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What happens when it is your birthday and your boyfriend has horrible news-he is moving-far away. later that night, you see him in dire pain in the woods. then the rest of his family that you love dearly is in that same horrible pain. what will happen next for Bella? Rated ADULT just to be safe! Disclaimer-i dont own anything except the plot.

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2. Chapter 2

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I went to see Alice at her house. When she opened the door, she took my hand and led me to her room. “Bella, I know you are upset,
but when you fainted, Edward came home crying.” Edward cried? Angels don’t cry.

I had to ask her, “Where are you moving to?” “Somewhere in Washington.” “So far….” “Yes, we are all going to miss you but I will write,
email, text, and call everyday! And if I can, I’ll visit.” “Thanks Alice, I’ll try and do the same.”

After a second of smiling with Alice, I heard a scream. “What was that?” “Alice, I don’t—EHMIGIOD! It’s Edward!” “How do you know? Hey!
Bella! Wait up!” I ran out of the house and in the woods-the general direction that I heard Edward scream.

“OHMIGOD! EDWARD! NOOOOOOO!” I saw him limp on the forest floor. I ran up to and kneeled beside him. “Oh My God. Edward, can you
hear me? I’m here and I am calling Alice to help me get you home.”

I scrambled the phone and tried to dial the number in my trembling hands. He started to scream again. “What hurts? Please, Edward,
please tell me!” I started to sob.


I was crying into the phone so hard that I was actually surprised that Alice understood every word. They were there within five minutes.
Alice and Esme held me while I was looking at him with the blurred vision that I had. He looked at me with a pained expression and I knew
what he was thinking.


It was pure agony! Between Edward’s screaming and Bella being by his side-sobbing-trying to comfort him, I was ready to pull my hair
out-no, I was ready to pull Rosalie’s hair out, and she would kill me if I touched it! It was just too much!

After seeing Bella kneeling-just kneeling, not eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom like the rest of us-next to Edward, holding his
hand, and when she hears him scream, her heart just breaks a little more.

I tried-we all tried-to comfort her but it was like we weren’t there to her. “Okay.” I said after 3 days. “Bella, go home. You need to sleep,
eat, stand up, talk, move, anything! And please go to the bathroom! Do you realize that you haven’t peed in 3 days?!”

She looked at me with hazed eyes that were bloodshot from the crying and sleep deprivation. I knew a pained expression crossed my face.
I didn’t want to see my most precious friend like this.

“Oh, Bella! You’re eyes are so bloodshot!” Edward’s arm twitched.

He wasn’t screaming so he might have been listening, but when I said bloodshot he tensed. In fact, when I thought the word, I saw his
hand ball up into a fist. When I said the word, his arm twitched. That is really creepy, like a weird twinge of déjà vu filled the air. I must
be imagining it.

“Bella, go home and take a shower! Eat! Do ANYTHING!” I stressed on the word anything.

I ushered her out the door, quickly locking it just in case she came back. Once I heard the front door close, I turned around and saw
Edward standing up.

I gasped, because even though it was Edward, my brother, but it wasn’t Edward. He was really pale, paler than normal, and his eyes
were red, blood red.

I grabbed his arm, but it was rock hard and really cold. He backed me against the wall within seconds and then he put his mouth at the
crook of my neck, like he was going to kiss me, but that would be weird.

Then I heard an ear piercing scream. After I realized it was from me, I felt the painful burning running through my veins. I screamed again
then crumpled to the floor. I looked at Edward and his eyes were an even more of a blood red if it was possible.

I heard Jasper yelling, “ALICE, ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? OPEN THE DOOR! DAMMIT! DID EDWARD GET UP -- ” and thudding on the door. I felt my
body drifting into unconsciousness, and I let it, thinking that it would dull the pain.