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What happens when it is your birthday and your boyfriend has horrible news-he is moving-far away. later that night, you see him in dire pain in the woods. then the rest of his family that you love dearly is in that same horrible pain. what will happen next for Bella? Rated ADULT just to be safe! Disclaimer-i dont own anything except the plot.

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3. Chapter 3

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“ALICE! OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR! WHAT HAPPENED? ALICE! ANSWER ME! OWW!” I hurt my shoulder trying to break down the door.
After five minutes, the door finally budged. I saw Edward kneeling over Alice’s body. “OHMYGOD Alice! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what
came over me!”

“What the hell in God’s good grace did you do to Alice? Edward, answer me dammit.”

I looked at him and I gasped. He was ghostly pale, even paler than normal, and he had blood red eyes. “Edward, what happened to
you?” Pain filled his eyes as he tensed.


“Alice, I’m here. I love you Alice.”


“When I ran into the woods, I saw a woman and she said that she was going to end my life. At first I thought she was a total nut job.
Then she was at me in a split second and bit me. She drank my blood.”

“Whoa whoa whoa-back up there! Drank your blood?” Damn either she is a nut job or Edward is losing it too…-Jasper

“I AM NOT!! She is a weirdo.” “Edward, I didn’t say anything.”



“Anyway, getting back to my story, I was able to move and I felt the horrible pain leave through my fingertips after 3 days. I checked my
pulse, but I don’t have one. I heard Alice and Bella talking. After Bella left, I got up and walked towards Alice. Somehow, I was in her
thoughts-she was so scared- she thought ‘Oh my God. Edward? He is so pale, and so cold and hard, and his eyes are blood red.’ Once
she said blood, I pounced. I’m so sorry Jasper. I think in 3 days, she will wake up and look and act like me.”

I saw his jaw tighten even more-he was already talking to me with clenched teeth. “I think it would best if I leave the house before I do it
to anyone else.” “I agree, Edward.” I saw him headed for the window. “No, Edward! Don’t!” He jumped. I ran to the window and saw him
walking down the path without a scratch. Then he disappeared. After five minutes, I heard a strange noise which sounded like a deer crying
out in pain. Alice screamed again.

It’s okay. I won’t be hysterical like Bella was. It’s okay. I chanted in my mind. Alice was going to be different and try to kill me, but I surprisingly
stayed calm. “Alice, I am going to try and find Edward. I think it is time to tell the family.” I went into the woods and saw 3 deer lying dead
around Edward.

“Did you do this?” “Yes.” “Edward, I think it is time to tell everyone.” “Yes. I’ll meet you at the house.” He disappeared again. When I got back
to the house, he already started. “- -then a woman came to me and said that she was going to my life. I didn’t understand her at first. I thought
she escaped from a mental asylum or something. But then she- -” I couldn’t listen to anymore of it. He hurt Alice. Until he was she was in perfect
condition, he shall never be forgiven.

“Jasper, shouldn’t you hear this too?” “Carlisle, I already did and I still want to rip you to pieces Edward. I will never forgive you-not until Alice does.”

As I ran to Alice, Edward finished the story then afterwards he said, “I am so sorry that I did this to Alice. I hope I don’t do this to the rest of you. But if
we do, don’t take it personally. I think that it sometimes there is this feeling and it takes over us and we loose all control. After Alice wakes up, let’s wait
for Alice to hunt a deer or something, and then we should leave. I don’t want anyone else to become what I am.” We all knew who the ‘anyone else’ was.

After 3 days of Alice being in excruciating pain and me trying to comfort her AND keep Bella away-from Alice and Edward (the hardest thing to do in the
world. Please don’t try that at home!)
Alice woke up.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” I gave her a comforting smile. She looked like she was about to answer, but then her newly red eyes glazed over, now


After 3 days of horrible pain, I saw Jasper. “Hey, how are you feeling?” he asked. Before I could answer, everything
turned white, and it was really way too bright. It lasted for a second.


I was leaning over Jasper and he screamed. Edward pulled me off of him and he pushed me out the window then he jumped
out himself.


Then I came back into the room with a very worried looking Jasper. I instantly shot up and said, “Edward will be here in
1.2 seconds.” Once I finished, Edward burst through the door. “What happened?” “Her eyes glazed over.” “What?” “My
eyes glazed over?
” “Yeah, and I got really worried. I think I turned blood red I was so scared.”

He just had to say the B-word. I backed him into a corner and bit him. God, it tasted so good that I didn’t want to let go.
Then I felt Edward pull me off of him. Jasper screamed. Edward pushed me out the window, and I fell head first, and yet
I heard no snapping nor felt any pain. Edward jumped and landed on the balls of his feet. “Wait.” “What?” “I knew I was
going to bite Jasper-the way I did- and I knew you were going to pull me off, and you would push me out and you would
” “How?” “I don’t know. It’s like I had some sort of vision.” “Yeah, 3 days ago I think I heard your thoughts. We have
to talk to dad about this. But later. Now, I think we should hunt. Just take a good whiff and go at it. I personally think you should
try to smell for a deer or rabbit or something.”

I took a big, long whiff and smelled the most glorious smell ever. I ran towards it, finding a doe and her faun. I ran to them and sunk
my teeth into the doe. The faun got scared and started to run. Smart animal-but not smart enough. I caught up with it easily and
broke his back legs so it would stop-make this easier for me, right? Once I sunk my teeth into its neck and suck its delectable blood dry,
I wiped my mouth, turned, and saw Edward. “Better?” I nodded in reply.

We walked back really slowwhile Edward explained what I have now become and what I did to Jasper. I felt so
ashamed of it. When we opened the door, Rosalie met there and looked really angry-and that is scary! “Which one of you did to Jasper?
Was it you Alice?” she accused. I looked away, and she instantly knew I was guilty, so she smacked me, but I didn’t feel it and she was
waving her hand in pain.

I suddenly heard a scream. Realizing that was Jasper, I started towards the stairs. “Oh no you don’t. Esme is
there and I am going up to comfort my brother. I think it is best for you to leave. I think that you and Edward, for the next 3 days,
should go and leave us alone. Just go until Jasper wakes up. I think that it what he would want.” She ran up the stairs.

“That reminds me, dad, remember when I told you that I sort of heard Alice’s thoughts before this?” “Yes.” “Well, Alice sort of knew
what was going to happen, and Jasper said that her eyes ‘glazed’ over. I think that when we become this, we get extra powers. Let’s
wait for Jasper to wake up to test this theory. But for now, I need you, including Rose and mom to keep Bella away from all of us, especially
Alice and I, and don’t make her see Jasper. Don’t let her come on our property. Don’t answer her calls. Don’t let her do anything to let her in
any size, shape, or form of contact with this family. I have a painful and regretful feeling in the pit of my stomach that this isn’t going to end
until none of us is left. So brace yourselves, I have a feeling that mom and Rose are going to be next because they’ll be there when he wakes up.
Me and Alice will be there too, just incase he gets carried away.” Edward glanced towards me before everything went white again.