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Music of Sorrow and Love

this is a piano inspired poem and i hope it doesn't suck bad Ok so I am a Little disappointed in the reveiws section of this site...I review religiously...the least people could do was the same...i know...but even a good is better than Jack Squatt ya know! I really like this poem and i hope others do as well...so one review...well that bites...literally...lol...so chop chop and start reviewing my stuff people or i won't put out any more...yea...thats a threat!!!


1. Chapter 1

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 54   Review this Chapter

I poor my soul

Onto the keys

The distant sound

Played so Fleetingly

For her alone

I play this tune

Her thoughts unknown

So I croon

This sad sweet song

Once for her dream

She played along

For her I scream

My love is lost

I beat Ivory with marble

My passion acost

For her I crumble

She bought the lie

I thought She see

Right through deceit

For my love, Bella Marie