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What happens when it is your birthday and your boyfriend has horrible news-he is moving-far away. later that night, you see him in dire pain in the woods. then the rest of his family that you love dearly is in that same horrible pain. what will happen next for Bella? Rated ADULT just to be safe! Disclaimer-i dont own anything except the plot.

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5. Chapter 5

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I heard my brother scream. I ran to the room and saw him on the floor. “ESME! HELP! ONE OF THEM DID IT TO JASPER!” she ran into the room and the two men followed her, helping me put him on the bed. I got a glass of water and poured it on his face, trying to help with the burning, which seemed like it did because he was only tense, not screaming. We all exited the room except for Esme.

I was really pissed off and stormed down the stairs. Edward and Alice-those filthy vermons-walked through the door.

“Which one of you did it to Jasper? Was it you Alice?” of coarse it was Alice. But she gave me proof by looking away. I heard him scream again. Alice started towards the stairs. “Oh no you don’t. Esme is there and I am going up. I think it best you leave.” Then I stormed off upstairs.

After about five minutes, I heard Emmett yell, “ROSALIE HALE GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! NOW!!” I came down looking even more pissed then before. “What? I am trying to keep my brother as comfortable as possible because the bitch over there had to bite him!” “Yes, and I will bite you if you don’t shut up you spoiled brat.” I was shocked at her reaction.




Still RPOV---

Everyone kept a close eye on me, especially Alice and Edward. I wasn’t allowed to see Jasper. But on the third day, they went and did something that only God knows what.

I noticed that my poor innocent sweet little brother stopped screaming. I crept-secretly-up the stairs and into the room. “How are you feeling?” “Better and what about you?” “Fine.” I didn’t mean it though. Like, really, who would be fine if your brother was just turned into a mythical creature and he just talked to you as if nothing happened? I was afraid of my own brother.


He fell to the ground holding himself. He cocked his head up towards me, and I involuntarily gasped. His blood red eyes and his ultra pale skin-if you just saw your brother like that, what would do?

“You disgusting, conceited, self-absorbed little bitch.” I was in utter shock. He wasn’t one for using profanities-especially saying that he is fourteen.

He muffled a scream into a pillow. “STOP THE NOISE!” He pinned me against the wall. “I’ll show you what real pain is. HEHEHEHEHE.” I was scared of what he was going to do.

He bit me and I screamed really loud. He collapsed on the floor screaming-a mirror image of me. Thank God-Emmett burst through the door. “Jasper what did you do?” “She was making noise but I stopped it. It is all better now.” Everything started to turn black.

Em POV---

“What do you mean by noise?” I was so scared and I was filled with hate because he hurt Rosie, his own SISTER! “You don’t care. You’re afraid and I feel the hatred pouring out of your body.”

1 moment please…………………………………………


“Emmett, you want to comfort her, right? WELL THEN YOU CAN JOIN HER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

The bastard pinned me to the ground and bit my wrists. Suddenly, it felt like I was being thrown into a fire and I screamed. Alice and Edward burst through the door.

That was the last thing I saw before everything turned black.

Random Creepy Announcer dude’s POV-

Rose and Em woke up a day later in the same bed holding hands, facing each other. They tried to give each other comforting smiles.

“Rosalie, I love you, AAARRGGHHH, more than EVER and I don’t care what we become.”

They both passed out from the pain and didn’t wake up until the end of their transformation.


I woke up before Emmett, and took a good look at him. God, he looked hott. He was even more delicious than before.

I couldn’t see him breathe or hear his heartbeat. Whoa whoa whoa! Hear a heartbeat? I could hear 1 somewhere in the house.

I am still really pissed at Jasper. Right when the extreme anger came to me, a big jolt of energy came from me, and out of nowhere, a lightning storm came. I looked out the window and saw Esme picking up her gardening tools.

What happened next will haunt me forever—

She stood up.

She took a step.

She got electrocuted.


I ran to her at vampire speed. She was twitching from the static that entered her and was frying her insides. If I could cry I would. Thank God Carlisle isn’t here.

I brought her inside. “MMMOOOOOMMMM!!” Edward and Alice said in unison and Jasper froze at the doorstep. I dry-sobbed into the shoulder of her lifeless body.

