered the school parking lot, their cars weren’t there. There was no snow so they couldn’t have been blocked in. It was a clear, sunny day. The type of day you rarely see in Silverdale. And yet, they weren’t here.

Maybe they were running late. It was a possibility. I clung to my theory as I looked up at the sun.

Ahh . . .

When was the last time I called it the sun? My dad always joked about me having a backwards mind. I’m more a night person. The moon would come up at night and the daylight moon would come up in the day. Never was a day person.

Today, I met April outside my first lesson. Casually – or what I tried to – I asked if she knew where the Cullens were – I was keeping an eye on the parking lot.

“Oh, apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen drag the kids out of school every sunny day to go hiking. I mean even they take the day off.” April sounded a little annoyed, disgusted even. “Don’t try it on your parents; it doesn’t even work,” she said, her voice a little hushed. The bell rang and April left. This lesson, two – Edward and Bella, I think – were supposed to be in my lesson. But, like Jay, they weren’t in.

The day went very slowly. I planned in my head to consult him. Find out what his problem was. But I was too much of a coward to go up to him. Anyone else – apart from his family – then yes, definitely. But him . . . It gave me shudders to think of the effects he has on me.

It was Mark who pulled me back to reality as I got into my car. “

So?” he asked.

“I’m sorry. What were you-me-we talking about?” I asked him.

“The Spring Dance. I know it’s like a month away but I thought that you might be taken and I wanted to go with you . . .” he trailed off, staring at me. If he were Jay, I would have blushed beyond bright red and into the problem of trying to breathe without hyperventilating. I debated with myself.

“You. Me. Dancing. Oh. I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” I do NOT slow dance. I saw I’d hurt him when he hung his head and I was quick to make it up to him. “For me. I mean, I know April wants to go with you and I don’t think I’m . . . in town?” I choked on the last word. What the hell was I going on about now?

“Really? Where are you going?” He head snapped up.

“Erm . . . Kings-ton,” I choked out. What the hell? Where has this all come from?

“Ok. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” I nodded. I could hear the sadness in his voice but I was too distracted about what I had just said.

I let out a big gust of air. How long had I been holding my breath? Unfortunately, it didn’t distract me for long.

Kingston? Why am I going to Kingston? Oh yeah! BECAUSE I’M AN IDIOT!

I was infuriated with myself. What the hell was I going to do in Kingston?

I was quick to get home and do my homework. I surprised I didn’t write anything about Kingston as it was stuck in my head.


I sighed.

One more day. One more day. One more stinking day of school!

And I was out before I knew it.

This was a strange sort of dream. Everything was disoriented and odd. Colors were merging together in what I believe was the sky. It was mainly black but there was red and blue and pink and yellow and green and every color you could think of. But I barely paid attention to that. My attention was held with guy across the floor – or whatever I was stood on! – the same guy who wasn’t in school today. The same guy who I couldn’t stop thinking about.


There was sudden screaming. April. Fleur. Mark. Steph. Zack. Darien. Roxanne.

All the voices, except Jay’s, were telling me to run, to leave and to never look back. But I was stuck. Something couldn’t make me run. Like a magnet was pulling me closer. Closer to Jay. And closer to – according to my dream voices – danger.

“Lilly,” he whispered, his voice as smooth it had been that day. “Come on Lilly,” he whispered again. The magnet was suddenly strong and I had to move forward. He smiled a curved smiled at me; it made his face more angelic than ever, if it weren’t for his unreal sharp teeth.

I kept moving until I was close enough to touch Jay. By now the voices were screaming, deafening me. But I didn’t care. Then suddenly everything went black.

I was woken by an annoying beeping sound. I leant on my side to turn off my alarm clock. Uh! Last day until no more school. Yay . . .

Even though I was going to be late, I worked at a slow pace to get to school. I didn’t care. Too much was on my mind. I mean now I have new plans to go to Kingston for some unknown reason.

By the time I got to school, everyone was already in lesson. Luckily, the teacher wasn’t here yet.

I missed most of my first period. If we hadn’t change into our Gym kit I wouldn’t have known it was Gym. I’ve never paid any attention to Gym in the first place but this was a whole new level of no-attention . . . stuff. April and I walked to our next lesson together. I only had to mumble a few words for her to be happy.

Unluckily for me, he wasn’t in. I’d jump to the conclusion that they were hiking again but I was sure I’d seen the rest of his family in the parking lot and it wasn’t a sunny day like yesterday – obviously. I concluded that they must be camping out further than I’d thought and would be a few days before they get back and it must be an illusion of the Cullens in the parking lot.

I tried as hard as I could to concentrate on the lesson – my concentration level mustn’t be very good – but I kept failing as my thoughts wandered to Jay. Almost as the lesson ended, I decided to let them wander. And now I’m ashamed of my thoughts. I’m just glad there isn’t such a thing as a ‘mind-reader’.

After another hour of boredom I dragged my unhappy butt to the cafeteria. I suddenly froze again.


Why were all the Cullens but Jay there?


Did they just leave him in the middle of nowhere when they were camping?


Or are Mr. and Mrs. Cullen with him?


I still can’t hear their heartbeats.

Ah . . .

I’m confused. Very confused.

It was only when Darien playfully jabbed me in the ribs did I realize I was sat down at my normal table, staring at the Cullens table.

Where the hell was he?

I tried my hardest to get through the day without thinking about him. But ever since I saw him, it’s like my mind has been set to a frequency of him.

I sighed at the thought. I’ve never liked a guy as much as this. And I don’t even know him properly.

I sighed again as I climbed into my ancient car. I could see, from the corner of my eye, the disgusted looks of some of the Cullens, directed at me. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper . . . Edward seemed the only guy who wasn’t bothered, as Bella and Alice weren’t.

Why were they so mad at me?

It’s their brother who has disappeared!

I saw, as I drove out of the parking lot, Edward, Bella and Alice exchange excited glances. What's on their mind?

I quickly drove out of the parking lot before I saw anything else – I already had a lot to think about.

Seems I don’t need to escape this weekend. Roxanne is out again, Fleur is away on ‘business’ – her way of saying ‘going to look for a reason to leave’ – and Zack is taking extra shifts at work.

I thought having the house to myself would be nice, I’m not really enjoying it. I’m too busy worrying what Roxanne is up to, when Zack and Fleur at going to be home, what shall I make for tea, what homework I need to do, and . . . Jay.

There’s a lot I need to think about, that’s about Jay. Was he okay? Where is he now? Is he okay now? Why was his family giving me funny looks? Why can’t I keep him out of my head? Do I know him from before? And why am I so worried about him?