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Renesmee Cullen Goes To School

Renesmee in school... I AM BACK, BETTER THAN EVER!!! Well, that's the theory.....


2. Renesmee-First day of Doom

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We walked through the playground, which was empty as we were here early, and went through the double doors leading to the office. The lady in reception looked up. "Hello, I'm Edward Cullen, this is my wife, Bella Cullen and Renesmee here is supposed to be starting here today.", said Dad, smiling at her as he said it. When she looked at me, I smiled at her, showing my sharp teeth. She looked back up, putting on a business-like expression. "Yes, I remember", she answer, rifling through her desk drawers, "Renesmee Cullen, 4th grade, Class 4M." She handed a file to Mom, who quickly read it. While Mom read it and Dad looked over her shoulder at it, I watched the lady. Her name tag identified her as Mrs Builktun. She coughed. "Now, would you like a tour round the school?", she asked. "Yes that would be wonderful.", Dad said. Mrs Builktun walked out, and we followed.

"These are the kindergardeners classes", she announced when we came out of the office. We walked a bit further. "This is where the first and second grade classrooms are." she pointed out. Then we went out of a door, across a path, and through another door, where Mrs. Builktun said: "These are the third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade classrooms." She pointed in the directions. She walked up to one of the fouth grade classes and said "This class is 4m." She walked to the one next to it. "This is 4n." And then the one next to it. "This is 4o". Then she remembered. "Oh yes, The library...", Mrs. Builktun hurried out of a door at the end of the corridor, with us close behind. Down another path, through another door. "This, is the library. Have a look around." she said, settling herself into a swivel chair.

The library was very big. I touched Mom and showed her what I thought of it. Dad was obviously watching it too, because they both laughed. I launched myself onto a pile of beanbags, pretending to swim through them. I was enjoying myself until Mrs. Builktun came back. "Now are we already to go to class?", she squawked. Deciding to shock her I nodded and said, "Yes, I am.", and I watched her face as she took in my 'trilling soprano'. I touched Mom and Dad, then we all had difficulties trying to not laugh.

We followed her back to 4m, where I kissed Mom and Dad goodbye, while Mrs. B knocked on the door. I heard someone say "Come In". Mrs. B opened the door, and I waved goodbye and smiled. Then I walked to my doom....