I felt Emmett’s arms around me. He stood me up, and said, “Her power is that she controls weather with what she is feeling, and if her feelings of hate towards a person are strong enough, you can inflict pain on people. My power is--”

Carlisle walked in. Once he saw his wife, well, let’s say it knocked the air out of him…literally.

“What happened?” he finally croaked. His empty eyes welled up. “She got electrocuted.” “How did this happen?” “Well, to explain to you, I have to tell you our powers:

Edward-Reads minds

Alice-sees visions of the future

Jasper-feels and manipulates emotions

Rosie-controls weather and of feeling of hate are strong enough on a person; she can inflict pain on them

Me-I can create illusions and can tell what powers a vampire has.”

“I don’t care at the moment. How did this happen?” “Well, when I woke up, extreme anger came off of me and it started a lightning storm. She was gardening. She was coming inside when a lightning bolt hit her.” “So, you did this?” “I am so sorry.” “Well you have to change her.” “But, I can’t.” Then Emmett surprised us all by saying, “I will.” We looked at him shocked.

We new she was dying by the second and didn’t have any time to spare. He kneeled down next to her. “To make her have the pain in the least amount of time, I will bite at her neck, wrists, and ankles. That way there is a lot of venom going through her body, making the transformation quicker.”

He did so, and she screamed, and then passed out from the pain. She got up, and she looked fine. She walked into the kitchen. “That was me using my power. You see, I can plant an image in your mind. I planted the image that she was fine.”

Jasper finally spoke up. “Now, Carlisle you have to make the hardest decision of your life. Do you want to be changed?” “Give me 24 hours to decide.”

24 hours later

Still RPOV---

I was ashamed and upset of what I have done, do it rained for the passed 24 hours. “Carlisle,” Jasper said calmly, “it is time for your answer. Do you want to be changed?” “Yes.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I am positive. I want to be with Esme and the rest of you, and I have a feeling that unless I become a vampire, I won’t be able to.” “Okay, we shall wait until Esme wakes up. You want her to change you, right?” “Yes, if she is willing.” “Alice, when will she wake up?”

Her eyes did that freaky glazed over thing. In about a minute, she gasped back into reality. “She will wake up in twelve hours.”

12 hours later


I woke up from the pain and I must say it felt really quick. I first saw Carlisle’s eyes. I felt a smile growing on my face. All of a sudden, I felt and itching in my throat and clutched it. He looked worried. “Esme, you ok darling? EDWARD, ALICE. GET OVER HERE BEFORE I COUNT TO THREE. 1… 2…th--”

They were in front of him. “What dad?” “Look at her-she looks like she is in pain.” “Oh, that. Dad, she needs to hunt. C’mon mom.” I followed Alice and Edward out the door and smelt something wonderful. I don’t know what came over me but I attacked an innocent bear eating berries.

After we had our fill, we went back home. Then Alice called Emmett. “Hey Em, what’s mom’s power?” “Charm and persuasion. She can charm anybody and persuade them to do anything.” “Cool. Mom lets test it. Do something.” “Hmm…Emmett, go out back.” He obliged. “Now run around in circles.” He did it. “Stop.” He stopped. “Wow that is so cool!” I always wondered how Alice was always so hyper.

“Oh yeah, mom, dad has something he wants to tell you. Dad! Come tell mom now!”

“Honey, I have decided that I would like to be changed. I was wondering if you would do it.” I stared at him wide-eyed. “If you don’t want to, I could ask some one else.” “No, Carlisle, I would not want anyone else to do it. I was just caught off-guard and surprised at the news being all of a sudden. When do you want to do it?” “Now.” “Okay, let’s go the room.”

I lead him towards the bed and he lied down. I kissed his lips passionately and then his neck right before I sunk my teeth. The scream that I know that I created just broke my unbeating heart.

3 days later


When I woke up, I saw Esme. She looked me over and I did her. I didn’t get a good look when she woke up. I saw that her lips were fuller; her chest was bigger that her bra was about 2 sizes to small. She had all the right curves in all the right places. I felt myself go hard. Then i thought of my mother in a bikini and i was back to normal. I felt scratching at my throat. So, that is what she felt when she clutched her throat. It did hurt a little.

