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What happens when it is your birthday and your boyfriend has horrible news-he is moving-far away. later that night, you see him in dire pain in the woods. then the rest of his family that you love dearly is in that same horrible pain. what will happen next for Bella? Rated ADULT just to be safe! Disclaimer-i dont own anything except the plot.

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6. Chapter 6

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Why did Alice shoo me out of the house? I want to be the first thing that Edward sees when he wakes up. Everything around me was just a blur.

I went up to my room and sat down on the window seat. I took my song book and started writing. I use writing songs as a ventilation of my feelings.

I titled it SURVIVE. I wrote the lyrics which took about ten minutes to write. Once I got a good steady beat and singing arrangements down, I got my guitar and started writing the arrangements for that and then the piano and drums. That took a while longer.

I think that I fell asleep after because everything went black.

I woke up to screaming. I knew the voice. It was Alice. “Oh my God! Why is Alice--” I dialed her cell. Jasper picked up.


Jasper, why is Alice screaming?

She is just pissed at Rosalie. No big deal. Later, Bella.

I knew that wasn’t her pissed-off scream. That was a scream of pain. And I need to find out why.

I called again and again for the next three days. Jasper and the rest of them ignored them.

Then out of the blue, I heard a male voice. It sounded like Jasper and it was a scream. I called again. This time, Rosalie picked up. She didn’t sound happy.


Hey, Rose, what’s going on? I hear Ali scream and now I hear Jazz. Why is that? And why was Alice pissed at you?

When was she……oh, she was pissed because I wouldn’t go shopping with her, yeah that’s it. And Jasper is umm, suffering from a really bad headache. I can’t talk anymore. Bye.

The line went dead.

Something was weird. I knew Rosalie wouldn’t pass up a shopping trip, but I knew Alice would be pissed at that. But Jasper was always as healthy as a horse. He never gets sick.

I knew I will have to find out something.

Eventually, I lost count how long, Jasper stopped yelling. I only knew that he was in pain for 3 days.


After a creepy evil laugh, I hear Rose scream and that the windows break. I had to cover my ears because it was so loud.

After the scream ended, I heard Emmett yell at Jasper and then he screamed. “Okay that is it! I am going to call and I am going to get my answers!”

I dialed the number and Esme picked up.


Esme I will not hang up this phone until I get all of my questions answered!

I yelled at the person that I considered my mother. She practically was. She was my godmother.

Okay…what do you want to know?

What happened to Edward, Alice, and Jasper? And what is happening to Rose and Em?

Umm…Edward and Alice and Jasper are umm…hmm…sick. Yup, that’s right, sick. And Rosalie and Emmett caught it. In about 3 days you don’t scream in pain anymore. I will get Carlisle to see what’s wrong. Thanks for your concern, but I have got it covered.

Umm…sure Esme, but I am really worried about them. It sounds scary, hearing them. And I never knew how loud Rosalie can scream…

Then the line went dead.

I waited. Three days after I heard Rosalie scream, a really bad thunderstorm approached, which was weird, because Phoenix wasn’t a real big city that gets much rain, let alone a thunderstorm.

Then, lightning started to come out of the clouds. I saw Esme picking up her gardening tools…

I got so scared after what happened that I never took my eyes off of the window. I started to cry. She got hit. She got hit. She got hit. She got hit. That was all that went throughout my head for the night and the next day.

I heard or saw nothing for the next couple of days. I stayed at that window seat and I kept my eyes on the window.

Everything went black.

I must have passed out on sleep deprivation, but I distinctly remember falling asleep at the window, so why am I on the bed?

I looked around the room. Things were moved around my room. Was my mother in the room?

Then I saw all the presents that Edward has ever given me-a necklace that had a key on it. He told me that it meant that I had the key to his heart. A pair of rings, a ring with a black rose on it, and matching earring studs. There was even the picture of our first kiss. There were other things that he given me but……

I saw the most beautiful ring on the face on the earth. A note with a black ribbon around it was in the ring. Then, I see a CD under it. I slip the note out of the ring and I took the ribbon off and I read the note……

My Bella,

I love you.

But I will have to leave you—about 11:30 tomorrow morning.


Do as I ask, and don’t call, don’t do anything to get in contact with us.

It’s already too painful to do this to you.

Please put the necklace, rings, earrings and anything else that I have laid out for you on.

And put on the ring that this note was enclosed in.

It was my grandmothers and I was eventually going to give it to you and ask you to marry me.

Keep these with you always until the day comes when something disastrous happens,
then give me one of the promise rings so I know that promise that we made will always be kept,
the key necklace so I know that you will always love me,
and a picture of you so I can remember you always.

The C.D. has every song that we did together and some of the ones that I wrote that you were always so fond of.

It’s a 2-disc. Please give me one.

Frame the picture and keep it forever.

I hope that you will eventually going to make use of the black dress and heels that Alice bought you.

And put all of the songs that pertain to me in a special frame and play the beautiful piece like survive, and please continue writing.

Sing Survive when you see us leave.

I need you to do that for me.

Be Safe-For Me.

Goodbye Forever,


I cried. And cried. And cried.

I would do all that he asked of me even though I don’t know what he meant by it. I will even frame the note. The last note that he would ever send to me.

Then I realized something. I checked the clock and it said 11:27. I ran to the window and waited those 3 agonizingly long minutes…

I saw them pile out of the house. They all looked different. They were all really pale, and looked hard. They also had blood red eyes, not the beautiful colors that they usually had—Alice with sapphire blue, Emmett with dark brown, Rose and Jasper with their light blue eyes, Esme with her Carmel eyes, Carlisle with his bluish-green, and Edward with his emerald.

Out of the blue, Edward jerked his head and looked at me. He had a weird look, like of confusion, but then quickly turned away. My eyes welled up.

He hates me. He hates me. He hates me. That explains everything. His expression changed from confused to sad. As of he knew what I was thinking. I started to sing the song softly. He looked like he was about to cry—him and the rest of the family.

I will never forget the next thing that happened.

They got in the car

They rolled out of the driveway

They drove up the street to the intersection

They got hit on both sides

They got hit on both sides

They got hit on both sides

My eyes widened. I ran out the door to the car. I saw them get out of the car completely unscathed and they looked around.

“Edward?” They all stared at me with a scared expression and disappeared. Then I saw them all in the car bleeding to death. I cried.

I cried when I realized that this is what Edward meant by disastrous. I realized that this is what he meant by the use of the black dress. I ran home and put the CD on to cry myself to sleep with the songs that he recorded.

Everything went black while listening to the music and I was still crying.