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Renesmee Cullen Goes To School

Renesmee in school... I AM BACK, BETTER THAN EVER!!! Well, that's the theory.....


1. First Day, [Prologue]

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I finished my science workbook and looked out of the window. Nearly 8am, I guessed. I checked the clock. Yup, I was right. I slid off the sofa in my room, and stretched. Sure, I didn't need to stretch, but it was all part of the practise. Plus I was part human, so it did feel good. I dived into my wardroe, sniffing carefully for the scent of denim and cotton. Eventually I found some jeans and a t-shirt. I changed quickly, and leaped out of the window. It was a wonderful feeling, jumping out of the window, though I had done it many times, but I never got tired of doing it. Without thinking, I instinctively grabbed the branch of the old oak tree. Swinging on it, I sniffed. Deer or elk for breakfast? I decided deer, and swung off the branch, landing with a quiet thud. I sniffed again and ran after it, grabbing it from behind. I twisted it's neck round with a crack. We fell to the floor, as I ripped a hole in it's neck, and started glupping the warm blood. When I finished, I dabbed at the few blood stains over my t-shirt. "Aww no", I moaned, "I like this shirt." I ran to the river for a quick swim. I liked swimming. I scrambled up a tree and ran to the end of the branch. Taking up a near perfect diving positiion, I jumped down, into the water with a satisfying splash. I dived down into the murky mud, then swam back to the shore. I flitted back to the house, climbing up the tree and jumping through my window. I grabbed my hairbursh, clean clothes, and a towel. I started up the shower in my en suite, then Dad came in. "Ness, don't forget, it's school to-", he cut off abruptly as he took in the blood stained, muddy clothes, not to mention my mud splattered hair. "And what were you doing?", he asked impatiently. Luckily, Mom walked past and distracted him. I went over and touched them both. "Oh ok Ness", Dad said, and they left me. I draped my towel over the hanger, put my hairbrush on the shower shelf and turned the shower on.

I went back to my room, grabbed a CD and my radio, and took it back to the bathroom. I plugged it in, put the CD in, and sang along.

When I decided the shower was warm enough, I undressed and got in. Scrubbing all the mud off my body, and the blood stains, I turned my attention to my knee length dark brown curls. Grabbing my hairbrush and some shampoo, I rubbed shampoo onto my hair and the brush. Tugging the brush through, I wondered what school would be like. A sudden tap on the door made me jump. I sniffed and smelt Jake. "Jaaaakeeee, Hold on, I'll be out in a second.", I called. "Take your time.", Jacob laughed. As old as the joke was, it was still funny. In one or two swift movements, I turned the shower off, wrapped my towel round me, and switched my music off. Hairbursh in one hand, I opened the door, and instantly Jacob swept me off the ground in a giant bear hug. Well, wolf hug really. Jacob's warmth dried my hair while we hugged. "School, huh?", Jacob murmered. My only reponse was to snort in his ear. I wriggled free and went into my room, so I could get dressed at superhuman speed, before he came in. Then I bounced out, tugged Jacob in the diection of the stairs and bounded down them.Within 3 seconds, I was infront of Uncle Jasper. I bared my teeth at him and he did the same back. It was like our secret handshake. "Already hunted?", he asked. "Yup.", I replied winking swiftly at him as I breezed past with Jacob in tow.

Gramma hugged me when I went over to her. Aunt Rosalie came over too, and picked me up, spinning as she did. I giggled and she flung me over to Aunt Alice who was waltzing down the stairs. She deftly caught me and gave me over to Dad, who was sitting at the piano, playing Renesmee's melody. I leant against him until Jacob caught up and hugged me again and left, to catch up with Seth and Leah. I liked Seth. I hoped he would come over soon.

Mom looked over at the clock, grabbed my schoolbag and shoes and threw them at me. Within 5 seconds, I was standing infront of the mirror, putting my hair into a ponytail. Then we were out of the house, Mom on my left and Dad on my right. We flitted to near the school gates and walked through...