I stood up and said, “So, how do I hunt?” “C’mon, let’s go outside.” When we were outside, she told me what to do. I sniffed and caught a smell. It was good. I ran towards it. I saw that I was running towards a bunch of campers. But that wasn’t the smell that I smelt—it was the rabbit that they were cooking. I took another whiff and smelt a different smell. I ran towards that. It was a deer.

After I had my fill, we went inside. “Emmett, come here please. I need to discus my power.” “What about it?” “Well, what is it?” “Immunity. You are immune to the scent of human blood. Why?” “Well that makes sense because when I went hunting, I was near campers but I couldn’t smell them.”

Edward came into the room with a pained expression on his face. “What’s wrong Edward?” “You know what we have to do now, don’t you?” “No.” “We have to ‘die’.”

“FAMILY MEETING.” They all came down. I stated what Edward said and asked, “So Edward, how do you propose we do this?” “Car crash. I think that we should get in a car and drive up the rode. Then Emmett uses his power to make it look like 2 cars crash into us-on either side, so it looks like there was less chance of survival. Then while we escape, the illusions of us will be ‘dying’ in the car.”

“Does everyone agree that this is the best thing that we can do?”

Everyone nodded their yeses. “Okay, we have 1 more night.” Edward said. “We do this tomorrow. I think it is the best so Bella doesn’t get worried when we don’t visit, call, write, email, whatever.” We all new it was hard for Edward to talk about Bella. His voice even cracked when he said her name. We all loved her, and her knowing that we ‘died’ just killed us again.


It was killing me that I could never see Bella again. I had to leave something for her to always remember me by. I found the ring that I always wanted to give her. It was my grandmother’s engagement ring. It had a big diamond in the center, and little diamonds on the band. It was beautiful, like her.

I had to tell her my feelings before the plan. I wrote a note, and slipped it into the ring. I went out, hunted even more then I needed because I only hunted 4 hours before. I needed to take every precaution before seeing her.

I went really far and smelled a mountain lion. I sunk my teeth into it and found out that this is my favorite thing to hunt. I fed on three of them before I decided that I had my fill to keep Bella safe.

I went home, got the ring, and went to Bella’s window. I went in her room and saw that she was fast asleep in the most random (not) place, the window seat. I felt so bad for her for the past two weeks.

I lifted her up, carried her to bed and kissed her forehead, lips, anywhere that wasn’t her throat that was exposed. She hadn’t changed from the blue tube-top from Hollister, the dark wash skinny jeans and blue flats from forever21 that she wore on her birthday.

I made her a CD to remember me by. I put it on her beside table. I put the ring on it. I gave a picture of me and her kissing that Alice took when we had our first kiss. I rummaged around her room quietly to find all the gifts that I have ever given her in the past year and put it on the bedside table and the instructions of what she is to do is in the note.

I tangled my hand in her hair one last time. I turned around and felt a piece of paper fall. I looked at it. It was a song that she was writing. This reminded me of all the times when we did music together. She had the most angelic voice you would ever hear. This reminded me of the old days. Either I or she would play the guitar or piano, and Alice would be the drums and backup singer and Bella would sing. She didn’t play the drums as well as Alice. Our little band was The Second Hand of Time.


I’m drowning in my sorrows

I’m lost in my fears

I wish that you were here to wipe away my tears

Why do you have to go?

Please don’t leave me here

I need you to-o-o-o survive

(Drum solo)

You are like my drug

I am so addicted

Please don’t leave me hanging

I need you so bad

Why do you have to go?

Please don’t leave me here

I need you-u-u-u-u-u-u to survive

(Piano solo)

Please take away my sorrows

Please take away my fears

I need you to be here to wipe away my tears

And when you’re gone

I won’t be able to live

Even when you leave

You will have all of me

(Drum solo)

Wipe away my tears

Fight away my fears

And please hold my hand tight through

All these years cause I need you

I need you-u-u

I need you to sur-vive

I need you; I need you-u-u

I need you to sur-vive

(Piano solo)

If I could cry,

I would. It was about me. This showed me how much she loved me. I made an exact copy of the lyrics, singing, guitar, drums, and piano arrangements. I wrote SURVIVE BY BELLA SWAN at the top. I added a little more to the note. This is what I will remember her by for the rest of my existence.

It was 7:30 AM and she was starting to stir. I had to leave but not before giving her a kiss and said “I love you Bella. I will always love you, no matter what happens.”